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Paro in Bhutan

Amidst the wilderness and the meandering roads being lined by the willow trees, Paro is one of the picturesque small towns located in Paro valley of Bhutan. This is considered as the gem of Bhutan inviting visitors from the different parts of the world. With multiple aspects to find in Paro from ruins to the fortress from sacred sites to the apple orchards, Paro is definitely going to fulfill all your unfulfilled desires of spending time in a place where nature is at its best.

Flooded with some of the historic sites and enveloped with the mountains, this beautiful small town has definitely become a traveler’s paradise. Moreover, you can also find several adventurous sites in this place, which makes it ideal for adrenalin lovers. You will love to feel the rush in the blood while admired by the natural beauty of this place.

So now when you have already decided to visit Paro, let us now have a look at the amazing things that Paro offers to its visitors.

Hiking in The Tiger’s Nest or Taktshang Monastery

Each and every visitor who are planning trip to Bhutan never makes a plan by leaving this site. They will definitely keep this beautiful site on their wish list. Hiking to this site is a must-see when you have planned to travel to Bhutan. The stunning architectural artifacts present here rebel all the reasoning and logic as these complex constructions unbelievably huge the cliff that is present 3000 feet above the ground level.

Opting for hiking to this monastery is often considered as one of the most chosen trails. It will take 4 long hours to reach the destination. Hiking offers a fantastic look of the place as hikers generally follow the landscape with lush pine which is accompanied by the rows of prayer flags. Guru Padmasambhava is the founder of this monastery. As per the legend, Guru rode the magical flying tigress and mediated here for several years in the cave. Hence, the monastery was then constructed by the people surrounding the cave which can still be visited.

Hiking here will definitely feel one of the most rewarding experience and the panoramic view of surrounding valley will definitely take your heart away.

Check The Paro Dzong

In your way to Paro town, you will be welcomed to the ancient cantilever wooden bridge which leads to the stunning fortress that hovers over the Paro town. The fortress in known as Rinchenpung Dzong, which was then made short to Rinpung Dzong means Fortress on the heap of jewels. This amazing fort was strategically made on the steep ridge which is present on another side of Paro River.

It is house to both the central monk body and administration offices similar like the Dzongs of the country. The mesmerizing architecture of the fortress makes it count among the attraction of Paro. You can enjoy the known Paro masked dance festival is celebrated in Dzong courtyard.

It is beautified by five storey central tower which is popular as the Utse along with a huge courtyard secured by the high rising walls. Again the windows are dotting the walls and embellished by traditional carpentry with red and white paintwork.

Visit the Namgay Artisanal Brewery

At Dumsibu, driving 5 minutes from the Bondey Bridge, you can find the Namgay Artisanal Brewery which is present on the ridge. Just on its opposite side, you will find some of the traditional houses. You can also find the Paro Dzong on its left and also if the weather is great, you can also gaze at the mountains.

Currently this brewery is able to brew seven different types of beers which comprises of red rice lager, the wheat beer, dark ale, which are available in the forms of bottle whereas the milk stout, pilsner, IPA and apple cider are serve from the taps even now. Other than these, beers are also incorporated in their cooking like grilled chicken with the beer sauce. Visitors often come here to take a look to the brewery and also get educated on the brewing procedure. Also, they are provided to taste the seven known types of beers.

Chill At Park 76

Crazy cocktails and great beers, awesome crowd, with fantastic live music, this Park 76 is everything that you want. This amazing Park is situated near to children’s park which is the centre of this town along with a great place to spend the night. You can also keep grooving with the amazing music.

With the vast menu and good food, this makes an absolute reason to visit the Park 76 in Paro.

Farmhouse Stay

This is mainly popular as gateway to the world. Paro valley is popular for maintaining and preserving the countryside feel. You will find numbers of traditional Bhutanese houses across the valley. If you want to feel upclose, some of these houses also offer homestay. Their unmatched hospitality offered to the guests makes them an unforgettable experience. However with passing days, lot of western cultures has been integrated to ensure a comfortable stay. The core is still authentic.

Home cooked delicacies with the ingredients taken directly from the garden add to its taste. Also, you can still enjoy the stone bath facilities in some of the farmhouses. This will rejuvenate your core and make you feel relaxed.

700 year old bridge

From the confluence of Paro River and Thimphu River, you will find the Tachong Temple. It is situated on the ridge which means the only way to visit is to cross the bridge. The most amazing part of this bridge is the history. This centuries old bridge is fully made of iron. It says that 1300s Drupthob Thangtong Gyalpo constructed this bridge without the use of any machinery.

Several years now and after constant repairs and maintenance, the bridge is standing still and working as the constant link. Walking on your feet over the shaky bridge with constant cold air coming from the river makes it an exciting endeavor that offers an adrenalin rush.

Camping At Bumdra

You can definitely go for a hike to Bumdra and on your way you will be welcomed with the most scenic view of the Himalayan Ranges. You will also find intense forest and range of other species. But opting for camping on this remarkable location reveals the best of the locations.

This is a well-maintained trail which can be very steep. By walking more, you will be finding a crisp and magnificent mountain air. Beyond everything, spending time under the night sky will offer a memorable experience.

Paro National Museum

Built above Paro Rinpung Dzong, the watchover was constructed back in 1649 in order to keep an eye on the invaders coming to the fortress. This tower is now the national museum and is among the major tourist attractions in Paro. Once you get inside this museum, you can have a look at the ancient artifacts which comprises of Thangka painting scrolls, antiques, rare objects, like stone axe, mull eggs, and others. Some of these dates back to Stone age and hence it worth visiting.

9. Cloud Gazing

Chelela pass is the path that divides Haa and Paro valley. Being situated at a distance of 35km from the Paro valley, this is the highest pass in Bhutan. Driving through the larch woods and dense spruce can be extremely very rewarding as here one can witness the magnificent sunrise on a clear day. You can also get a panoramic view of the nearby mountains. The colorful prayer flags adorn the passes and mountains.

It is the stunning pass in Bhutan. Floating clouds, with sunrays peeping from inside and serenity, this pass is one of the best and worth place to visit.

Taste the local delicacies

Last but never the least in the list is the traditional food. Don’t miss to taste the delicacies offered by the local cuisines. You will love to find the Bhutanese food which authentic flavors. The best part is the ingredients taken from the garden offer even more taste to the preparations.

By the way, if you love cooking, you can also take classes from them.

Bottom Line: Paro in Bhutan is one of the magnificent locations offering some of the spectacular views. Not only the place offers magnificent views of the place, but also you can go for adventurous sport. It is not only the place for photographers, but also adventure seekers will love to visit a place like this. So if you are planning to visit a stunning location which offer breathtaking views along with offer adventure sites, consider keeping Paro from Bhutan in your wishlist.