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Tsirang in Bhutan

Located along the Southwestern part of the Bhutan, Tsirang district offers great experience to the tourists who are visiting to this beautiful destination.

When you are planning to go for your honeymoon but have not yet decided on the place that would offer the best of times with your partner, consider counting on Bhutan. From the many amazing destinations in Bhutan, Tsirang is one that has exceptional weather condition. Yes, it is pretty common that unless the climate is suitable, you will not be able to enjoy. Luckily, this part of the nation is known for its mild climatic condition and gentle slopes. Dzongkhag again is known for the great biodiversity without any protected area.

From the many breathtaking things, Sankosh River or the Punatsang Chhu which is the longest river of Bhutan flows through this particular district. Since you need to cross the Wangdue Phodrang route, you will be finding some of the scenic beauty of the place.

Well, there are several other things that you can do on your visit to this place. If you are visiting this place for the first time, then you certainly require complete information about the place. So, now we will go through the places that you can find in Tsirang and ensure a memorable journey.

Attractions and Places to See

Pemachoeling Heritage Forest
This is known at the ruins of Nye and dzong site in TsirangToed goeg in the Tsirang Dzongkhag. Even when numerous research works has been made, but neither the literature nor any archeological studies has been conducted to find the actual age of this dzong.

However, the elders of the village believe that 200 years ago or more than that, it was a place of a mighty King who was known as Sang Sup Gyap. They believe that this king lost his life while in the internal civil way during the Jigme Namgyal reign.

As per the locals, this Ghompa (the chorten found on hill top which is now known as Nye), which stand still was built by the king. This has resulted in making this a religious site where the locals worship.

From here it will take another 20 minutes from the Pemachoeling Heritage Forest. On a full moon night, which is a great occasion, the locals tell stories about being able to listen to the religious trumpets which were being played in olden days at midnight. However, it cannot be heard any more after one of these bells from Nye few to the Thasa of the Dagana Dzongkhag.

The locals believe that another pair of the bell is on Lhajap Goeg which is the opposite hill. People tell stories that they can clearly see it’s hanging on Thasa Village cliff using a binocular.

Rigsum Pemai Dumra:
For the residents of the Damphu town, they have one recreational park, which is considered as the expensive park ever being constructed in the entire nation. Present in the heart of the Damphu town, Rigsum Pemai Dumra is considered as the most happening park.

With the two massive gazebos made of concrete, a mani Dungkor, a fountain, an arched bridge which crossed the artificial lake along with a kids play zone. You will find the entire park being surrounded with the range of plants and flowers, on weekends, this park gets lively with any visitors.

For e people who work daily find this park as a recreational gateway. If you are visiting, consider visiting the park to spend some time with your partner and enjoy food along with clicking some of the great picture together with green backdrop.

Buddhist-Hindu Temple:
In Tsirang district, you will find the coexistence of the Buddhist and Hindu traditional and culture right in the Buddhist-Hindu temple located in the centre of the Damphu town. This is a single structured temple constructed with two variable entrance door.

Hindu temple is on the left and Buddhist is on the right. Bhutan’s Hindu dharma foundation leads the Hindu temple and Tsirang Dratsang leads the Buddhist temple. A huge guru statue is constructed just nearby the temple.

Hiking and Cycling:
As mentioned earlier, Tsirang is known for the mild climate and gentle slopes. This again makes it ideal for trekking as the place consists of numerous trekking routes from which one of the known is the old route that runs from Damphu to gelephu. This takes 3 days and another from Damphu to Wangdue in 7 days. If you are an adventure seeker in your blood, consider going on a hiking trail and enjoy the best of the nature.

Other than this, if you are looking for a short hiking trail, you can check the route just opposite to the Damphu town and above football stadium. If you someone who loves to keep yourself fit, this can be a great recreational park which bunch of space to go for walk. You can find many gazebos and benches to sit alongside the footpath. Consider going to the trail in your leisurely time with your beloved partner.

Well these are some of the most common things that one can opt for doing in their visit to Tsirang. Not many, but with some of the amazing activities that the place has to offer one can enjoy their trip with their partner. Amazing weather, beautiful nature and with unmatched serenity the place truly become a place for the visitors and honeymoon couples.