Shimla also called Simla, is the capital and largest city of Himachal Pradesh, popularly known as “Queen of the Hill”. It derives its name from Hindu Goddess Shyamala Devi, an incarnation of Goddess Kali. Shimla has a great geographical value in India. If we return back to Indian history then we will found that the city was the summer capital of India in the time of British Raj between 1864 and 1939. After independence, Shimla became the capital of undivided state of Punjab and shifted to newly constructed city Chandigarh on 1971, where Shimla becomes the capital city of newly formed state Himachal Pradesh.

Shimla district map

(Shimla district Map)

The weather, environment and the natural beauties are so comfortable throughout the year that you can trip here any time of a year. You can choose it as your honeymoon destination.

Interesting place to visit

Christ Church: You will found a number of churches in Shimla which were established by British. Among them the Christ Church and St. Michaels Cathedral are most attractive. The Christ Church is structurally very big and its wall is painted with several beautiful paintings. The first Catholic church of Shimla, St. Michaels Cathedral, was built in 1850.

Fagu: It is famous a spot for producing apple fruits. It is a rural area covered with Lovely apple orchards and you will found an overlooking Giri Valley 18 Km from the Ridge. The last bus stand to reach Fagu is placed 22 Km away from this village and the village stands on a height of 2510 meters.

Jakhu Temple: It is placed at the height of about 8500 ft. above the mean sea level and you can reach here easily by bus or taxi from Shimla main city. The temple was made by Yaaku sage to remember of lord Hanuman.

Scandal Point: Scandal Point is a Museum where you will found a good collection of statues, miniatures, coins and photos. It was established in 1974.

The Mall Road: The Mall road is placed in Shimla with a length of 5 km. It is the main commercial area of not only Shimla but also Himachal Pradesh. You will found several major hotels, restaurants, lodges, multi storage shopping mahals, woolen clothes, branded clothes, handicraft items, jewelers shopping etc through out the both side of the Mall road. The road was built by the British during the colonial rule of India.

Naldera: Naldera is placed 23 km away from Shimla bus stand and it is one of the oldest golf courses in India. British Viceroy, Lord Curzon was strange to see the place. The place was so beautiful that he decide to offer this place to his daughter. After that the place was designed and well organized by British and the name of this place was derived from the name of naldera (daughter of Curzon). The Naldera is covered by a superb orchard of deodar trees and carpeted with a springing turf.

Summer Hill: Summer Hill is placed at a distance of 5 km from the Shimla with a height of 1,982 Meters and you can reach here by the Shimla - Kalka railway line. You will found here a lovely scenic beauty of nature.

Viceregal Lodge: Viceregal Lodge is placed near Summer Hill on 1983 Meter above mean sea level. The lodge provides all type of facilities in order to a tourist’s required.

Kathu peak: Kathu peak is most interesting spot for trekkers. If you have an interest on trekking on hill then you should go there. The peak is taller above snowline in the western Himalayas starts at around 17,000 ft and covered with snow throughout the year. This peak is not for all, you should be physically fit to climb on it. You will found here several mountain trees, as for example Alpine oaks, evergreen oaks, walnuts, yews, Himalayan cedars, fir, spruce, lofty pines and alpine.

Kufri: Kufri is 16 km away from Shimla head Quarter and it placed on a height of 2622 Meters. In winter season the place mostly is covered with snow carpets. You will found here wide panoramic views where deep valleys and forests rise towards the lofty Himalayas.

Mashobra: Mashobra, a place of unique beauty with evergreen oak and pine trees, it 9.6 km away from the Ridge and 12 km away from the Shimla bus stand.

How to reach in Shimla

Transport communication of Shimla is well by all the ways of transports the air, the rail and the road but usually most of travelers preferred carrying by street.

By Railway: Usually, Railways are used here for watching the scenic beauty of Shimla. There have narrow gauge Railway line which has connected Shimla Hill station to the Kalka station. This railway has crosses 103 tunnels and the Shimla is the largest Hill station in the World.

By Roadway: Shimla is well connected by roadways. Every district of Himachal Pradesh is directly connected with Shimla. National Highway no. 22 (NH – 22) is connected with Delhi via Chandigarh. You can arrive here through this roadway from the other state of India. Daily Bus service and private taxi or Sumo services are available here.

By Air: There are three airport in the state of Himachal Pradesh but the Jubbarhatti Airport is better than others which is placed at Shimla district (capital). It is 23 km away from Shimla head quarter. You can catch a flight to Shimla from the airports of Delhi, Chandigarh and Kullu district. You will found thrice flights, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, in a week by the Jagson Airlines from Delhi and Kullu to Shimla.

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Bye-pass road new ISBT Tutikandi
Shimla-4, Himachal Pradesh

There is a chart of road distance from neighboring places of Shimla Headquarter. Shimla city is well-connected with bellow mentioned places by a good road network.

Places Distance (Km) Places Distance (Km)
Dehli 370 Chandigarh 119
Amritsar 342 Kalka 80
Kullu 235 Jammu 482
Srinagar 787 Manali 260
Dalhousie 336 Mandi 150

General Info of Shimla

Area 5131 sq km
Altitude 2000 Meters (Avg.)
STD Code 0177
Sub-Division 7
Block 9
Head Quarters Shimla Town
Temp. Summer 15°C to 28°C
Temp. Winter -4°C to 7°C
Best Seasons to Visit Any time
Place of Interest Christ Church, Fagu, Jakhu Temple, Scandal Point, the Mall Road, Naldera, Summer Hill, Viceregal Lodge, Kathu peak, Kufri, Mashobra etc
Languages Hindi, Pahari, Punjabi, English.
Population 813,384 (according to census 2011)
Clothing Cotton clothes in summer season and heavy woolen clothes in winter season
Religion Hindus (95%), Buddhism and Sikhism
Currency Indian Rupee (Indian rupee)