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Kushinagar, the Holy Buddhist Pilgrimage

Kushinagar was known as Kushinara till the death of Gautama Buddha when the ancient (6th Century) Malla kingdom ruled this province as their capital city. Kushinara was one of the sixteen Mahajanpads during this time. Lord Buddha was chosen Kushinara as the place of Mahaparinirvana (holy cremation after his death) in 483 BC near the Hiranyabti River. After Buddha's death this region renamed as Kushinagar. Being the place of Buddha's death Kushinagar became one of the four holy places by the Buddhist and the other three being Lumbini, Buddh Gaya, and Sarnath.

Kushinagar is located about 52 km away from Gorakhpur in the state of Uttar Pradesh. The city came into prominence in the 19th Century by the first Archeological Survey of India. Ven. Chandramani was a great Buddhist monk who has the maximum credit to making the city of modern. He came to Kushinagar in 1903 and made Mahaparinirvana Temple. He established several educational institutions for the locals and reviving the tradition of Buddha Jayanti first time in Kushinagar in 1924. He died in 1972 and succeeded by his follower, Gyaneshwar.

Mahaparinirva Temple, Kushinagar

(Mahaparinirva Temple, Kushinagar, Uttar Pradesh)

Being one of the four most pilgrimage Buddhist sites, Kushinagar receive plenty of devotees and tourists across the world. You will find here several Buddha temples and Stupas created by the Buddhists (Buddha devotees) of India, China, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Burma, South Korea, Tibet and Japan, etc. among these the most popular sites in Kushinagar are the Mahapari Nirvana Stupa and the place of Buddha’s cremation. If you planned to visit this sacred place then the month from October to March will be the best season to you when the temperatures remains comfortable.

Tourist Place and pilgrimage sites in Kushinagar

Mahaparinirvana temple was built by Swami Haribala, a Buddhist Monk and restored by Carlleyle in 1876. It is a bricks made construction stands at a height of 2.74 meter. A copper vessel with Brahmi inscription is unearthed here which stated that Lord Buddha's ashes were buried in the pace. A beautiful meditation garden is located just besides the temple.

Nirvana Stupa is a statue of reclining Buddha about 6.1 meters long placed inside the Mahaparinirvana temple. This statue was brought from Mathura by Haribala, during the reign of Kumara Gupta. But it was excavated in 1876. This is a monolithic statue of Buddha carved out of one piece of red sandstone of Chunar, and it represents the last moments of Buddha.

Wat Thai temple was completed by the Thai devotees in 2001 to perform as pilgrimage site. This beautiful temple has a large surrounding area of 10 acres include a Chinese temple, Meditation Park, International Buddha trust, Birla temple, monastery, garden, health clinic, library and school.

Ramabhar Stupa is located about 1.6 km away from Mahaparinirvana Temple where Lord Buddha was cremated. It is a large Stupa rises to a height of 49 ft. You will find some ancient Buddhist texts on it which depict that the Stupa has been referred to as Mukut Bandhan Vihar.

Government Buddha Museum opened for people 1993. U.P. Government has developed this museum in Buddhist architectural style. You will find here lots of ancient evidence related to lord Buddha like coins, statues, sculptures, architectural remains, terracotta, bronze, banner paintings, etc.

Japanese temple is also another tourist attraction in the city of Kushinagar. A splendid Ashta Dhatu or Eight Metals statue of Goutama Buddha is placed inside the temple. This statue was brought from Japan by the Japanese devotees.

How to reach Kushinagar?

Being a major tourist and pilgrimage destination, Kushinagar receive lots of visitors through out the year, and that is why the city authority has maintained a well connected transportation to reach here. Gorakhpur is the nearest major city to Kushinagar which located about 52 km away.

Travel by Railways: There have no railway services in the city of Kushinagar. Gorakhpur Junction Station is the headquarters of North Eastern Railway located about 52 Km away from Kusinagar. It is a model station and connected to rest North and East Indian parts of India with regular train services. Deoria railway station is another important destination to you wich located about 35 km away from the city.

Travel by Airways: the domestic airport of Gorakhpur about 47 km from Kushinagar is the closest airport. But it does not provide frequent flight services from other Indian big cities. The airports of Lucknow Amausi (about 251 km from Kushinagar) and Varanasi Babatpur (about 290 km from Kusinagar) will be suitable destination to you in case of air journey.

Travel by Roadways: Roadway is the only option to enter in the city of Kushinagar. The city is well connected to rest parts of Uttar Pradesh through the NH-28. State Government operate regular bus services (UPSRTC) from adjoining cities to Kusinagar.

Hotels in the Kushinagar City

Cafes, Bars or Restaurants in Kushinagar
Vipasana Cafe
Near Pathik niwas , Kusinagar
Mobile: 9161180877
Tokyo Cafe
Near Hotel Lotus Nikko, Kushinagar
Mobile: 9473951647
Yama Cafe
Near Myanmar temple, Kusinagar
Mobile: 9956112749
Gupta Restaurant
Near Japanese Temple, Kushinagar
Uttar Pradesh, India, Pin-274403
Hotels or Accommodations in Kushinagar
The Imperial (3 Star)
Buddha Marg, Kushingar
Phone: 05564-273141
Hotel Royal Residency (3 Star)
Buddha Marg, Kushingar
Phone: 05564-273011
Pathik Niwas (3 Star)
Mahaparinirvana Marg, Kusinagar
Phone: 05564-71038
Hotel Lotus Nikko (3 Star)
Near Mahaparinirvana Temple
Phone: 05564-273026

Information about Kushinagar City

Country India
State Uttar Pradesh
STD Code 05564
ISD Code 00915564
Landmark 52 km away from Gorakhpur city
Languages Hindi (main language), Bhojpuri.
Climate Winter average 15°C, Summer average 34°C
Best season to visit November and March
Attractions It is a Buddhist pilgrimage site include many temples
Targeted Railway Station Gorakhpur Junction Station
Airport Airport of Gorakhpur or Amusai (Lucknow)