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Dona Paula Sea Beach, North Goa

Initially, Dona Paula was a small fisherman's village known as Oddavell. Usually, Portuguese women are called as Dona after their marriage. Paula was a Portuguese lady (full name - Paula Amaral Antonio de Souto Maior) who reached in Goa during 1644 and she married a Fidalgo (name - Dom Antonio Souto Maior) in 1656. After Her marriage she was called as Dona Paula. The name, Dona Paula Village, was derived its name from the Portuguese lady.

Now, Dona Paula become on of the best developed areas in Goa. This zone is an address of several big hotels & restaurants, markets including the National Institute of Oceanography, and the Goa University & the International Centre. Dona Paula Beach is most attractive spot in this town which located just 6 km away from Panaji, Goa capital city. You can easily reach at the beach by roadway from any corner of Goa.

A beautiful statue at Dona Paula Beach

(Dona Paula Beach, Statue of Paula)

The main attractions of Dona Paula Beach are the lovely scenic view of the meeting place of two local rivers, namely Zuari and Mandovi, statue of Dona-Paula close to the jetty Ghat, Cabo Raj Bhavan of Goa Governor and discover the legend of Dona Paula. You will get most of the facilities which you expect around a beach being a tourist like, Kayâking, motorboat riding, windsurfing, shopping, sunbathing, párasailing, water skiing, yachting, skibob, comfortable lodging, delicious consumption & drinking, fishing, snorkeling, harpoon fishing and many more.

Climate at Dona Paula Town

The climate of Dona Paula remains hot and humid except in winter and it receives a heavy rainfalls due to the proximity of Arabian Sea. Best season is winter (December to March) when temperature stay cool and pleasant.

Summer at Dona Paula: Usually, this season continues for a long times (early-March to mid-June) at Dona Paula Town. Temperature may reach up to 35°C with a high humidity in May. Average temperature during this season is about 30°C.

Monsoon at Dona Paula: Usually, monsoon is continued from mid-June to early-October at Dona Paula. Due to the proximity of Arabian Sea this city receive heavy rainfalls and some thunder storms during this season. Average annual rainfalls of Dona Paula Town are approximately 298 cm.

Winter at Dona Paula: Usually, winter season of Donapaula Town persists for a short terms (late-November to end-February) with a pleasant temperature. Average temperature during this season varies from 15°C to 27°C.

How to reach at Dona Paula Sea-beach?

Travel by Airway: The Âirport of Dabolim is located about 36 km away from the Dona Paula. The airport operates several international flights from the country of Qatâr, Dubai, Sharjah, Kuwait, Britain, Germany, Netherlands, Russia, etc. You can also reach here from any major cities of India like, Delhi, Kolkata, Mubai, Chennai, Pune, etc. After reaching to the airport you can easily reach to Dona Paula Beach with a private car or by bus.

Travel by Roadway: Dona Paula beach is situated just 6 km away from the capital City of Goa, Panaji. Goa state government bus services (Kadamba Transport Corporation, KTC) and private bus operator has provided lots of buses from Panaji bus station to Dona Paula Town. You can also travel with a private cabes to reach here. It takes around 16 minutes to reach Dona Paula by Bus from Panjim.

Travel by Railway: Nearest rail station of Dona Paula Beach located at Karmali (Karmali Railway Station) about 14 km away. It takes around 35 minutes to reach at Dona Paula Beach from the Station via Panjim bus station. Other important railway stations are located little away at Margao and Vasco Da Gama.

Hotel, Restaurants and resorts around Dona Paula

Swimsea Beach Resorts
Dona Paula, Goa
Phone: 0832-2464481
Prainha Resort
Dona Paula, Goa - 403004
Phone Number: 0832-2453881
Hotel villa sol
Dona Paula, Goa 403004
Phone: 0832-2453052
Sea View Hotel
Dona Paula, Goa - 403 004
Telephone: 0832-2453427
Vainguinim Valley Resort
Dona Paula, Goa
Phone No: 0832-2452201
O Pescador Beach Resort
Dona Paula, Goa
Telephone: 0832-2453863
International Centre
Dona Paula, Goa
Phone: 0832-2452805
Sandalwood Hotel & Retreat,
Dona Paula, Goa
Phone: 0832 - 2452190

General information about Dona Paula Beach

Country India
State Goa
Nearest City Panaji - 6 km
District North Goa
Taluk Tiswadi
Postal Code Number 403004
STD Code 0832
ISD Code 0091832
Time Zone IST (UTC+5:30)
Nearest Railway Station Karmali, 14 km
Airport Distance 36 km (approx)
Best time to visit end-November to mid-March
The main attractions of Dona Paula Beach are the lovely scenic view of the meeting place of Zuari and Mandovi River, statue of Dona-Paula close to the jetty Ghat, Cabo Raj Bhavan of Goa Governor and many more.