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Trongsa in Bhutan

Bhutan, as we all know, is a mesmerizing location to visit with your partner. This amazing destination is situated in the heart of the nation. Being located on the top of the cliff, Trongsa offers a picturesque view of the surroundings, which includes the valleys and Black mountains. Holding a range of things within this tiny place, it can easily outperform the expectations of both nature lovers and history bugs. Getting an insight into the heritage of this place is a treat for the history buffs while its stunning natural view is a treat for the nature lovers along with the photographers.

Even when it is a small part, opting to visit with your partner can be mesmerizing. The tiny town comprises of mostly the Bhutanese who are of Tibetan descent. This is because, in 1950, the Tibetans immigrated on this nation and became a part of it. With its historical significance, it invites the tourist from the different parts of the globe. For the globe trotter, honeymoon couples, and photographer, it is a place for taking their action. Also, if you love trekking and hiking, Trongsa will provides you with multiple opportunities.

Attractions and Places to See

So let us dig mire to find out the places that can be visited in Trongsa:

Trongsa Dzong:
This is the biggest and the majestic Dzong in entire Bhutan. The stunning structure which is situated on the ridge overlooks Mangde Chhu River. Along the South, it is mostly covered with mist and clouds. You can visit this place in two different ways, one is by foot where you need to climb the steep mountains through the Eastern Gate, and another is by taking a leisurely walk from the Western entrance.

You will also find Trongsa Tsechu on its grounds. The most fascinating thing to witness is the trail running from East to West Bhutan goes via Trongsa along with previously used to run via Dzong.

Jigme Singye Wangchuk National Park:
The name has definitely made you understand about the place. This is a great place for the wildlife photographers along with for the nature lovers. Compared to the other parts of this nation which consist only of religious place and beautiful nature, this wildlife region offers you to get a look at the many species. Moreover, you will be mesmerized to find the serenity of nature in this national park. So get our camera ready to capture some of the amazing pictures of birds and nature.

Chendebji Chorten:
Chendebji Chorten is situated on a stunning gorge along with also a popular stop on your way from the Thimphu to the Trongsa. Locals believe that this was situated where three edges and three ridges meet. This is a crucial place for conducting religious bears and practices which seem like Bouddhanath stupa on Nepal. You will also find the prayer wall just beside it. It is a place that attracts tourists from different parts of the world. This is what makes the place a famous tourist spot.

Thruepang Palace:
Thruepang Palace is something located just ahead of the Trongsa Dzong, which is a local vegetable market. Its mesmerizing to watch such an extraordinary architecture which was constructed by King Jigme Wangchuck. This is also the birthplace of King Jigme Dorji Wangchuck.

This is not amazing, along with seeming like a huge house with the courtyard. Here you will find a huge number of houses with traditional looks that was generally used by the King’s entourage. This is the symbol of monarchs’ lifestyle that used to change with seasons. This palace has some of the amazing traditional painting which will amaze you. Moreover, the present King stays here when he visits Trongsa.

Note: Make sure you wear proper clothes when you are visiting the palace.

Kuenga Rabten Palace:
This is located at a distance of 23km from Trongsa, which will take more than an hour by car. While going to this place, you will be mesmerized to find amazing villages and fields. This is another stunning palace with great architecture which is also the home of the second king. Now, this is the place for the National Commission for Cultural Affairs.

On your visit to this palace, you will find amazing woodwork, paintings, and crafts. It also consists of many statues of the Guru Rinpoche. On your trip to this place, make sure you don’t forget to carry a camera with you. The amazing painting and handwork will keep you stunned about the work of the people.

Note: Make sure you follow the clothing etiquette when you are visiting this place.

Well, there is no such particular time to visit this location as you go anytime in the year. Visiting this location on your honeymoon is definitely a great choice as you will be fulfilled with the breathtaking looks of nature and the rich history of the many palaces and structures present here.

So get your tickets booked today and enjoy the destination with your partner.