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Trashi Yangtse is often referred to as the “Jewel of East” by the inhabitants of Bhutan. Its easternmost dzongkhag is Trashigang and the borders Arunachal Pradesh’s boundaries. This is one of the unique districts that were different levels of altitude from 700 to 4200 meters. Dangmechu, which is the known River in Bhutan, flows through the district.

In the past, it was one of the biggest trading centres for the merchants living in Bhutan, India, and Tibet. If you have already been to East Bhutan, then you are aware that Trashigang is a known junction in the East-West Highway. This has direct association to the Samdrup Jongkhar along with the place of Assam. Surprisingly, Trashigang locals dressing style is way different than the other Bhutanese clothes throughout the country.

Trashi Yangtse distinguishes itself from others by being the recent Dzongkhang in Bhutan. Almost 1437 km of the entire district is under the alpine forest. Just like Trashigang, this is a place that is known for its rich heritage and diverse culture, Khengpas, Kurteops and Tshanglas who stay here peacefully.

Attractions and Places to See

When you are travelling to this place, you should know that there are several locations that you can plan to visit. Let us dig in to know more about the attractions residing here.

Dongdi Dzong:
From the many ancient Dzongs that were present in this area, Dongdi Dzong was founded by Dongdi chu and Kholong Chu. The bridge that runs from the Kolong Chu helps to reach the Dzong. This was constructed in the 8th century by the Gongkar Gyalpo, who was the boy of the Lhasey Tsangma.

Again in the 14th century, this was rebuilt by Terton Pema Lingpa. The present structure that you can see was reconstructed in 1990s. Now, it is the house of the monk along with the spiritual antique, which is the statue of Avaloketeshvar was used as the relic.

Chorten Kora:
The mesmerizing white coloured stupa was constructed on the riverbank. This was constructed by Lama Ngawang Loday in the year 1740, which has the exact design like the Bodnath Stupa present in Nepal. It has eyes strutted in the cardinal points. Sherub Wangchuk, who was the 13th Chief Abbot, consecrated it.

If you visit there during the lunar eclipse, you will find a great festival for the entire 2nd month. This was known as Kora that is visited not only by the inhabitants of Bhutan but also by the people from Arunachal Pradesh.

Zorig Chusum Institute:
In your visit to this part of the nation, don’t miss to check the Standard Institute of Arts and Crafts which is located just above this town. On your visit to this institute, you will get an insight into the different types of crafts and artworks being practised by the people of Bhutan. Not much but this institute started just a few years back by the help of the government and now has become a place which trains a number of schools that teaches arts and crafts.

You can choose to take a walk for 3 hours from the Chorten Kora by taking the route of the Kholongchu River. This is a place where you will find blacked necked cranes which migrate to this place every year. They come from the neighbouring country Tibet to live in a warmer environment during winters. It is truly captivating to watch such an amazing picture. Remember to take your camera to capture the beautiful scene of these cranes.

Rigsum Goemba:
Visiting this temple by taking an hour of walk through the amazing paddy field is something that you will cherish forever. This is a spiritual place that was founded by Lam Tshering Gyatso in the 18th century. You will find various other structures in Bhutan, but this temple distinguishes itself by the wall which was developed by pounded mud.

Gom Kora:
This is located 24km from the Trashigang. This temple is located on an alluvial plateau. The amazing backdrop comprises of banana trees and rice field, making the sanctuary look like those of the magnificent landscapes. Annual tshechu is held for 3 days during the spring season that invites a number of pilgrims to this place.

With a number of places to stay in Trashi Yangtse, this tiny little place in Bhutan draws a number of people to this place. Whether you call it a honeymoon destination or a spiritual land, it is known for its unique ambiance and tranquillity. You will never feel tired of moving from one place to another because of the fantastic environment of the place.

So if you are planning to go on honeymoon, consider visiting this extraordinary destination which is a blend of scenic beauty and spirituality.