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Gopalpur on Sea Beach, Orissa

Gopalpur on Sea is a town about 15.6 km away from Brahmapur in Ganjam district of the state Orissa on the coast of Bay of Bengal. According to the census of 2001india, Gopalpur Town had a population of 6661. It is a small fishing village, maximum of inhabitants include with the business of fishing related. Once, the village was the main commercial place during British rule for its port. British rulers used the port as commercial hub of north eastern parts of India till 1942 (when it ceased to operate due to the Second World War) but now the port lying in ruins.

gopalpur sea beach

(Gopalpur on Sea Beach, Orissa)

Gopalpur derived its name from a Krishna (Gopal) temple which was constructed in 18th century. Now this town is considered as one of the popular sea beach in Orissa. This beach is quite and noiseless where you can make a peaceful holiday from the away of your daily busy life. The long stretched coconut groves and cashew nut trees along with the coast provide you a lovely sight. There is also a Light House on the beach which was constructed in 1965 by Orissa state Government to show directions to the ships in deep sea. You will get a bird eye view of Gopalpur, the sea and a portion of the Chilika Lake from the top of the lighthouse.

Gopalour Beach is also famous for its annual beach festival. This festival was organized first in 1996 by Ganjam District Hotel Association to promote tourism. Many local artists show their talent by creating several handicrafts and sand sculptures on the beach. In generally the beach is gathered by local fishermen and local women throughout the year. Local women collect fishes in large baskets which were caught by fishermen and carry them away for selling off in local markets. Usually the season of winter is best to trip here when lots of tourists come to spend peaceful holydays. There have another sea beach at Dhabaleshwar just beside of Gopalpur include a temple of the same name.

How to reach Gopalpur Beach ?

Being an isolated island Bhitarkanika is not directly connected to roadways or railways. You must have to take a boat ride after reaching Chandabali/Rajnagar (about 26 km from Bhitarkanika). Khola and Gupti are two main entry points to Bhitarkanika National Park. The best route to Bhitarkanika could be Howrah - Bhadrak - Chandbali - Kanikarange - Dangmal - Ekakula (Bhitarkanika).

Travel by Roadways
Gopalpur on sea Beach is very well connected to major cities of Orissa by roadways. You have to travel via the nearest town of the beach, Brahmapur (16.6 km away) to reach here. This town is connected with major cities like, Puri (182 km), Bhubsneswar (243 km), etc by the NH-5. regular bus services from these city to Brhmapur is available.

Travel by Railways
Brahampur is the nearest big town to Gopalpur about 16.6 km away. Brahampur Railway station falls in the Howrah (Kolkata)-Chennai rail root. You can travel to this station from Howrah (608 km) / Chennai (1062 km) with a express train. Some of major regular trains of this root which stop at Brahampur are Howrah Chennai Mail, Faluknama Express, East Coast Express, Gurudev Express, Howrah Yeshvantpur Express, etc.

Travel by Airways
The nearest airport of Gopalpur Beach is located at Bhubaneswar about 182 km from away and the airport of Vishkapatnam is (Andhra Pradesh) situated 262 km away. You can choose one of these two airports. Being a domestic airport Bhubaneswar does not receive all type of flights but usually it operate maximum of domestic flights from Indian major cities.

Tour spots around Gopalpur

Taptapani, literally mean hot water (Tapta - hot and Pani - water), is a hot Sulphur spring with water at a temperature of 55 Celsius. It is located about 66 km away from Gopalpur and 54 km from Brahmapur. A natural pond is created just next to this Hot Spring where you can take a bath. There have also a beautiful deer park maintained by the Orissa forest department.

Taratarni is on the bank of the river Rushikalaya near the village Purushotampur about 34 km away from Brahmapur. There have temple of the twin goddess Tara and Tarini on the hilltop. The shrine is considered as a Shakti Pitha of Tantra Cult.

Mahuri kaula is another scenic spot famous for the temple of Mahura Kaula. It is placed about 28 km away from Gopalpur and just 11 km from Brahmapur, Orissa. Local tourists come here for picnicking.

Hotel, Restaurants and resorts

Swasti Palm Resort
Phone: 0680-2242453/455
Pantha Nibas(OTDC Ltd.)
Phone: 0680-2242088
Hotel Holiday Home
Phone: 0680-2242049
Sea Side Breeze
Phone: 0680-2242075
Hotel Sea Pearl
Phone: 0680-2242556
Natraja Tourist Lodge
Phone: 0680-2242340
Shai Tourist Lodge
Phone: 0680- 2242041
Hotel Rohîni, Gopalpur
Phone: 0680-2242309

General information about Gopalpur

Country India
State Orissa or Odisha
District Ganjam
Languages Oriya (main dialect), Bengali, Hindi, English, etc.
Climate Winter Min - 10°C and Summer Max - 44 °C
STD Code 0680
Best time to visit September to April
Railway Station Brahmapur Railway Station
Airport Biju Patnaik Domestic Airport and Dum Dum Airport (Kolkata)
Tourist Enquiry

Tourist office of Government (OTDC)
Berhampur City, Ganjam District
Phone-Number: 0680-2280226