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Mysore city

It is believed that the city Mysore derived its name from Mahishasura (an enormous demon) who was the ruler of this province for a long term. Finally, he was beaten by the Goddess Chamundeshwari and this province became demon free. Now, Mysore City is the headquarters of Mysore District, located in Deccan Plateau of south India about 772 meters above mean sea level. Mysore, also called as Mysooroo, is second largest city (after Bangalore) in Karnataka with an area of 129 sq. km. Mysore is the base of Chamundi Mountains about 142 km away from Bangalore.

As per census 2011 about 887,449 people reside in Mysore. Among them male compromise 50% of population and rest is female. It is a Hindu predominant Town; about 77% of population follows Hinduism. Islam is another important religion in the city, 19% of population follow this religion. Christians and some other community group reside here with a minor percent. Kannada is prime spoken dialect in Mysore. Hindi, Urdu and English languages are also spoken by some residents of the city.

mysore palace karnataka

(Mysore or Amba Vilas Palace, one of most popular palaces in India)

Usually the climatic characteristic of Mysore remains comfortable and better than other Indian cities. The summer season continue from March to mid-June when temperature levels vary from 23°C to 32°C. After that the monsoon season continues from mid-June to November. During this season Mysore received highest rainfalls. The average annual rainfalls of the city are about 80 cm. After monsoon has gone the winter season (late-November to February) is next to the city when temperature levels vary from 12°C to 18°C.

The people of Mysore mainly survive with professions which are related to tourism. There have lots of beautiful tourist spots which attracted thousands of tourists throughout the year. Now, the IT industries also take another major source of income by the city residents. Mysore is the second (next to Bangalore) in Karnataka to exporting the software. Beside of these, some medium range of industries is also noticed in Mysore. The city also called as the cultural capital of Karnataka due to its festivities that take place during the period of Dasara which are celebrated over a ten-day period.

Attractions & Tourist spots in Mysore

Mysore Palace also known as Amba Vilas Palace is the main attraction of south India which attracted millenniums of tourists around the year. If you planned to visit south India then it is one of the must see place for you. During the festival of Dasara (September to October) is the best time to trip here. Sound & Lighting Program of the Palace being processed between 7:00 pm to 8:00 pm throughout the week expect Sundays and Govt. Holidays.

Chamundi Hills (height over 1001 meters) is located just 11 km away from Mysore City. This hill derived its name after the goddess Chamundeshwari (or Chamundi). It is believed by the Hindus that the Goddess Chamundi is a form of Shakti Devi Durga or Parvati who killed the demon Mahishasura. There have an ancient temple just top on the hill which is about 1001 years old. This temple was dedicated to Devi Chamundeshwari.

Brindavan Gardens is another world famed tourist spot of Mysore located on the bank of Krishnaraja Sagar Lake about 142 km away from Bangalore. This beautiful garden was designed by Sir Mirza Ismail. This garden is divided in two parts by the lake. This garden will be opened for you every day in a week from 7:00 am to 8:00 pm.

Jagmohan Palace was constructed in 1861 by King Krishnaraja Wadeyor. But the palace was converted into an art gallery during 1915. You will discover some finest collections of antiques of S.L. Haldekar, Ravi Varma, Nicholas Royrick and many other artists. Musical clock of the palace is prime attraction.

Mysore Zoo is another important tourist spot in Mysore. This zoological garden is opened throughout the week except Tuesday. Mysore Zoo was constructed under royal patronage in 1892, making it one of the oldest zoos in India. Karanji Kere Lake is situated just behind zoo. This lake is a favorite spot of romantic couples.

St. Philomenas Church was constructed during 1956 in honor of St. Philomena. It gives you a great looks at evening when the church light up. This church is about 176 ft in height and the main hall of the cathedral is so wide that about 801 people can seat up at a time.

Jayalakshmi Vilas Mansion was constructed in 1905 by the King Chamaraja Wodeyar for his beloved daughter Jayalakshammanni. This palace is located close to the University of Mysore. It reflects the rich architectural splendor of Indian middle age.

Beside of these there have some more tourist spots around the Mysore District. Some major of these are National Museum, Folk Art Museum, Oriental Research Institute, Melody World, Parks and Gardens, Datta Peetham, Happy Man Park, etc.

How to reach Mysore?

Travel by Airways: The Bangalore international airport is the nearest big airport located about 171 km away at Devanahalli (Bangalore city). This is the one of the best airports in the world which received about 401 flights weekly. You can reach to this airport from any big cities of India as well as world. Mysore Airport called as Mandakalli Airport is a domestic airport located about 13 km away from Mysore city. This airport provides limited services only between the city to Bangalore and Chennai by Kingfisher Airlines.

