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Sarpang District

Finding the ideal honeymoon destination is always a big task as there are many. But a destination that would really take your breath away while injecting the romance between you and your partner is quite a difficult job to find. Bhutan is one destination that has several places to visit which are tiny but yet serene enough to make you fall in love with each other. One of such places is Sarpang in Bhutan which is a small town in Bhutan. You can even say that this is even tiny than the Bumthang in Bhutan.

However, the best lies in serenity. Size has nothing to do but the simplicity of this place, its unique ambiance and the humbleness are some of the major attributes that invites tourists to the tiny location of Bhutan. Unlike the city culture where people hardly even have seen the faces of the neighbors or are available in each other’s bad times, Sarpang is a place to see as here almost everyone in the district knows each other.

Your stay in Sarpang is enough if you plan for 3 days because the place is way smaller than you can think. You can take a look at the nearby attractions and also find some time with your partner amidst the dark filled with serenity. So let us have a look at the places that you can visit in Sarpang.

Attractions and Places to See

Sarpang Town:
As mentioned above, Sarpang is a small town, but the many pan shops and general shops available there is something that you can explore. This town initially was situated by the riverside which is adjacent to the road that runs from Gelephu to Tsirang. Unfortunately when it got razed twice by fire in the year 2016 and chances of again facing flood remained, the town has now shifted to Shechamthang.

The best thing is this new town has not faced any such situation yet. You can also take a look at the Sarpang Dzong and the Sarpang Higher Secondary School which are located nearby the town. The welcoming locals and children’s can be a place to hangout. The more you stay here, you can enjoy the delicacies along the tea and momos which are the best of this town.

Outdoor Park:
If you stroll the place and head towards the residential area of Sarpang Dzong and Sarpang Dzongda, on your way you will find a small childern’s park located on the roadside. Well, this might be nothing fascinating to see, but you can always take a visit to this place and find how beautifully the park has been embellished with different plants and flowers.

You will not only find things place just for children, but there are several gym equipment placed. Properly trimmed trees placed in the town offer shade to the passers along with the kids who are a regular visitor. The traditional architecture canopies are something to have a look at. These are the resting points for the kids.

Zangdopelri Lhakhang:
If you are planning to visit Dzong, and on your way, then never fail to check Zangdopelri Lhakhang. You will fall in love with the beauty and the unique architecture. This is what makes one of the most visited destinations in Sarpang. This is the heaven of Guru Padmasambhava. You will find this in different Thangkas and this is what builds the beauty of the place. If you plan to check the interior, you will be fascinated to find the statues of Jetsum Drolma, Guru Padmasambhava and Zhabdrung.

Sarpang Dzong:
This is something that simple worth the time. However if you compare it with the other big dzongs in Thimphu, Paro, and Trongsa, it might not even stand beside them. However, its tiny structure similar to other Dzongs can be the best thing to see. You will be fascinated listening to the history of the Sarpang Dzong.

Gelephu Town:
Gelephu Town is located towards the East at a distance of 32 kilometers from Sarpang. The town looks pretty impressive and great to have a look at. It is a lot different from Sarpang but the temperature is different from Sarpang. It will be hotter than Sarpang because of the forest located nearby it.

Tsachu is another known place in Gelephu Sarpang. The group if springs can be seen just after moving 10km away from the Gelephu town. Being situated in the deep gorge within the forest, it makes sure to be a great place to provide a retreat to your body with steamed bath.

You will not be finding it lonely as due to better transportation, the place has been packed with tourists and locals especially in winters.

Best time to visit

If you are someone who dislikes summer, consider travelling to this place during other seasons than summer. The place remains cool during winter, autumn and spring and hence can the best time for your o travel with your partner.

So if you are planning for a great honeymoon trip in a serene location, Sarpang in Bhutan can be the great choice for you. With many attractions here and extremely simple place to spend your time out of the hustling city life, this can offer retreat to your mind and soul.

So book your tickets today and enjoy a great holiday with your beloved one is Sarpang.