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Miramar Sea Beach attractions at Panaji

Miramar Beach, also called as Gaspar Dias, is just 2 km away from Panaji and 1 km from Dona Paula located in north Goa where Mandovi River connected to the Arabian Sea. You will find here lots of lovely shady palm trees which give you a comfortable long stay at the beach protecting from the Sun’s Ultraviolet ray.

Miramar, means viewing the sea, is one of the best beaches in Goa which is famous for the tremendous view of Arabian Sea from this beach and walking at evening along with coast line during moonlight also a good experience at Miramar beach. This beach mainly becomes crowded at night by both locals and foreigners.

Miramar Sea Beach, Panaji North Goa

(Miramar Sea Beach, located just three km from Panaji)

Miramar, a small beach of Panaji, has a coast about 2 km long. You can take a lovely view of Aguada Fort from this beach. Water sports are prohibited at this sea beach due to a forceful undercurrent of water. This is the reason for not coming many tourists at Miramar Beach like other beaches of Goa. Winter is the best season to visit the beach when lots of migratory birds arrive here from their migration zones.

Climate at Miramar Beach

The climate of Miramar Beach remains little hot and humid except in winter and it receives a heavy rainfalls due to the proximity of Arabian Sea. Best season is winter (December to March) when temperature stay cool and pleasant.

Summer at Miramar: Usually, this season continues for a long times (March to June) at Miramar. Temperature may reach up to 33°C with a high humidity in May. Average temperature during this season is about 29°C.

Monsoon at Miramar: Usually, monsoon is continued from June to September at Miramar. Due to the proximity of Arabian Sea this city receive heavy rainfalls and some thunder storms during this season. Average annual rainfalls of Miramar are approximately 300 cm.

Winter at Miramar: Usually, winter season of Miramar Town persists for a short terms (late-November to February) with a pleasant temperature. Average temperature during this season varies from 19°C to 29°C.

How to reach at Miramar Sea-beach?

Travel by Airway: There have only one Airport in Goa located at Dabolim about 32 km away from Bambolim Beach. It is an international airport and the international flights from the country of Qatâr, Dubai, Shárjah, Kuwait, Britain, Germâny, Netherlands, Russia, and the major cities of India are available here. After reaching to the airport you can easily reach to Miramar with a four wheeler car.

Travel by Roadway: Miramar beach is directly connected to Panaji (3 km away) Bus Station. There have lots of government (Kadamba Transport Corporation, KTC) and private bus operator from Panaji bus station to Miramar. You can also hire a private Taxi to reach here. It takes around 15 minutes to reach Miramar Beach by Bus from Panjim. Normally, local travels are provided with the automobiles of Bus, motorcycle, taxis and auto-rickshaws.

Travel by Railway: Nearest rail station of Miramar Beach located at Karmali (Karmali Railway Station) about 12 km away. It takes around 30 minutes to reach at Miramar Beach from the Station via Panjim bus station. Other important railway stations are located little away at Margao and Vasco Da Gama.

Hotel, Restaurants and resorts around Miramar Beach

There have lots of hotels, restaurants and beach resort around Miramar Beach. Maximum Hotels and Restaurants of Miramar located very close to the beach. Among these some important hotels and Restaurants details are given bellow.

Bela Hotel
Phone: 0832-224575
Hotel El Paso
Phone: 0832-224898 / 227213
Gopika International
Phone: 0832-226194 / 229821
Liboran Restaurant
Phone: 0832-223298 / 224518
London Hotel
Phone: 0832-226017
Miramar Beach Resort
Phone: 0832-227754
Riomar Beach Resort
Phone: 0832-226193
Youth Hostel 
Phone: 0832-225433

Hotels and General information about Arambol Beach

Country India
State Goa
Nearest City Panaji - 2 km
District North Goa
Taluk Tiswadi
Miramar STD Code 0832
Miramar ISD Code 0091832
Time Zone IST (UTC+5:30)
Nearest Railway Station Karmali, 12 km
Airport Distance 32 km (approx)
Best time to visit November To March.
The main attractions of Miramar Beach are the lovely scenic view of the Arabian Sea and taking a romantic evening walk across the beach at moonlight. This beach also famous for evening shoping.