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If you are in search of a great place where you can spend your best time, you might find a multitude of locations. However about leaving some of the basic locations and going for a tour to Belur in Karnataka.

This is a great location situated in River Yagachi bank located at a distance of 40km from Hassan. This is one of the popular destinations in the world for the number of ancient temples. This place is popular for the Chennakeshava temple which is an example of the Hoysala workmanship. The amazing work done by the people from the 11th to 13th centuries is certainly worth having a look.

Apart from enjoying the amazing ambiance, one of the most common activities of the tourists is viewing the temples. Apart from this, you can also take out some time to visit the nearby restaurants and cafes and taste the delicacies. The coffee here is certainly one of the choices as it is the prime crop of the place.

Don’t forget to carry the camera with you as the stunning scenarios that you get to check while you are traveling to Belur are certainly worth capturing. This place is also known for producing sugarcane, cardamom, ginger, pepper, coffee, rice and therefore you can choose to shop some of these or enjoy your tour.

So if this is the first time you are visiting Belur, let us have a look at the places that you can visit on your trip to Belur in Karnataka.

Chennakesava Temple:

As mentioned earlier, this is one of the known temples in Belur located at a distance of just 0.5km from the Belur Bus station. This temple was constructed back in 1117 AD and is the prime attraction of the place. The stone sculptures, extensive carvings, unique characteristics and the artwork done are some of the attractive aspects of this temple. This is why this temple has been listed in the UNESCO world heritage site.

The temple has been devoted to Lord Vishnu constructed by King Vishnuvardhana from the Hoysala dynasty. It also consists of the six feet long Lord Vishnu idol which is something worth checking. Being designed in the Hoysala style with prime shrine constructed on the start shape platform is certainly a great thing to check. Moreover, the 101feet stunning gateway tower is stunning.

Making use of the gray-green chlorite the entire temple was constructed and which is why it almost took 103 years to finally complete this temple.

Yagachi Dam:

This is again a great spot for people who wants to enjoy some of the exciting water sports. It is located at a distance of 2.5km is the eastern gravity dam. The beauty of the dam combined with the water activities can be done here are the reason for becoming a must-visit site in Belur.

This dam was constructed in the year 2001 across Yagachi Rover which is a tributary of the River Kaveri. It has a length of 1280m and a length of 26m. Being located at a high altitude of 965ft the prime agenda of this dam is to use the water resource for irrigation and meet the drinking water needs of the Hassan and Chikmagalur district.

The amazing natural beauty of this place is something that mesmerizes the visitors of this place. A large number of tourists can be spotted here enjoying the beauty of the place along with surrounding areas. This is certainly a great escape from the hustle and bustle of city life.

Narasimha Pillar: :

This is a famous structure located inside the complex of the Chennakesava temple. It is a stunning stone pillar that has a height of almost 30feet. The sculptures found here are being curved in a miniature form to make it a lot more attractive.

The pillar of this tower has been made with the soapstone. The floral decoration of the base along with the entire structure is worth watching.


This structure was inspired by the Shantala Devi who was the queen of King Vishnuvardhan. You can find 42 bracket figures which are known as the Madanikas which are being carved on the soapstone. You can find these being placed in several corners of this temple. Each and every madanikas found here are made in variable postures that belong from the famous dance form Bharat Natyam.

From these, the figures with four brackets are placed inside the ornate ceiling of this temple. This has made this a popular choice for the people as each and every carving in the temple is a representation of the Hoysala architecture.


This is a new village located at a distance of 25kms from this destination is popular for the Lakshmidevi temple. This is a popular temple that was constructed back in 1114AD.

The temple was constructed during the reign of King Vishnuvardhana amidst the lush coconut plantations. You will also find a lake that is adjacent to the temple. This is the earliest temple popular of the age constructed in the Hoysala style using the soapstone.

The huge image of the deity Lakshmi is situated in the compound center. You will four shrines in this temple complex which is definitely great to look at.

Hoysaleshwara Temple:

This is another great structure where you can take a walk amongst the flowers and coconut trees that are found on the ground. The entire temple was devoted to Lord Shiva was completed in 1121CE. You can find some of the appealing pillars fully decorated and engraved with sculptures. If you check, you will be fascinated by finding the 240 sculptures that are running on the exterior walls and each and every sculpture is respected in our nation.

This is definitely a great place for the people who take an interest in ancient structures.

So these are some of the known places in Belur that are mostly visited by the tourists. So if you are planning to visit Belur don’t miss visiting these few places to enjoy the beauty of the place.