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Modern Indian Time Table

There is a time table or time line of important information about present India from the year of independence to current year.

1948 Mahatma Gandhi was killed by a terrorist, Nathuram Godse.
  War with Pakistan over disputed territory of Kashmir.
1949 Hyderabad and other princely states are integrated into Indian union.
1949 India sign an agreement with Bhutan to carry out its overseas strategy
1950 On 26th January, India became a republic.
1952 The first common elections won by Indian National Congress (INC) Party
1955 Polygamy was eliminated in India.
1955 Nationalisation of the Indian insurance sector. Establishment of LIC.
1961 Pakistani president Ayub Khan signs an agreement with the USA to counter Soviet friendship with India.
1961 India exiled the Portuguese camps from Goa, Daman and Diu.
1962 India had fought and loosed a border war with China in Assam.
1964 Indian Prime Minister Nehru died.
1965 India and Pakistan fought a war in border of Kashmir.
1966 Indira Gandhi became prime minister of India.
1974 India discharged an under ground nuclear weapon.
1974 People of Sikkim provided election to join with Indian democracy.
1975 Sikkim join as a new state with India
1976 Prime minister of India, Indira Gandhi signs a friendly deal with the Soviet Union.
1984 Rajiv Gandhi became prime minister.
1984 Bhopal Carbide pesticide plant was leaked out in reasons 14,000 people deaths.
1985 Sikh militant set a bomb on an air travel of in reasons 329 passengers death.
1986 Indian democracy fixed Kashmir votes.
1987 India arranged a group of people in Sri Lanka for a peace keeping operation in reasons 1,200 Indian soldiers had died by the Tamil tigers.
1988 An Indian ship capsized on the Ganges River, died more than 400 people.
1989 Indian Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi visited to Pakistan.
1990 Indian crowds leave Sri Lanka.
1990 The All Tripura Tiger Force (ATTF) was founded by Lalit Debbarma to battle for Tripura's secession from India.
1991 Rajiv Gandhi was killed by LTTE.
1991 Narasimha Rao became the next Prime Minister of India.
1992 Hindu religious follower destroyed the mosque of Ayodhya.
1993 A clash between Muslims and Hindus in Bombay (in reasons 800 people died).
1993 Pakistani terrorists exploded a number of bombs in Mumbai and they killed 250 people.
1993 A bomb destroyed the Bombay stock exchange.
1996 Atal Behari Vajpayee became prime minister.
1998 India and Pakistan performed nuclear trials.
1998 211 had died in a train accident in Punjab.
1999 A tornado destroyed the state of Orissa and 10,000 people have died.
1999 285 people have died in a train accident near Calcutta.
2000 Population of India was cross more than one billion.
2001 An earthquake killed 30,000 people in Gujarat.
2001 Pakistani terrorists attacked the Parliament in New Delhi.
2002 A religious rioting exploded in Gujarat that killed one thousand people, mostly Muslims.
2002 Pakistani terrorists have increased their attacking on Kashmir and other Indian states.
2003 46 people are killed in two bomb attacks in Bombay by the Islamic group Students Islamic Movement of India (SIMI).
2004 The Congress Party won general elections and Manmohan Singh became India's new prime minister.
2004 29 people were killed in Kashmir by Pakistani terrorists.
2005 China and India signed an agreement by which China gives up any argue on the state of Sikkim.
2005 Pakistani terrorists, Lashkar-e-Toiba killed 59 public in New Delhi.
2006 The USA and India signed a nuclear deal.
2006 A bomb killed 20 people in Varanasi.
2006 Pakistani terrorists killed 35 Hindus in Kashmir.
2007 Pratibha Patil becomes the first woman president of India.
2008 India successfully launches its first mission to the moon, the unmanned lunar probe Chandrayaan-1.
2009 The Congress Party won general elections as a major party and Congress-led alliance form the government. Dr. Manmohan Singh has became India's prime minister for second time in a row.
2012 Pranab Mukherjee, the former Finance Minister is elected as the 13th president of India.
2014 The BJP gain the absolute majority in general election. Mr. Narendra Modi elected as prime minister of India, Congress was routed in the general elections.