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Are you looking for a fantastic place for your next trip but aren’t sure where to go? Why don’t you check Dandeli? This is a beautiful place located in Karnataka in the Uttara Kannada District. The located is bestowed with dense green forest and is located on the bank of Kali River.

This beautiful destination is said to be a great choice for people who are adventure seekers and photographers. If you love river rafting, certainly this is a great choice for you. It is a place that will give the adrenalin rush as you can indulge in a lot of exciting sports which include biking, cycling, mountain biking, canoeing, and kayaking. Moreover, the Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary is another amazing place in this location that offers a range of wild animals which again adds to the excitement. Here you can some of the Black Panthers which are rare to find and Bisons.

River Rafting:

This beautiful destination situated in River Kali is one of the amazing choices for river rafting. This is a place for both amateurs and the professionals as there are grade 2 and also grade 3 rapids in a stretch of 12 kilometers.

This place has the setup along with the tour providers who offer some of the fantastic facilities of this sport. Being situated in North Karnataka, this place is famous for adventurous sports. This place is great for different water sports.

As it is located at the height of 1800 feet above the sea level and bordered with the tropical forest, this place has become the place for diverse flora and fauna. You can find giant squirrels, Hornbills, wild boars, and sambar beers. The River kali is an amazing combination of calm water for the novices and the rapids for the professionals.

Wildlife Sanctuary:

This is a paradise for wildlife lovers and photographers. Being located in Karnataka, this can be a great place to check in your visit to Karnataka. The entire sanctuary covers a stretch of 834.16 sq km and is known as the second biggest wildlife sanctuary. This National Wildlife Sanctuary has declared it in the year 1956. It is home to varieties of fauna and flora like tigers, elephants, leopards, hornbill, woodpecker and much more.

The nearby Anshi National Park is another place that houses 40 tigers. This forest is completely covered with dense deciduous and the evergreen vegetation. You can check the early sunrise and sunset, take a jungle safari to find the wildlife. You can also enjoy crocodile sighting, trekking, water rafting and fishing in this jungle.

Kavala Caves:

If you enjoy checking the caves, Kavala caves cave a great choice. These are the limestone caves that have winding tunnels. There are 375 entrance steps that were naturally formed by the volcanic activities.

It is a home of bats and snakes. Also, the gigantic stalagmite present here is the prime attraction for the Shiva devotees.

Shiroli Peak:

This is located within this Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary. It is known as the highest point that is located in the Uttara Kannada region. From this point, you can acquire a spectacular view of the Sahyadri Ranges along with a great spot for nature lovers and trekkers.

Kulgi Nature Camp:

Kulgi nature camp is located in the Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary. It is known as a popular tourist spot that consists of a comfortable stay. It provides you with the opportunity to explore the wildlife from close. You can find twelve tents here which are being named after the birds. This spread across a huge area which is in the mid of the forest.

Skyes Point:

These places were named after the British engineer. The place is popular for being the viewpoint of this city. You can find the tourists visiting this place just to find the amazing top view of the valley which is covered with the dense forest and several exotic species with natural habitats.

The amazing confluence of River Nagrazi and River kali is something to watch. Don’t forget to bring your camera if you wish to capture some of the amazing pictures.

Syntheri Rock:

This is another amazing place situated in close proximity to the River kali which is in the Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary. This rock is a huge limestone rock that is formed due to the ages of volcanic activities that happened in this region.

You can climb almost 400 stairs and hence make sure you save your energy to reach the top. Here you can find the monolithic structure, which is also a great spot to get a 360-degree view of the entire Dandeli valley.

Sathodi Falls:

You can find numerous unnamed streams near the Kallaramane ghat. These unite together to form one special Sathodi falls. This is an amazing waterfall which is located in the Utara Kannada district. This is the latest attraction among the tourist.

It is a 15 meters tall waterfall that appears rectangular in shape. Since different streams blend to form one amazing fall, it is an absolute delight to watch such a spectacular natural formation. This also forms a natural pool making it a swimming spit fir the tourists.

Well, these are some of the amazing spots in Dandeli that you can check in your visit to this amazing location in Karnataka. You will never feel bored with your visit to this location. Whether you are a nature lover or an adventure seeker or a wildlife lover, this place is a great choice for people from different walks of life.

So just book your tickets to Dandeli and enjoy a tour of Dandeli.