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Bhitarkanika National Park and Mangroves

Bhitarkanika is located about 206 km away from Puri and about 156 km from Bhubaneswar in Kendrapara District of the state Orissa, India. This place is famous for its National Park, salt tolerant mangrove forests and several small nameless beaches. The Bhitarkanika Wildlife Sanctuary includes the Mangrove forests cover an area of 672 sq km in the river delta of the Brahmani, Baitarani and Dhamara Rivers. These regions were once under the local Zamindari rulers till 1952 and later in 1975 it was converted into the Bhitarkanika Wildlife Sanctuary by the Orissa state government. The main attraction for the visitors in the sanctuary is the Bhitarkanika National Park which covers an area of 145 sq km. this park came out from the extended area of the sanctuary and declared as a national park in September, 1998.

crocodile in bhitarkanika national park, Orissa Tourism

(A Crocodile in Bhitarkanika National Park, Orissa)

Bhitarkanika sanctuary is the second largest mangrove ecosystem in India. There have 55 rare species of wetland mangroves out of 60 in India. Some of these are Sundari, Thespia, Pneumatophores, casuarinas, several grasses like the indigo bush, etc. These wetland forests are the home of world’s largest (about 23 ft) crocodile and in 2006 it recorded as largest crocodile living field in the Guinness Book. You will find here various populations of local and migratory birds like Kingfishers, Asian Open Bill, Cormorants, Darters, Black Ibis, Egrets, etc. Beside of these some other important animals of the park are Indian python, black ibis, wild pigs, monkeys, leopard, darters, cobra, water monitor lizard, jungle cat, common mongoose, jackal, hyena, fox, wild pig, Indian porcupine, mole rat, spotted deer, Sambar, common otter, etc.

Bhitarkanika National Park is such types of place where you can make a peaceful holyday from the away of your busy life. You can feel a pure forest nature with its several beautiful creatures. The boat ride from Khola to Dangmal is another experience. Being a deltaic region, Bhitarkanika consists of some small islands namely Dangamala, Habali Khati, Ekakula etc. Some popular places in the sanctuary for tourists are Gahiramatha, Dangamala and Bagagahana. In case of trip in Vitarkanika you have to obtain permission from Divisional Forest Officer. Contact to bellow mentioned address to get the visit permit. Rajnagar, PIN - 754225, Phone: 06729-272460 / 9437740354. Or contact to Assistant Conservator of Forests, Chandbali, PIN - 756133, Phone: 06786-220372. You have to paid a minimum charge to visit here.

How to reach Bhitarkanika National Park ?

Being an isolated island Bhitarkanika is not directly connected to roadways or railways. You must have to take a boat ride after reaching Chandabali/Rajnagar (about 26 km from Bhitarkanika). Khola and Gupti are two main entry points to Bhitarkanika National Park. The best route to Bhitarkanika could be Howrah - Bhadrak - Chandbali - Kanikarange - Dangmal - Ekakula (Bhitarkanika).

Travel by Roadways
Bhitarkanika is not directly connected to other major parts of Orissa by Roadways. Chandbali or Rajnagr is the ending stoppage to this park. After that you have travel through waterways. Howrah to Bhadrak journey by road about 271 km -> Bhadrak to Chandbali by road about 60 km -> Chandabali to Bhitarkanika by a short boat ride.

Travel by Railways
The nearest railway station to Bhitarkanika is Bhadrak about 76 km away and Balasore about 147 km from away. After reaching Bhadrak/ Balasore you can travel to Jayanagar/Chandabali/Rajnagar by a car through the roadways. And then you have to make a boat ride to Khola/Gupti to reach Vitarkanika.

Travel by Airways
Nearest airport are Bhubaneshwar about 192 km away from Chandabali. Make a direct bus journey from Bhubaneshwar airport to Rajnagar and then take a short boat journey to this park. You will need a entry permission at the gate of Gupti or Khola to reach this sanctuary.

Accommodation at Bhitarkanika

Sand Pebbles Bhitarkanika Jungle Resorts
This Jungle Resorts is most suitable address at Bhitarkanika for night stay. It is a government resort by Orissa state Govt. you will be facilitated here with fresh food, restaurant, bedroom attached Bathrooms and some more which you aspect. For know more details contact bellow mentioned number - Mobile: 9937047574 / 9238447574.

Activities and attractions available from the resort
Sight seeing of mangrove forests with a boat or on foot is very interesting here. Major attrations of the park facilitated from the resort are watching 23 ft Crocodile, Spotted Deer, Monitor Lizard, King Cobra and Pythons, 170 species of birds, 8 sub-species of Kingfishers, Open Billed Stork, Sea Eagles, Kites, Sand Pipers, Darters, Whistling Teals, Sea Gulls, and many more.

General information about Bhitarkanika

Country India
State Orissa or Odisha
District Kendrapara
Languages Oriya (main dialect), Bengali, Hindi, English, etc.
Climate Winter Min - 10°C and Summer Max - 39 °C
STD Code 06786
Best time to visit October to June
Railway Station Badrak Railway Station
Airport Biju Patnaik Domestic Airport and Dum Dum Airport (Kolkata)
Tourist Enquiry

Head Office of Bhitarkanika Park
Sand Pebbles Tour n Travels (I) Pvt Ltd
Acharya Vihar, Bhubaneswar-13 Orissa
Phone: 0674-6532550/0674-2541120