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Saputara Hill Station in Gujarat

Lush greenery, vast extended coastline, tranquil aura and pleasant climate throughout the year define Saputara the best. Located in the Dang district of Southern Gujarat, this only hill station of this area is dominated by the densely forested plateau. The foothills of the region are washed by the Arabian Sea, which is located on the western side of India. Gujarat boasts on its 1,600 km extended long coastline where the water sweeps of the western and southern section of the state.

Saputara is famous for its relics and bio-diversity. Besides, the place is an ideal destination for weekenders and regular tourists who are easily attracted by the spectacular, panoramic view of the place. Tourists shouldn’t miss out the folklore heritage and the native tradition of Dangi.

Tourists enjoy their vacation in the planned hill resorts that are aided with all latest amenities and luxuries from swimming pool to private Jacuzzis, boat clubs, theaters and so on. After reaching the resorts/hotels the vacationers are offered with the itineraries to plan their holidays further.


Saputara is located in between 20 degree 1’ & 24 degree 7’ north latitudes and 68 degree 4’ and 74 degree 4’ at the east longitudes. The serene town of Saputara is located is situated at an altitude of 1,000 meters.


The climate remains pleasant all throughout the year. Winters are chilly here. Tourists can pay a visit to Saputara all throughout the year. The temperature in winter remained around 16°C and minimum 10°C. The average summer temperature is max 32°C and minimum 27°C. Average rainfall from July to September is around 254 cm.

Brief History of Saputara

The real meaning of the very word Saputara is the home of snakes. The local river sarpaganga that flows through this region has an image of a snake on its shore. The local tribal folks believe the image as God and they worship it during their major occasions for example Holi. Now because of this serpent image or the local deity- the place is so named.

It is said that Prince Ram, the exiled son of Maharaja Dasharatha of Ayodhya stayed in Saputara during his 12 years of exile.

Attractions and Places to Visit

Youths and adventure loving tourists enjoy their stay in Saputara. This is the ideal place to taste the thrill at its best. Starting from trekking to ropeway riding; boating to horse and camel riding- this place is an adventure pact package per excellence.

Besides the adventurous explorations, the place attracts nature lovers at the same time. The serenity, lush greenery and the amazingly pleasant weather welcomes vacationers not only from the corners of the country but also abroad.

Sunrise Point
To explore the environs and the spectacular view of the region, one should never miss a chance to visit the Sunrise Point.

Gandhi Shikhar
This place can only be reached by ropeway from the Vaity Ropeway Resort. This is an ideal point from where sunset can be witnessed the best. It is an out of the experience to see the setting sun into the hilltops as kids draw in their sketchbooks.

Lake and Boating Club
Romantic couples can spend some quality time with each other by rowing and paddling the boats here in the Saputara Lake. This is a shallow lake which is not more than 70 feet deep. Besides adults, children can engage themselves in lots of amusements at the banks of the lake.

Sardar Shikhar
Sunrise at the Sardar Sikhar is a never forgetting scene for the visitors. This is a must visit point for tourists. Watching the newborn sun on the laps of the Sahyadri is a heavenly moment that travellers witness at this hill point.

The Tribal Museum in Saputara
This is a small tribal museum where the daily lifestyle, art and handicrafts, ornaments, agricultural tools, music instruments and so on of the native Dangis are displayed. Entry Fee for adults is INR 2 and INR 1 for students and kids. Foreigners have to pay INR 50 to enter the tribal museum. The timing is from 10.30am to 05.00pm.

Honey Bees Centre
Rearing honeybees is one of the major small industries of the place. Travelers can get a chance to taste the pure honey collected here. They can also buy honey back home from here.

Rose Garden
This is a never to miss sightseeing for the tourists in Saputara. Variety of roses is grown here. Tourists love spending here a day- which they dedicate to laziness.

From the name it can be understood that the place has some connection with the ancient epic Ramayana. The Anjani Kund also includes the Sitavan.

Religious Attractions
This place is famous for the Swaminarayan Temple, Nageshwar Mahadev Temple, Jain Temple and the Bhramha Kumari Art Gallery.

Governor’s Hill
Comprised of the existing Lake, sunset and sunrise point- the Governor’s Hill was an initiate to develop by the Tourism Corporation of Gujarat Limited. This was the first place where the countrywide roadshow was started to attract the plan of developing Saputara by the tourism center on 2010.

How to reach?

By Air: The Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport of Mumbai is around 360 Kms from the place. The State Government of Gujarat has promised to consider planning a domestic airport soon at Saputara.

By Rail: Waghai railway station is around 50 km from the Saputara City Center. The station directly connects Mumbai along with other important places across Gujarat, India.

By road: Saputara is well connected with important cities such as Ahmedabad (400 km), Valsad Waghai (345 km), Aurangabad (250 km), Surat (164 km), Tithal (132 km), Valsad (135 km), Pune (275 km) and so on.