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Pune: Another glittery city in Maharashtra

The Oxford of East, the queen of Deccan, the cultural capital of Maharashtra - defines Pune, the eighth largest metropolitans in India and stands to be the second largest city of Maharashtra after Mumbai. Earlier, the name was Punyanagari. Situated at an altitude of 1,837 feet above the sea level by the right bank of the River Mutha, Pune is a pride of the Deccan and the administrative headquarters of the Pune district of Maharashtra. Rich heritage of the Maratha Empire are enriched here till date. Forts, palaces and museums of Raja Shivaji is all around Pune and tourists here couldn’t miss a chance to explore the historical monuments to revisit the magnanimous history of Maharashtra.

Best time to visit Pune : September to March is the ideal time to visit Pune. Otherwise summers are pretty humid for the tourists here.

Top Attractions in Pune

Aga Khan Palace
Built in the year 1892 by Mohammad Shah Aga Khan III, the Palace stands to be one of the biggest historical landmarks in the history of India. The main purpose to build this colossal palace was to support the famine victims of the neighboring areas in Pune. This is one of the chief attractions jotted by the Pune tourism organizers. Even the independent travelers don’t miss a chance to explore this wonderfully created edifice by the Sultan.

Lal Mahal
Lal Mahal captures the architectural brilliance of 16-17th century India. People traveling to Pune from different parts of the India and abroad visit Lal Mahal to witness the past glory of Pune.

Shivneri Fort
This is the birthplace of Shivaji, the mighty Marathi worrier and ruler in Maharashtra. Shivnery Fort is one of the most well known historical places in Pune. Shivaji spent his childhood here in the palace and took his military training here. This breathtaking architectural magnificence in Pune is located 105 kilometers from the city center.

Kasturba Samadhi
Kasturba Gandhi, wife of the Father of the Nation Mahatma Gandhi died here. She spent her last days in the Aga Khan Palace in Pune. Here tourists can witness the Kasturba Gandhi Memorial built in her memory.

Omkareshwar Temple
Among the religious places in Pune, the Omkareshwar Temple is the most pious place to worship for the Hindus. Situated in the Shaniwar Peth, on the banks of river Mutha this Shiva temple was constructed in between 1740 and 1760 C.E. by Krishnajipant Chitrav according to history. The temple is east facing and the gateway is very impressive.

Pataleshwar Cave Temple
This temple has resemblance with the Ellora rock-cut temples. Built in the 8th century AD, the temple is situated by the banks of the Muthi River on the Jungli Maharaj Road is a must visit in Pune.

Osho Commune International
This place is famous for the zorba Buddhist meditations. Thousands visit this place to meditate by joining their exhaustive programs at Osho.

How to reach in Pune

By Air : Pune Airport is here.

By Train : The nearest railway station is Pune Railway Station.

By Road : NH 4, 9 and 50 connect Pune with rest of India.