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Laxmi Vilas Palace

Gujarat is not only famous for its flamboyant culture and the Rann of Kutch, but also for the majestic historical edifices- such as palaces. If you are touring in Gujarat, you simply can’t miss to explore the magnificent Laxhmi Vilas Palace, situated in Vadodara or Baroda, one of the most important places in Gujarat famous for industries.


Laxmi Vilas Palace stands to be perhaps the most important attractions of Vadodara. The majestic palace was built in the year 1890 by Maharaja Sayajirao Gaekwad III. It was the wish of the Maharaja that the edifice that will be built should carry the efflorescence of Indo-Saracenic architectural style. Major Charles Mant was commissioned to design the edifice accordingly the preferences mentioned by the Maharaja. Blend of Indian, European and Islamic elements are found in the gigantic palace. Today, this is one of the major attractions of Gujarat tourism and the palace successfully draws thousands of visitors every year across the whole world along with different parts of India.

Exploring the Palace

Lakshmi Vilas Palace in Vadodara is stretched over the area of 700 acres. The premise includes several other buildings including Maharaja Sayajirao's personal golf- course and Fateh Singh Museum. The museum enshrines some of the priceless belongings of the Maharaja such as the original paintings of the royal painter Raja Ravi Varma. Besides, there are belongings of the other family members of the Royal family as well that are displayed for today’s visitors.

Previously the museum building was constructed for the education of the Maharaja’s children. The Motibaug Palace and a golf course are also worth mentioning here. How could we miss the private zoo in the palace? Here, you might get a glance of few crocodiles and peacocks that are reared even today. Tourists enjoy exploring the royal magnificence here and travel time to sneak peek how the maharaja used to rule and live king size during his reign.


Lakshmi Vilas Palace impresses art and architecture lovers. Visitors are awe inspired with the magnificence of the 19th century castle. It was a time when this palace was considered to be the largest private residences. This is four times bigger that the Buckingham Palace of London. Lakshmi Vilas Palace is still the residence of the royal lineage even today.

Besides the exteriors, the interiors of the castle are very impressive. Starting from the multicolored mosaic and marbles to the opulent designs on the walls and the super luxurious furniture might make you jaw dropped. The entrance is no less than Hollywood classic. The natural arch created by the line of palm trees and the fountains are simply breathtaking. You will be glad to find the Darbar Hall that is decorated with exclusive Italian mosaic on its floor. The wonderful artwork of glasses on the windows is great. Previously, the Maharaja enjoyed music concerts here in this hall. On the walls, you will find the portraits and ancient armors decorated as statures besides figurines of marble, terracotta and bronze collected from different parts of the world.

Best time to visit

The best time to explore the epitome of grandeur is winter. October to February is the best time to cope with Gujarat warm weather. Summer is scorching here.

Entry Fee and Timing

INR 60 for museums and INR 170 for entering the palace.

The palace remains closed on Mondays.
Timing: 9:30 AM - 5:00 PM ( Both the Palace and museum)

How to Reach?

By Rail: Nearest railway station is Baroda/ Vadodara Raikway Station. This station connects with the major railway stations of India.

By Air: The nearest airport is The Vadodara Airport, also called as Civil Airport Harni is around 5-7 kilometers from the railway station.

By Road: Vadodara connects with the National Highway 8.