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Panchgani - Another Hill Station in Maharastra

Panchgani is located in the middle of 5 hills of the Sahyadri mountain ranges. That’s why the name of the hill station is so named. Besides, there are 5 villages namely- Dandeghar, Khingar, Godwali, Amral & Taighat surround the area. Panch means five in Hindi and Sanskrit. Krishna River flows by the place. Lake Doom Dam is a major sight here that lays 9 Km from Wai. The enticing Maharashtrian location is located 1293 meters from the sea level.

Panchgani, once the retirement place of the British- is a scenic hill station that is adjacent to Mahabaleshwar. Besides the local weekenders, travelers from distant places flock down at Panchgani when they are out in their Maharashtra tour. Maharahstra tourism maps Panchgani as one of the top places to explore.

This hill top is basically a volcanic plateau that has been confirmed to be the second highest plateau after Tibetan plateau. The journey to Panchgani will be a memorable experience for you. The place has been a holistic shooting location for film makers for quite some time. The spectacular view of the quaint hill station can awestruck you for sure. Besides, Panchgani is also famous for being one of the best places for health sanatorium. Many tuberculosis patients have been healed here.

Climate in Panchgani

Winter in Panchgani is quite an experience. The temperature often touches 12° C. Summer is also relatively cooler here. Therefore, this is a round the year destination. Some enthusiasts even enjoy the monsoon of Panchgani in the wet soil and ethereal beauty of verdant nature.

Major Attractions and Activities in Panchgani

Panchgani is blessed with various scenic points from where the picturesque view of the serene destination can be well observed and cherished.

Sydney Point: This point is just 2 Km from Panchgani and is popular for the amazing view of the Krishna Valley. The Dhom Dam is also clearly seen from there is the weather is good.

Parsi Point- This point is found on the way to Panchgani. Many enthusiasts stop by this site and take a glimpse of the amazing Krishna Valley from the point.

Table Land: Panchgani is located on an ancient volcanic mountain top that is popularly called the Table Land. The flat stretch of the plateau is one of the major shooting locations of the Mumbai films.

Devil's Kitchen: Devil’s Kitchen is a large cave there with some mythological interests. It is said that during the vanavas, the Pandavas stayed there for some time.

Sherbaug Theme Park: Closely located to the Parsi Point, this is a children’s park and with a beautiful garden inside. There is also a center for kids to encourage art and craft skills to them.

Wai: This village is 20 Km away from the main location of Panchgani. But there are number of caves found that were believed to be built by the Pandavas. These caves of Wai are popularly known as Pandavgad caves.

Dhom Dam: This is a famous picnic spot on the Krishna Valley.

Kamalgad Fort: This is also a major shooting spot for the Mumbai film industry. This place is around 16 Km from Wai.

Pune: The second largest city of Maharashtra is 98 km from Panchgani. The weather is always comfortable here because of the hills. The place is famous for the latest grown IT hub, the Osho Ashram and the famous Gandhi National Memorial.

Mahabaleshwar: The tour plan to Panchgani will have a linking with Mahabaleshwar, once the summer capital of the Raj. Mahabaleshwar temple and Atibaleshwara temple are worth visiting.

Satara: This place has a close link with Shivaji, the famous Maratha leader. The historically well known Raigad fort has the memorial tomb of the brave Shivaji.


Shopping in Panchgani

The local shops of Panchgani have lots to offer to tourists there. The bazaar of Panchgani is famous for the jams, chutneys, fresh fruit juices, candies and many more. Strawberry and Raspberry jam are specially made here.

Don't forget to bag the Kholapuri chappals (shoes) from the Malcom Peth bazaar.

Getting There

By Air: Pune Airport is around 98 Km from Panchgani.

By Railway: Nearest railhead is at Wathar located at a distance of 45 Kilometers.

By Road: Bus services, Taxis and rental cars are available.
Mumbai-Panchgani via Pune is 270 kms.
Mumbai Panchgani via Mahad is 266 kms.