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Gokarna Beach

If you want to visit a destination with golden sands, blue seas and lined with palm trees, pack your bags for Gokarna. The breathtaking landscapes and the pristine beaches of Gokarna make it one of the spectacular destinations in India. This is a town for the Hindu pilgrims and recently has become a favorite spot for the beach lovers. This is a small town in Karnataka situated on the Karwar coast.

Gokarna is different for different people as this place can satisfy people with different tastes. Its temples and beach make it a destination for everyone. Every year people visit this place to find salvation and sanctity along with for relaxation. The place has an unusual contrast, as the interior of the town is different from the outside beaches. The beached dotted with palm trees is a destination for the tourists. If you are looking for a calm and peaceful destination for relaxation certainly this place has a lot for you. Palm trees and coconut trees with the clean sands and the gigantic ocean make this place a destination to visit.

Tourists Attractions:

Om Beach:
Om beach is again a great beach located in Gokarna that has the shape of OM and which is why the name Om beach has been given. This beach is a favorite spot for a number of junkies to adventure lovers. If you choose to visit this place, never forget to check the sunset, as you will never forget such a spectacular view.

The name Om beach has been given from the two semi crescent shapes that have been naturally joined together. The rock creations of this beach attract numbers of tourists to this location. You can find several eateries, small cafes and fishermen boats in this amazing beach. The exotic menu on these restaurants will certainly melt your heart.

Moreover, if you are an adventure seeker, the fun water sport will certainly wow you. You can choose to surf and speed boating here. This place is certainly a heavenly destination for people.

Mahabaleshwara Temple:
If you want to check an amazing temple, this place will never disappoint you. The Mahabaleshwara Temple in Gokarna is an amazing spiritual place for people to visit. Here you will find the Atmalinga which is the Shiva linga is the main idol of worship. People here worship the Atmalinga in Mahabasheswar temple.

Undoubtedly the temple is mesmerizing to watch. The beautiful work done on the walls of this temple is worth having a look. You will find the temple is constructed with white granite. The Dravidian architecture of this building makes it look classic and stunning. The lord Shiva idol which is the main deity of this temple dates back from 1500 years ago. Hence if you love watching ancient architecture make sure you visit this amazing temple.

Kudle Beach:
Kudle beach is again from the many amazing beaches in Gokarna. This is situated just a few distances from the OM beach. People who love a calm and quiet place should definitely visit here once. If you want to walk around or simply sit and enjoy the beauty of nature. This beach is an apt destination for you. Many locals of this place choose this beach as a destination for evening and morning walk and also for yoga practice.

Mostly the beach is silent and less crowded compared to other beaches, but from November to February, this place is filled with backpackers and foreigners. This destination is safe for bath and also for the people who love photography. The breathtaking view of the place will certainly make you fall in love with the place.

Also, if you love food, try the local foods served here. Listening to the sound of the saves and spending time

Gokarna Beach:
This beach is long to several kilometers and is situated at the edge of the place. This is a quiet pilgrim location of Gokarna. It has now become a favorite for people as a favorite beach destination that is filled with pristine sand and other locations. Hardly the foreigners here used to visit this place until recently when the foreigners started visiting this beach. Due to the recent crowd, many people started stores and restaurants in this place.

This is a safe and clean beach. A large number of trees present here offers shade and therefore id a great relaxation for people. If you want to lick some amazing pictures, never fail to bring your camera with you. Also for the adventure seekers, the steep rocks enable rock climbing.

In north Karnataka, there is a quiet hill station that appeals trekkers from different parts of the world. Located amidst the world’s richest biodiversity, Yaana is a place of huge beauty that can captivate you. This is a place for wildlife lovers, religious people and also for adventure seekers.

The freshness and the greenery of this place make this a favorite choice for people. The two huge limestone monoliths present here attracts a number of pilgrims to this location. While trekking, you can find breathtaking views and different types of birds. The mud roads are a symbol of the rustic rural life of Indian.

So these are some of the attractions of Gokarna. Certainly, the place is not meant for some people but for everyone starting from a photographer to nature lovers to religious people to adventure seekers. The name has everything that you would love to have a glimpse in your trip.

So just book your tickets today and enjoy your trip to the mesmerizing Gokarna.