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Chhattisgarh is a state of Hindu culture and religious. More over 95% of total population belongs to Hinduism. You will found here several Hindu temples like, Bhoramdeo at kawardha, Rajivlochan at Rajim, Chandrahasini Devi temple at Chandrapur, Vishnu temple at Janjgir, Sivarinarayana Laxminarayana in Janjgir-Champa district, Bambleshwari at Dongrigarh, Danteshwari in Dantewada district, Deorani-Jethani at Tala gram, Mahamaya at Ratanpur, Laxman at Sirpur, Uwasaggaharam Parshwa at Nagpura and Kudargarh Temple at Surajpur.

The state Chhattisgarh is mostly covered with thick forest. More over 41% of total area spreads forest with several wildlife sanctuaries, national parks and gardens. The major wildlife protected areas of the state are Achanakmar wildlife sanctuary at Bilaspur, Gamarda Reserve forest at Sarangarh at Raigarh, Indravati National Park at Bastar, Kanger valley national park at Bastar and the Barnawapara Wildlife Sanctuary in Mahasamund district.

Besides of these the many other lovely nature beauties like several superb hill stations including caves and wonderful waterfalls, number of lakes or dames and some historical places. There are some example of waterfalls of the state like, Akuri Nala close to Bansipur village, Amrit Dhara waterfall at Koriya district, Gavar Ghat waterfall Koriya district, Ramdaha at Koriya, Tiger point waterfall at Mainpat, Chitrakot waterfall close to Jagdalpur and Tirathgarh waterfall in Bastar district.

Some other destination spots of the state are Gadiya hill at Kanker, Kailash Gufa (cave) at Bastar and Singhanpur cave at Raigarh, Lormi & Khutaghat dam at Ratanpur and the mountain ranges of Satpura.

How and where to go?

Travel by Road: Chhattisgarh is well-connected with a good road network and bus and taxi services are available in every corner of the state. There have eleven National Highways and several state highways including NH-6 (connect Mumbai and Kolkata), NH-43 (connect Vishakhapatnam), NH-16 (connect Hyderabad and Bhopalpatnam) and NH- 78 (connect Madhya Pradesh and Jharkhand).

Travel by Air: If you planned to reach Chhattisgarh by airways then Raipur, Bilaspur and Jagdalpur Airport would be main destination airports. These airport are directly connected to Delhi, Bombay, Kolkata, Bhopal, Indore, Jaipu, Nagpur, Bhubaneshwar, Ahmedabad, Gwalior, Chandigarh, Hyderabad and Bangalore. Some other Airports of the states are Nandini Airport at Bhilai, Chakarbhata Airstrip at Bilaspur, Baikunth Airstrip at Baikunth, Kondatarai Airstrip at Raigarh, Darima Airstrip at Ambikapur, Korba Airstrip at Korba and Agdih Airstrip at Jashpur.

Travel by Rail: Chhattisgarh railway network is well-connected by three major railway stations namely Bilaspur (zonal headquarters of South East Central Railway), Raipur and Durg Junction. These Stations are well connected to the major cities of the nation.

Distance between Raipur to Other Indian Cities

There is a table of approximate distance between Raipur (capital Town of Chhattisgarh) to other major cities of India. These table data provides you an idia of road distance in the scale Kilometer (km) from Raipur to rest parts of India.

Distance from Raipur to  - 

Major CitiesKilometer (km)Major CitiesKilometer (km)
Nuapada 107 Barabanki 146
Gondia 155 Balaghat 167
Balângir 205 Nagpur 257
Jabalpur 283 Phulbani 288
Katni 319 Rourkela 321
Warangal 403 Amravati 410
Cuttack 424 Visakhapatnam 438
Bhubaneshwar 456 Allahabad 471
Varanasi 480 Bhopal 491
Hyderabad 550 Kanpur 602
Patna 614 Ásansol 622
Indore 623 Lucknow 631
Aurangabad 706 Kolkata 720
Agra 762 Nashik 838
Jaipur 870 Pune 878
Vadodara 887 Surat 920
Chennai 913 Delhi 935
Ahmedabad 960 Mumbai 970
Bangalore 1022 Nalbári 1123
Mangalore 1150 Ludhiana 1239