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Sakleshpur is a very small town that is situated in Karnataka is a known hill station. This place is known for being bordered by a huge number of tea, spices and coffee plantations. This is where the major economy of the place comes from. Aside, since there has been several developments in the recent times, this place now have received fame because of the amazing experience from the locals along with the unmatched beauty of the place.

This tiny place is connected with some of the prime cities like Mangalore and Bangalore making it one of the most visited place for the people. This place has numerous handmade and natured gifted places. One of the major examples of this is the Manjarabad Fort that is made in the form of star.

This is a famous hill station renowned for the mountains and the scenic backdrop along with the weather as well. Being a located that can be easily reached, Sakleshpur has become one of the major tourist spot for people across the nation and foreigners.

If you are thinking to visit this beautiful destination, it is a great choice. But before that let us have a look at the best places that this small town has which you definitely cannot miss.

Manjarabad Fort:

This is one of the known and unique forts in the entire nation. The fort was constructed by Tipu Sultan, which showcases the excellence of the Islamic architecture in this nation. The amazing octagonal designs of this fort with the eight walls are the major reason for attracting visitor from both eight countries and throughout the nation.

The contrast level of this fort is another unique feature. The aerial view of this fort seems like an amazing star. This is one of the known places of sightseeing which offers a great view of Western Ghats. You will be overwhelmed to check the Arabian Sea from this fort as it is located at a height of 3200feet.

Sakleshwara Temple

Sakleshwara Temple is known for being one of the known attractions in this Sakleshpur. This is one of the most visited one for people. It is a known temple known for its beauty which shows amazing craftsmanship of the Hoysala architecture.

Even when this is smaller than other temples from South India as it is known for its architecture. This was built in 11th and the 14th century shows an amazing remnant of that time. You can get amazing view of the River Hemavathi which holds a huge Lord Shiva statue. This temple will provide a spiritual escape to people.

Bisle View Point:

If you want to get mesmerized, visit Bisle view point which offers a great view of Western Ghats. Make sure you take your camera with you, as you will not want to miss the mesmerizing view of the sounding places.

You can find a great view of the three known mountain ranges which includes Pushpagiri, Yenokallu Betta and Doddabetta and Kumaraparvatha. If you are an adventure seeker, you can also opt for trekking and explore the amazing scenic beauty that is surrounding you.

You can also spot some wild animals like monkeys, peacocks, Elephants, spotted deer and much more. You visit to this place will make an memorable trip for the nature lovers along with the nature lovers.

Agni Gudda Hill:

Get hooked with the amazing nature on your visit to the Agni Gudda Hiill. This an amazing place in Sakleshpur that is known to the trekkers. The name Agni Guddi means the Fiery Mountain. This is because the volcanic nature of the hill. However, as an adventure seeker you can unleash for the greatest treasure of nature in this place.

This place is bordered with the green rice terrace making it a calming place to the people. Most of the youth are seen to visit this place as this location offer some of the trilling experiences to people. You can opt for camping and picnic with your friends and family to this place.

Manjehalli Waterfalls:

Nestled in the nature’s beauty, this Manjehalli Waterfalls can offer a memorable retreat to you. This is a known tourist spot for the people. You can take cool bath and also opt for some refreshing activities. The beauty can be observed during the monsoons.

If you are new to this place and have always spent a hectic schedule in the busy city life, this place will certainly offer an amazing experience. Stand beneath the waterfalls and enjoy the excitement of bathing under natural waterfall.

Kukke Subramanya Temple:

If you would love to take a look at another spiritual temple, then Kukke Subramanya Temple is a great choice. This is a remarkable Hindu temple in India. The amazing natural beauty surrounding this place along with the landscape makes this place a memorable experience.

Lord Subrahmanya is the main deity of the temple. This place is also known as the home of the nags. As per the myth, people say that Lord Subramanya offer place for to serpent Vasuki along with others. This is also a known place for the pilgrims as well.

This is a place known for its history hence it is a place that most visits check on their visit to Sakleshpur. Explore the bordering landscape is also something that you will love.

So now that you have known some the must visit location of Sakleshpur, consider visiting this place to enjoy an amazing time. This is a place with spiritual place, adventurous destination along with a nature’s splendor.

Just book your tickets today and spend am amazing time with your closed friends and family.