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Bhutan, a mesmerizing destination with numbers of breathtaking places can become the best honeymoon destination ever. From the number of sites that you can choose to visit in your honeymoon trip, Lhuentse is one that can truly take your breath away with its bliss.

Lhuentse is situated in the northeast of Bhutan, which is the ancient place of Kurtoe. This place was the home of kings and, therefore, is a place of many sacred sites of pilgrims in the nation. Being located at a distance of 77 km from Mongar, this is considered at an isolated place in Bhutan.

Whether you talk of the spectacular landscape or the towering cliffs located above the dense coniferous forests and river gorges, the place will never fail to impress you with its allure and magnificence. This place is known for the weavers and the unique textiles which is said to be the best in the entire nation. Women here have the skill of weaving textile.

Lhuentse and its splendour invite people from different parts of the world, but considering this place as a honeymoon destination can definitely become an out of the box choice. Lhuentse offers fantastic time spent with its peace and isolation, which again provides both of you with ample of time to know each other.

Attractions and Places to See

So while in your stay to Lhuentse, you can choose to take a look at the attractions of Lhuentse, Bhutan:

Lhuentse Dzong:
This is a mighty fortress which is famous as the Lhundub Rinchentse is located on top of the hill overlooking the famous Kurichu River. Trongsa Penlop Chogyal Minjur Tempa made this in the year 1654 in a site of an ancient temple that was constructed in 1552 by Nagi Wangchuk. Present, the dzong is known as the religious and administrative centre of the entire district. This place is a destination of several sacred artifacts which were made by 4th Druk Desi Tenzin Rabgay.

Guru Rinpoche Statue:
This is a 154 feet of Bronze statue in Tangmachu, is again one of the major attractions for the tourists. This is the biggest Guru Rinpoche statue in the world that invites many tourists from the different parts of the nation.

By following Lam Sonam Zangpo’s prophecy, which was the known Bhutan Yogi in Bhutan, this statue was built. This statue was constructed as he once said that this would bring peace, prosperity, and stability to the nation along with in the world.

It was a lotus throne that huge enough to hold three varied Lhakhang. These were Choeku Lhakhang in its upper story, Longku Lhakhang in its mid storey and Trulku Lhakhang along with a museum on its ground floor.

This amazing statue was constructed by Druk Odiyana, which was located on 27 acres of land. This is also a known place for the Buddhist to retreat and meditate.

Dungkar nagtshang:
Dungkar house was sacred lineages was again house to Trongsa Pebnlop Jigme Namgyal who was the father of Wangchuk dynasty. This was the previous home of Dungkar Chojie and also the Wangchuk dynasty which stand amidst the magnificent backdrop of the huge mountains. You need to cross the 40km road mixed with dirt that leads to the Dungkar Lhakhang. This can be a magical and exciting voyage in the past days.

Gangzur Village:
This is another mesmerizing village which is situated at a distance of two kilometres from the famous dzong. The village is known for the pottery, as most of the women from this village are a skilled artisan. Because of the mesmerizing artistic ability, Government of Bhutan is now making an effort to renew it by offering financial support. If you are visiting this amazing place, never miss taking a look at the skills of the women in this area.

Jangchubling Monastery:
This is another amazing monastery which is certainly worth paying attention. The monastery was found by Pekar Gyatso In the 18th century which recently was under the reign of karmapa Ranjung Rigpe Dorji. Ashi Wangmo who was the daughter of the 1st Kind used to live here. The monastery can be accessed from the road.

Kilung Lhakhang:
This is again a very small village which is located at a distance of twenty minutes from dzong. The village is a place for Tshanglas. They were the people who migrated from a place and settled here back in the late 1880s. In this tiny village, you will find the Kilung Lhakhang that was located on the ridge. Kilung Gyalpo, who was the regional chieftain, constructed it. The temple is home to a sacred chain which was once used for recapturing the statue that magically flew from Lhuentse dzong.

With a myriad of mesmerizing attractions located in this tiny place of Lhuentse, Bhutan, you can stay assured that you are never going to forget this trip. The beautiful location with skilled artisans in this place is again something to witness.

So if you want to enjoy your trip and looking for an offbeat honeymoon destination, have a look at the Lhuentse in Bhutan. The many location and splendour of this place will never disappoint you.