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Are you looking for an unusual location to visit with your family? Consider checking Murudeshwar to find some of the amazing destinations. This is a place that is house to the second largest statue of the almighty Lord Shiva. If you are willing to capture some of the amazing pictures of the tallest Lord Shiva consider visiting this place.

The amazing Arabian Sea present on the three sides of this statue along with the Western Ghats makes the Statue even look mesmerizing. It is worth taking a picture of this stunning statue. Because of its great location and the stunning background, this place is often considered as a known picnic spot for people coming from Karnataka and Kerala.

Murudeshwar is a place for nature lovers along with adventure seekers. You can find a beach to go for different adventurous activities along with do not forget to take your camera as you will find the number of amazing spots to capture. If you love adventures like snorkeling and scuba diving, then also, this place has a lot to give you. So if this is the first time you are opting to visit Murudeshwar, consider checking the following places.

Places to visit in Murudeshwar:

Netrani Island:
This place is also popular as Pigeon Island. This is an off coast area in Karnataka known to most of the visitors. From a height, you can get a view of this in a heart-shaped way. Rising from azure and tranquil water of the Arabian Sea, the heart-shaped Island is said to be among the best sites for scuba diving. Not only it is popular among tourists, but also it is known as a pilgrim town that has the Western Ghats on the backdrop and the silvery sand.

This island is situated at a distance of 10 miles away from Murudeshwar is an unexplored island. This is known as Netraguda among locals. You can go for a thrilling boat ride for 70 – 90 minutes to reach Netrani from Murudeshwar. The place is popular among tourists for the amazing overwater experience it will provide. If you take the underwater ride, you can find aquatic diversity like Cobia, Napolean Wrasse, Black Tip Sharks, Stonefish, Turtles, Great Barracuda, and the stingrays. If you are an experienced level diver, this is definitely a great place for experienced scuba divers.

Murudeshwar Temple:
This is another tourist destination and one of the most attractive locations in Karnataka. This is a mesmerizing shine completely devoted to Lord Shiva. This temple has the second biggest statue of Shiva in the whole world. You will get surprised when you will find such a huge shrine.

This temple has been constructed on Kanduka Hill that is surrounded by Arabian sea on its three sides, Gopura is the entrance to the main temple which is again 123 feet. From here, you can find a mesmerizing view of Lord Shiva.

The detailed and intricate carvings made on the surface of the temple look stunning and unique. Except for sanctum sanctorum, the temple has modernized. The prime deity of this place is Sri Mridesa Linga which is actually a part of the real Atma Linga.

Murudeshwar beach:
This is located on the border of the Murudeshwar temple is an amazing destination to visit. From top, if you overlook the gigantic statue, you can find this beach which is again a known picnic spot. The silky and white sand of this beach makes it look unique. If you love boat rides, then just be ready to go for a romantic boar ride and enjoy an amazing time.

This is a tourist attraction in Karnataka as most of people love to spend romantic time here with their loved ones. The region is surrounded by green foliage and hills making it look spectacular. Perfect placement of the coconut trees embellishes the place making it look picturesque. Don’t forget to take your cameras to take pictures of your loved ones along with the place.

You can choose to visit this place early in the morning to find the kingfisher and the flying seagulls.

Murudeshwar Fort:
Once you pass the Murudeshwar temple complex, you will find a fort which originated during the times of Vijayanagara Kings. Locals say that this temple was later renovated by Tipu Sultan.

Bhatkal Beach:
This is again a major tourist destination that is known to be located just along the borders of the Arabian Sea. The naturally placed coconut trees in the perfect manner along with the pristine coastline offers a stunning view of the place. If you are a photographer, this place will certainly fulfill your photography needs.

Other than this you can also consider going shopping in this location and carry some of the unique things found here which includes decorative and statues. Other than these, a lot more things are available in the market to satisfy your needs.

Bottom Line: So if you are planning to visit Murudeshwar, consider visiting the mentioned destinations. With both religious places and picturesque destinations, this location tends to satisfy people from different walks of life. Photographer or nature lover or adventure seeker, Murudeshwar is a place for everyone.

So if you in search of a great location consider visiting Murudeshwar today.