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tea garden in coonoor
Tea Garden in Coonoor

Coonoor town is second largest (after Ooty) in the Nilgiri Mountain with an area of 15 sq. km. It is located in Nilgiris district about 1889 meters above from mean sea level, in the state of Tamil Nadu. Coonoor make a distance of 20 km from Ooty, the district headquarter, and 29 km from Mettupalayam Town. Coonoor hill station is famous for its natural panoramic view of lush greenery hilly forest and endless tea gardens including different species of birds. It also the perfect destination for summer trip due to its comfortable weather.

Coonoor is a small hilly town. The economy of this town mainly depends on Tea Industry. Tourism related business is also a source of income during tourist season (summer and autumn). The city authority determines to make a friendly environment throughout the city to give every facility to traveler as it is one of the most sources of earning. Travelers can perform several activities like trekking, hiking, adventuring in forest, watching hilly view, picnicking, and the city is also an ideal location to make film, both for Indians or foreigners.

According to the census report 2001 India, approximately 50080 people reside here among them males constitute 49% of total population and rest female. Maximum people of the city use Badaga and Tamil as their main languages. Spoken English also use in some communities but the importance of written English is increasing here day by day. It is a Hindu predominant city. Some Christian communities are also live here. Both of religions celebrate lots of regional festivals especially in summer during tourist season.

Climatic characteristic of Coonoor remain very nice through out the year. You can make trip here in any time of a year. Summers season continue from March to May when temperature ranges varies from 16°C to 26°C. This is the most pleasant season in Coonoor. Winter continue from late-November to February when temperature levels varies from 7°C to 18°C. It is best for people liking cooler climates. Monsoon season persists from June to September when a medium range of rainfalls are received by the city.

Tea Garden at Coonoor

(A beautiful tea garden at Coonoor Hilly Town)

Tourist spots in and around the town, Coonoor

Sim's Park is the best tourist spot in Coonoor. It covers an area of 12 hector where you will find more over 1001 plant species, like magnolia, pines, ferns, camellia, etc.

Pomological Station is a research institute centre of Agricultural Department for persimmon, pomegranates, and apricot. Different types of fruit like Apples, Plums, Peaches, Persimmons, Lemons, Apricots and Pomegranates are grown here for the purpose of research.

Dolphin's Nose is a Viewpoint located about 9 km away from Coonoor Hill Station. Famous Catherine Falls is also situated alongside this viewpoint. So, it is a lovely place for tourists, do not miss it.

Lamb’s Rock is another famous viewpoint in Coonoor located about 6 km away from city center. You will get a grand view of the Coimbatore Plains including lovely tea gardens and coffee plantations.

Droog Fort is a historical place located about 14 km away from Coonoor Hill Station. It stands about 6001 ft high overlooking from the foothill. You have to trek about 3 km to reach the point.

Law's Falls is a beautiful spot located about 6 km from Coonoor, on the way to Mettupalayam Town. These waterfalls maintain a height about 180 ft.

Ooty is the best tourist destination in Nilgiri Mountain. It is located about 20 km away from Coonoor Town. You will find lots of place of interest in Ooty.

Pasteur Institute is standing to develop the vaccination (like TCARV and DPT, DT & TT). It is located close to Sim’s park. It was established during 1907 by British.

Masinagudi is a thick hilly forestry region located about 17 km away from Coonoor Town. Iyou will find here a National Park and Wildlife Sanctuary including several trekking places.

How to reach Coonoor?

Travel by Roadways
Coonoor city authority maintains a well-connected road network with several hilly roads including the national highway 67. Coonoor is directly connected to Ooty, Coimbatore, Mysore and Bangalore by NH-67. There has another entry way to Coonoor which is connected to Kotagiri, Bandishola and Betatti Tollgate. Finally it meets to the state highway no 15. You can easily access the city through these two roadways by regular buses or any car. Bus services from major neighboring cities which are regularly operated to Coonoor are from Ooty, Bangalore, Mysore, Coimbatore, Erode, Calicut, Kanyakumari, Thanjavur, Tirupati, Madurai, Trichy, Salem, Cochin, etc.

Travel by Railway
Mettupalayam Railway Station is nearest big junction to Coonoor located about 44 km away. Coimbatore Rail Station is another major station near to the city which situated about 78 km away. Best option is to reach Mettupalayam Station first then you can choose a Toy Train or private car or bus for latter journey to Coonoor. Mettupalayam Station is connected to Coonoor Hill Station with a Meter Gauge Line. Toy Train journey give you a dream-feeling when it passes through several beautiful sites.

Travel by Airways
Coimbatore International Airport is the closest airport to Coonoor which located about 71 km away from the city. The airport receive daily flights from the major cities of India like Delhi, Kolkatta, Mumbai, Ahmedâbad, Bangalore, Cal¡cut, Chennai, Cochin, Hyderabad, Thiruvanânthapuram, Jammu, Pune, etc. the airport also receives several international flights across the world like the flight from Bangkók, Kuala Lumpur, Bahrain, Kuwait, Muscat, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, Colombo, Dubâi, Doha, Singapore etc.

Hotels, Restaurants and resorts at Coonoor

Albert Guest House 41, Brooks Land, Coonoor Telephone: 0423-2231223 /+ 91- 9443091432
Glendale Stays
Glendale Estate, Coonoor-643103
Mobile Number: +91-9444993176
Spring Sanu Cottage
Dr. Manickavasagam, Coonoor
Mobile: +91-9842891647 / +91-9443522447
Hotel Taj Garden Retreat
Church Hill Road, Coonoor
Telephone: 0432-2232776 / 0432-2232778
Hotel Velan Ritz
Orange Grove Road, Coonoor
Telephone: 0432-2230637 / 0432-2230484
Hotel Wéllington Riga
Apple by Road, Coonoor
Telephone: 0432-2230523 / 0432-2232523
Velan Hotel
Ritz Road, Upper Coonoor
Telephone: 0432-2230484 / 0432-2230632
Vivek Tourist Home
Fig of 8 Road, Coonoor
Telephone: 0432-2230658 / 0432-2231292
Hotel Blúe Hills
Mount Road, Coonoor
Telephone: 0432-2231348 / 0432-2230103
Sri Lakshmi Tourist Home
Kamarajapuram, Coonoor
Telephone Number: 0432-2231022
Sri Venkateswâra Lodge
Cash Bazaar, Coonoor
Telephone: 0432-2234309 / 0432-2230740
Labarrier Inn
Club Road, Coonoor
Telephone Number: 0432-2232561

General Information about Coonoor City

Country India
State Tamil Nadu
District Nilgiri District
Area 15 sq km
Population census 2001 50080 (aprox)
STD Code 0423
ISD Code 0091423
Best time to visit at Coonoor Any time in a year, best season is Summer (late-February to June).
Clothing at Coonoor Heavy Woolen in winter
Light Woolen in summer
Major Languages Coonoor Tamil, Bagada, English and Hindi