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Are you planning for your honeymoon? Well, unlike others, why not spend your time in a different destination with several places to visit? Mongar in Bhutan is an extraordinary destination worth.

The road going to monger is one of the most beautiful journeys that you can ever have. You will be crossing the sheer cliffs along with the mesmerizing forests of fir and the green pastures. While going through the route, you will come across the route which offers the opportunity to find the mesmerizing Rhododendron garden. You might be coming through the numbers of Rhododendrons along with if you are lucky to have a clear sky, you can get a glimpse of the Gangkhar Puensum which is world’s highest mountain that is yet to be explored.

The entire district of Mongar in Bhutan covers a total area of 1954 sq km. It is located at an elevation that range from 400 to 4000m along with has population of approximately 38,000. Its mesmerizing landscape is worth capturing in the camera consisting of deep gorges and stark cliffs that is located amidst the dense conifer forests. The entire region is popular for textiles and amazing weather condition along with the fabrics that are produced here are said to be country’s best.

In the eastern Bhutan, Mongar’s dzongkhag is the fastest one to developing in the country. Great economical activities can be witnessed in this part of the nation. Therefore if you are willing to enjoy with your partner, make sure you visit Mongar in Bhutan to witness the best of everything.

Attractions and Places to See

So, let us now find out some of the attractions of this place that you can visit with your partner during your honeymoon.

Mongar Town:
Just like the various other places in the eastern Bhutan, the Mongar town is located on top of the hill instead of within the valley. The town is said to be the prime route for conducting main trade along with the travel hub of the Eastern Bhutan. Most pf the merchants and travelers from the east passing from here often spend that night here at the local hotels.

Its main street of Mongar has been lined with the traditional stone paintings that have verandas and wooden facades. Just beside the clock tower, you will find a huge prayer wheel where generally people gather for meeting with their old friend and spend time chatting. Moreover, to fulfill the needs of your taste buds, you can also enjoy the range of local restaurants which is offered in the Indian and Bhutanese cuisines.

Mongar Dzong:
Even when it has been constructed in the recent year which is on 1930, the looks are same like those of the ancient Dzongs that was without any plan or nails.

However, unlike ancient dzongs which were situated in a proper position, Mongar Dzong has been situated on a gentle slope which is above a town. When you visit this place, you get a demonstration on the traditional Bhutanese architecture which has only known to thrive in the centuries.

Zhongar Dzong:
When you find the Zhongar Dzong, you will be mesmerized to check the amazing skill of the builders especially the popular master during those period. Zowo balip. Even without any plan, the master could build some of the outstanding structures.

This was situated on top of the hill and looks like the descendents to the Lingmenthang from highway. As per the locals, this structure was constructed back in 17th century. It was believed that the Dzong was constructed on this site because the master architect found a white bowl in this area. You can visit to the runs and experience the amazing medieval Bhutanese administration.

Aja Ney:
This is considered as again a sacred site available in Mongar district. It is known as Aja Ney. You can find pilgrims coming from the different parts of Bhutan coming here to get blessings and wash their sins away.

You can find the rock which bears 100 renditions from the sacred “Aa” syllable. As per the locals this was invented by the Guru Padmasambhava. This was situated in a high altitude which was situated above 3500 meters. It falls within the Ngatsang goeg. You can also opt for trekking to this location with your dear ones on a trek for two days from the Serzhong village.

Yagang Lhakhang:
This is situated in a tiny village which is located next to a town which is known for having another sacred monument.

This was constructed back in 16th century by Tertoen Pema Lingpa’s youngest son Sangdag. It was construed post Kupijigtsam Lhakhang from Trashigang was finished. Now, this plays a major role in people’s religious life.

Visiting to this part of Bhutan would offer you with multitude of places to visit. Not only the religious places are worth visiting, but also the mesmerizing backdrop available from the place makes this place an amazing honeymoon destination.