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Independence Day

15th august, indian independence day
Independence Day (15th August)

August 15 is probably the name that we as Indians take pride in. This is a national holiday in India and is celebrated across the nation. India will celebrate 74 years of Independence on this 15th of August.

Independence Day or what you also call as Freedom marks the end of the British rule which took place in the year 1947. This is when Indians become free from the British and became an independent nation. This is also the anniversary of partition with Pakistan, which took place at the midnight of 14th August. In India, this year Independence Day will be celebrated on Saturday.

British started ruling India in the year 1757 when the British gained victory at the Battle of Plassey. This is when the East Indian Company started exercising its control over the nation. They have rules the nation for a long 100 years after that the British started taking over and ruling the nation.

The Independence movement of India started during World War I which was led by the famous Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi. He was the one who started the nonviolent and peaceful movement to end British rule.

Independence Day is celebrated across the nation in different ways like drills, flag-raising ceremonies, and singing the national anthem of India. Besides, there are several cultural programs that are being made in the capital of the nation. Post the participation of the honorable Prime Minister in flag raising ceremony happens at Red Fort which is a historic monument Old Delhi it follows a parade including the police and other armed forces. The PM then gives a speech and come up with the accomplishments that have been made so fat by the nation. He will also outline future challenges along with the goals.

Kite flying is also a tradition of the Independent day where you will find the kites of various sizes and shapes have filled the sky. In order to commemorate this day, the government office in the capital remains lighted throughout this day even when they remain closed.

What makes Independence Day one of the most crucial days?

It is a date that will be remembered in the long Indian history:
The Independence Day in India is one of the most memorable days that are celebrated with a holiday throughout the nation. The reason is that this was the day when India gained freedom from the British without the use of national treasury or massive armies. You will also find it massively interesting and incredible to find the length of time the British ruled over the nation.

In the 1700s, the aromatic spices and colorful fabrics made in India appealed to the British traders to this party of the world. Post to this for a long 100 years, the east India Company started making a strong grip across most of the aspects in the Indian economy which resulted in benefitting the British government.

The Indian National Congress and Gandhi together started the liberation movement:
As Mahatma Gandhi – a famous leader of India has said that, “An eye for an eye only ends up making the whole world blind." He was a trained lawyer and he was from the very first names that have a huge determination for the nation. He came up with the term called ahimsa which means nonviolence and doing no harm to anyone. Through the spiritual practice, Mahatma Gandhi as able to succeed in his movement, Gandhiji, Nehru along with the other major names formed Indian National Congress. They together made a full proof strategy again the British rule along the way to win in the struggle.

Liberate India made one huge nation:
After continued fights, deprivation, and struggle, Indians were successful in throwing the British away from the nation. Eventually, it was the end of British rule. Thanks to the huge determination of the Freedom Fighters. Indians will always be thankful and respectful to these leaders because of whom we are now able to live an independent life.

There are various other names associated with the Independent India who had to face the death of the nation just to make India free from the rule of British. After fighting for years, Indians could eventually breathe and live in a free and Independent India, where no one used to torture or treat Indians as their slaves.

15th August

Independence Day is from the most memorable day in India and will be remembered till the end of life's existence. The entire nation gets a holiday while schools and capital celebrated this day with flag rising and singing the National Anthem together. The entire nation once again pays tribute to the leader who gifted us with this free life.

So this 15th August 2020, when India will complete 73 years of Independence, thanks again to those brave souls.