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Zhemgang in Bhutan

Zhemgang, which was formerly known as Shemgang in Bhutan, is a great place for the honeymoon couples. You can definitely plan to visit this amazing destination with your partner to enjoy the serenity of the place. This single location has 20 dzongkhags (districts). Being located towards the South of Trongsa and south-central of Bhutan, this place attracts lots of tourists to this place.

Traditionally the place is famous as Kheng where the locals speak in the Khengpa language. This place offers a twist on your honeymoon by providing multiple places of attractions. Having many places, along with some of the spiritual places, can be a great honeymoon.

Zhemgang in Bhutan:
Before you plan to visit the location, you will definitely be eager to know more in details about the place. Well, Zhemgang is a beautiful destination with over 85% of its areas under the forest zone. Due to being covered with forest, you will be amazed to witness the biodiversity. The rich flora and fauns in this region will certainly surprise you. If you love photography, consider retreating your needs here with its biodiversity. You will never be able to rest your urge of capturing pictures.

You will find Manas national park in this location which is home to 22 endangered species. Consider capturing pictures this endangered list as within a few years they are going to be in the list of extinction. Other than these 22 endangered species, the rest are well protected in the Thrumshingla National Park and Jigme Singye Wangchuck. Their only source of income for livelihood is agriculture and animal husbandry.

Best Time To Visit

The most suitable time to visit this stunning location is when you will be able to witness the diversity of the place. The time of the year when flora and fauna can be seen is the best time. Moreover, this place beholds its beauty with its great weather that makes you an enthusiast to try the many activities that can be done here. So to witness the best of this, consider booking your tickets to this place from January to March. Other than this, you can also visit from April to December of the year.

Attractions and Places to See

Amidst the forest lies the beautiful place which again has myriad of attractions. Today we will find some of the most amazing places that you can plan to visit with your partner.

Dochula Pass:
As we all know that food makes us happy and what can be better than experiencing the taste of this place. No matter wherever you go, you will remember it. Memories are often forgotten, but when the memories consist of amazing scenic beauty and inviting ambience, it gives your mind a reason to remember and cherish forever. Similarly, Dochula Pass here will offer you a great adventure for the solo travellers and the adventure seekers.

Consider visiting this location is you want more than just travelling. Adventure seekers will have their own time here.

Punakha Dzong:
This is one of the best locations here which myriad of place to check for the travellers. Having more than enough space for everyone, it will definitely provide you will ample of chances to enjoy. This is the paradise for the nature lovers and hence if you are one of them, considers carrying your buddy with you to capture the best of pictures.

From the various things to find in this location, one of the most intriguing ones are the attractive paintings along with the stunning courtyards. Nature looks even more picturesque due to the trees which add to the excellence of the place. Beautiful courtyards add to its splendour. This is one of the most common locations where some of the stunning and royal weddings can be seen. The backdrop and serenity make it an ideal place for the people.

Taktsang Palphug Monastery:
This is one of the best places where you will find a unique and attractive blend of the river, spiritual vibes, and also the bush. You will always remember the amazing experience that you can have in this place. Being located in an amazing place from where you can witness a panoramic view, stay assured your mind will start boggling and your body will feel the adrenalin rush. The beauty of the place is very hard to capture behind the reels.

From the many other locations in Bhutan, if you are planning to visit never forget to witness this amazing land. Nature has written its own story in a different manner here. Due to its mesmerizing beauty blend with the spiritual ambience, your honeymoon is surely going to be special. Nevertheless, beyond its scenic beauty, don’t forget to taste the delicacies of the place. You will fall in love with the location. So book your tickets today and enjoy your trip with your partner.