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Are you looking for a stunning location to spend your holiday? Should it have a religious blend to it? Our nation is blessed with many places but choosing as per your likings is what you need to enjoy your trip. To suffice your need, nothing but Pattadakal which is also aid as a place with fusion on the architecture. This place is certainly a treasure of the Jain and Hindu temples.

Pattadakal is declared as a heritage site in Karnataka with endless temples to visit. This unique location is nestled on Malaprabha banks and boasts rich legacy which is back from the 4th century. After several excavations, it has been discovered that this region was known as Raktapura which was under the reign of Badami Chalukyas.

The temples of Pattadakal were devoted to Lord Shivas shows an amazing blend of the South and North Indian architecture. The Jain temples that were constructed back in the 9th century is the latest addition in the region. You can check the many temples here each with their unique identity and architecture. This is certainly a place for historians and people who want to spend time in a place filled with spirituality and lots of history.

Places to Visit in Pattadakal:

Virupaksha Temple:
Well, the place is filled with temples and one of those that you definitely cannot miss is the Virupaksha temple. This is among the largest temples in the Pattadakal area. It was constructed back in the 8th century to celebrate Vikramaditya II victory against the Pallavas in Kanchi.

Undoubtedly the serenity of the place and the amazing ambiance make it a great place to send you time, but apart from this, the stone carvings and inscriptions are something to look at. These are features on mantapa stone which shows the several sculptures of the different Hindu deities. You will be astonished to find such amazing work done by the people at that time.

Kashiviswanatha temple:
Since these temples were built back in the 8th century, these structures are certainly something that is worth having a look at. You will certainly be surprised watching the amazing inscriptions made by the people of that period without the use of any advanced technologies.

This structure was made by Rashtrakutas in the 8th century displaying the Nagara architecture. You will find several female figures inscribed in the pillars. These structures are worth having a look at.

Jain Temple:
Other than the Hindu temple, this place is also famous for the Jain temple. The entire temple was constructed following the Dravidian architecture style. You will be surprised to find the many intricate sculptures that are stunning. It is said that this construction was done back in the 9th century by King Amoghavarsha I or maybe buy this son Krishna II.

Sangameshwara temple:
This is one of those very few temples that you just cannot miss in your visit to Pattadakal. Sangameshwara temple is amongst the ancient temples in the entire nation. Not only because it is the oldest bit also you will be surprised to find the stunning architecture in that period.

This temple is said to be built by the King Vijayaditya Satyashraya in the 696 and 733 AD. The name Sangameshwara came later as earlier it was called the Vijayeswara temple.

Papanatha Temple:
In your visit to Pattadakal, you should never miss the Papanatha temple. The original construction was made in Nagara style which later was changed into the Dravidian architecture. If you are fond of ancient sculpture and inscription, certainly this place has a lot for you I its bucket.

In this temple, you will find different types of carvings made on the walls of this temple. You will find the depictions of Mahabharata and Ramayana made on this temple. This is certainly a great temple from the ancient period.

Galaganath Temple: :
Different temples were constructed with different stories and this temple shows the story of Lord Shiva destroying the evil Andhakasura. This was built back in the 8th century is a great temple to have a look at. The sculpture showing good killing the evil is certainly something worth capturing.

Other than these, you can also find several small structures of Kubera and Gajalakshmi. These structures are also being featured in this temple.

Mallikarjuna Temple:
This is a temple that is almost the same as the Virupaksha temple. You certainly cannot miss checking this amazing temple built back in the 7th century. This temple is definitely smaller than the Virupaksha temple.

The Dravidian architectural style of the temple is truly astounding. The several images and depictions made on the walls attract people from different parts of the world.

So these are some of the best things that you cannot miss in your visit to Pattadakal. These temples constructed back in the 7th, 8th and 9th century is one of the oldest temples in the nation.

Visiting this place will let you know the excellence of people from the ancient period. Especially if you are someone who takes interest in finding the ancient architecture, then get ready to find yourself amused most of the time. The many temples here will make you fall in love with the place. Besides, the serenity of the place makes it one of the best places for your trip.

So just book your tickets today and enjoy your trip to the amazing Pattadakal in Karnataka.