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Jog Falls

When it comes to planning for a trip, there are several places in India. Apart from the known tourist places, there are some of the breathtaking destinations and one of them is Jog falls. This is the second-highest waterfall in India that attracts thousands of tourists. Being located in Karnataka, this time plan for a trip to Jog falls to enjoy the serenity of nature.

Jog falls is situated in the borders of Uttara Kanada and Shimoga districts of Karnataka making this fall the highest waterfalls in the entire state. It is also popular as the Gerosappa falls and is among the crucial attraction in South India. Next to Mohkalikai falls in Meghalaya, this is the second-largest falls that drops from a height of 850ft. However, as the Linganamakki Dam has been constructed, the falls us restricted prior to the monsoons.

This water is been used prior to the monsoons for generating electricity and therefore you can find a very thin stream. This is why it is mostly recommended for the visitors to plan a trip to the Jog falls during the monsoons to find the falls in its best form. This majestic waterfall will make your jaw drop with the serenity and splendor.

If you are visiting for the first time, you definitely will not be aware of the many tourist spots in and around this location. Therefore to help you get knowledge about the many attractive locations of this place, today we will check the attractions of this place.

Jog Falls:

Well, not to mention this is the primary attraction of the place. You will be mesmerized to find the beauty of nature. The serenity of the place is certainly beyond words along with the looks. Watching the sunshine and sunset in this place is again a great choice. If you are a photographer, consider taking your camera as the breathtaking views of the place will certainly melt your heart.

Water sport in Jog falls:

This is located at a short distance which will take you less than one hour from the Jog Falls. Honnermaradu is the name of the place which is the settlement on River Sharavathi backwaters.

The translation is Golden Lake which is a place for the people who want to experience the waters of Jog falls. If you are not satisfied with just watching the falls, then this is the ideal spot for you. This is a location where you can opt for some of the river sports which include kayaking and river rafting.

Even if you are training in Kayaking, a guide will be provided with you to enjoy the boat ride safely.


This is a very small and amazing town situated in the Taluka district. It is known as Sigandur in Karnataka. This is locally known as the Sigandooru which is primarily known for the Shri Chowdeshwari Temple. The entire temple is devoted to the deity Chowdeshwari. It is located in the banks of Sharavanti River thereby making it a must-visit place for several devotees from the different parts of the world.

This is the deity who is believed to punish the thieves for stealing the belonging of people and protect the devotees from any kind of mishap.

The entire area is surrounded by the Linganamakki dam on its three sides and the lush greenery. It is again bordered with the Holy Sharavanti River. You can find hundreds of worshippers visiting this place to make prayers and hope for the protection of their families from thievery. They believe that if an item is stolen from the devotees will be returned back to them and implicate punishment to the thieves for its bad deed.

Visitors take bath in the sacred water of the River Sharvanti in the festival which is generally held in January. If you are willing to check the festival, January is the best time to visit.

Thyvare Koppa Lion and Tiger Reserve:

This is the famous reserve that is situated in the interiors of the Shettihali Sanctuary. It is a great place for nature lovers along with the wildlife enthusiast to find some of the rare species of tigers and lions. Besides, you can also find the many species of deers and bears as well.

Don’t forget to take your camera with you to capture the beauty of forests and wildlife.

Kanoor Fort:

This is another amazing location which is also popular as Keladi Kote. This amazing fort is situated in the Shimoga district and has been named after the Keladi dynasty. This was the dynasty that used to rule this place.

In the Kannada language, Kote means fort. If you are willing to spend a night here, you need to vary your tent and food to enjoy the beauty of this place.

Unchalli Falls:

The Unchalli falls is located in Uttara Kannada was invented by J.D Lushington who was the district collector in the year 1845. This is 116m tall waterfalls which originates from River Aghanashini is set in the middle of the dense forest. You can opt for a trek of 6km and enjoy watching the many rainbows near the waterfalls.

Not only the tourists come here to check the beauty of the place but also the locals come here to enjoy the misty cascading of water. If you choose to trek uphill, you can enjoy breathtaking views along with rainbows in this location.

Bottom Line: With the many locations available around jog fall, this place has become a destination for both locals and others. The tranquility of the location added with the magnificent views of the waterfalls makes a memorable tour.

So without any further delay, just book your ticks today and enjoy the beauty of nature.