Travel by Railways: Mysore Railway Station is one of the main stations in south western railway zone. There are lots of passenger and express trains exchange between Mysore to Bangalore, Mangalore and Chennai in daily basis. Probable train services between Delhi to Mysore weekly one train, Mumbai to Mysore weekly one train, Trichy and Tanjore to Mysore Daily Express trains, from Madurai Daily Express, from Tirupati by Fast passenger daily, from Ajmer two express trains weekly, from Jaipur two express trains weekly.

Travel by Roadways: The roadway network of the city is well connected through several state highways including the national highways NH-212. NH-212 has connected the city to its neighboring states Kerala and Tamil Nadu. Mysore is connected to Bangalore by the state highway no - 17. Some other major roots of the city are State Highways 33 and 88, which connect the city to H D Kote and Madikeri respectively. You will get lots of state government bus services (KSRTC) between Mysore to other major cities of Karnataka. There have also several private bus operators in Mysore.

Hotels Restuarants and Resorts in Mysore

Lalith Mahal Palace (Star Hotel)
Siddartha Road Layout, Mysore-570011
Phone: 0821-2474266
Hotel Regaalis (Star Hotel)
Vinobha Road, Mysore-570005
Phone: 0821-2426426 / 0821-2427427
The President (Star Hotel)
Nilgiri Road, Mysore-570001
Phone: 0821-2425111 / 0821-5269001
Hotel Ramanashree (Star Hotel)
Hardinge Circle, Mysore-570001
Phone: 0821-2522202 / 0821-2563056
The Paradise (Star Hotel)
No. 104, Vivekananda, Mysore-570020
Phone: 0821-2410366 / 0821-2515655

Nalapad Residency (Star Hotel
) Dr. Nelson Mandela Road, Mysore-570015
Phone: 0821-2491117
The Viceroy (Mid Range)
Sri Harsha Road, Mysore-570001
Phone: 0821-2424001 / 0821-2428001
KSTDC Mayura Hoysala (Mid Range)
Jhansi Laxmi Bai Road, Mysore-570005
Phone: 0821-2425349 / 0821-2425597
Hotel Siddhartha (Mid Range)
Guest House Road, Mysore-570010
Phone: 0821-2522999 / 0821-2522888
Hotel Palace Plaza (Mid Range)
No. 2716, Sri Harsha Road, Mysore-570001
Phone: 0821-2440875 / 0821-2430034
The Green Hotel (Mid Range)
Vinoba Road, Mysore-570012
Phone: 0821-2512536 / 0821-2414635
KSTDC Mayura Yatri Nivas (Mid Range)
Jhansi Laxmi Bai Road, Mysore-570005
Phone: 0821-2423492
Park Lane Hotel (Mid Range)
Sri Harsha Road, Mysore-570001
Phone: 0821-2430400 / 0821-2434340
Hotel Govardhan (Budget Hotels)
Sri Harsha Road, Mysore-570001
Phone: 0821-2434118 / 0821-2429422
Hotel Airlines (Budget Hotels)
Jayalakshmi VIlas Road, Mysore-570005
Phone: 0821-2330745 / 0821-2330475
Hotel Prakash Deluxe (Budget Hotels)
Sayyaji Rao Road, Mysore-570021
Phone: 0821-2521676 / 0821-2529434
Hotel Bombay Tiffanys (Budget Hotels)
Sayyaji Rao Road Cross, Mysore-570001
Phone: 0821-2435255 / 0821-2435256
Hotel Luciya International (Budget Hotels)
Old Bank Road, Mysore-570001
Phone: 0821-2420261
Hotel Darshan Palace (Budget Hotels)
Lokaranjan Mahal Road, Mysore-570010
Phone: 0821-2520794 / 0821-2564083
Amblee Holiday Resort
Mysore-Bangalore Road, Srirangapatna
Phone: 0821-3092475, Mobile: 9845002665
Chitravana Resorts
Manandawady Road, Mysore-570008
Phone: 0821-2901282 / 3095553

General Information of Mysore City

Country India
State Karnataka
District Mysore
STD Code 0821
ISD Code 0091821
Best time to visit September To April
Mysore City Population 887449 (approx)
Mysore City Area 129 sk. km.
Climate Summer - March to end-June.
Winter - mid November to February
Major Spoken languages Kannada, English and Hindi
Tourist enquiry in Mysore Regional Tourist Office Mysore
Old Exhibition Road, Karnataka, India
Telephone Number: 0821-22096

Karnataka State Tourism Development Corporation
Yatrinivas Buildings, J.L.B Road Mysore, Karnataka
Telephone Number: 0821-26352