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Pemagatshel Dzongkhag

Honeymoon is a very special trip in our entire lifetime and we have already planned about this trip years back, even when we have not met our loved ones. Though Bhutan has some of the outstanding places that you can choose to visit, but Pema Gatshel is one of those very few places in Bhutan that are worth visiting.

This place is located in the South eastern part of Bhutan and has approximately 517.8sq km is a place that you should consider when planning your honeymoon. The altitude of this location range from 1000 to 3500 meters with more than half of the Dzongkhag is covered under the coniferous forest and farmland.

There are several things that attract tourists to this location and one of them is the two shrines located for attracting people. One of those if the Yongla Goemba which is located on the dagger shaped mountain and is the ancient and holy shrines in the East of Bhutan. Another is the Kheri Goemba which will offer a trekking experience from Kheri. The place has several amazing attraction to have a look at. Let us check the places that you should definitely check in your visit to Pema Gatshel, Bhutan.

Attractions and Places to See

Thrumshingla National Park:
This is a new name in the lit of attraction. It is also known as the Phrumsengla National Park consisting of the sprawling natural reserve. The entire park constitutes of a total area of almost 700 sq km in the Central Bhutan. The area has a diverse climate conditioner along with is home to many endangered species like Tiger, Red Panda, Snow Leopard and the Malayan Giant Squirrel.

If you love to see the vegetation, you can surely breathe here as the area is covered with Fir and Alpine forests along with 600 species of plants. It is also the paradise for the bird watchers and hence, if you enjoy photography consider taking your camera with you as you will find ample of chances to show your talent.

Royal Manas National Park:
Royal Manas National Park is the conservation showpiece is so far the oldest natural resource of the nation. This place holds a massive biodiversity. This place is open for visitation and while in your visit you will find range of aspects to be explored and discovered.

This Park shows the Mother Nature as it is the untamed form with no human intervention. The park holds a special importance in biodiversity. However, recently it was being discovered that the park is open for visitation. You will find lots of things in the Park which you can explore and discover.

The sanctuary offers place for birds and animals and therefore you can have a look at the endangered species. The breathtaking views of the Majestic Tiger, Asiatic Elephant, clouded Leopard, Gangetic dolphins, and Himalayan Black Bear ensures a great sight. Even when tourism is not full-fledged but you can still take the facilities and tour guides to visit this Park and acquire lifetime experience.

Khaling Wildlife Sanctuary:
Khaling Wildlife Sanctuary is also known as Khaling Neoli Wildlife Sanctuary is a tiny naturally protected area in entire Bhutan. The entire area occupies around 300 sq. km. This Park is located in the Sothern Bhutan along with sharing half of the territory. Even when it has a much lesser area, it is no less in terms of mystic beauty and lush greenery flowing through it.

The area is home to Hispid Hare, Elephants, and Pygmy Hog along with tropical wildlife. This reserve is marked as the Bird Preservation site along with rare avian species can be spotted. You can also spot various includes rainforests, subtropical forests, evergreen forests and grasslands.

Sakteng Wildlife Sanctuary:
Sakteng Wildlife Sanctuary is the latest natural reserves have plethora of things to see. The lush green of this forest along with the endangered species like snow leopards, Himalayan black bear, Himalayan red fox and Red pandas and much more offers a great experience. Apart from this, Aerial fauns available here comprises if hoary bellied Himalayan squirrel, blood pheasant, Assamese macaw, and grey backed.

You can choose to trek in this area specifically Merak-Sakteng trek offers you the chance enjoy a lifetime experience. The rough pathway that you need to cross, you can experience the spectacular natural beauty. This will certainly make you fall in love. Consider keeping your camera ready, as you would not want to miss a single chance of capturing the splendor of nature.

Jigme Singye Wangchuck National Park:
Jigme Singye Wangchuck National Park which is preciously known as the Black Mountain Nation Park is the largest protected area located in the middle of Bhutan.

This is a huge which is almost 1700 sq km have a huge number of birds which is almost 400 kinds of birds. Apart from this, a huge number of animal species can be seen like musk deer, Himalayan black bear, tiger, golden langue and many more. Apart from this the rivers flowing improves the greenery of this park.

This park has a great ecosystem where both people and nature live in peace without disturbing each other. You can find several trekkers in this place as it offers a huge number of sightseeing.

Bottom Line: So if you are willing to go to a different place and spend your honeymoon with your partner in a peaceful way. So consider booking your ticket for this place and enjoy a memorable honeymoon.