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Chitrakoot Waterfalls

Chitrakoot Falls is situated in Bastar district of Indian state Chhattisgarh. On the journey of River Indrabati through dense vegetation on the plain in Chhattisgarh, suddenly the water of the flows drops with a height of 93 feet and build this magnificent waterfalls at Chitrakoot. It is just 38 kilometres west of Jagdalpur.

Chitrakoot waterfall is the largest waterfalls in India and also may be the widest waterfalls in Asia, so it is popularly called as "the Niagara falls of India". The wideness of the waterfall depends on the water level in the river Indrabati. And season to season it varies drastically, as in summer the span of the Chitrakoot waterfall is minimum, but during monsoon, the water level of the river Indrabati touches the both banks and the waterfall also formed the widest, nearly 150 m in wide. And the waterfalls look like wild in nature.

Chitrakot Waterfall, Chhattisgarh

(Chitrakot Waterfall also known as "Niagara of India)

Attraction of Chitrakoot

Chitrakoot waterfall is the largest waterfall in India. And the nature of the falls varies season by season. If you want to enjoy the wildest forms of the Chitrakoot waterfall then monsoon (July to September) is the best time, when it spreads up to 150 m in wide of brown coloured water. Sunlight makes rainbows here and there after reflecting with the water grains. At the time of sunset, when sunlight drop on the water of Chitrakoot falls – it makes a magnificent environment to see. During summer and winter, it forms a white fall and you can reach towards the falls by boat.

Not only waterfall, Chitrakoot is also popular due to the Hindu legendary Lord Ram. There has many Hindu spiritual temples and pilgrimage place. And also various Hindu festivals like, Makar Sankranti, Ramnaamvi and Somvati Amavasya are celebrated here with a complete spiritual system.

Accommodation at Chitrakote

Dandami Luxury Resort-Cottages is a government run hotel at the top of Chitrakote waterfall. It is very luxurious and very serene. The waterfall is situated just after few steps from the adjoining hotel garden. The hotel has 16 double bed cottage (Air Conditioned) and 13 luxury tents with all modern facilities. Restaurant facilities are also very good. Most of the room has a balcony towards the fall. A double bedded room fare is INR Rs. 2,000 per night and INR Rs. 500 for an extra bed charge. For book a room at Dandami Luxury Resort-Cottages, contact Chhattisgarh Tourism Call Centre on 0771-4066415.

How to reach at Chitrakoot

By Road :
Jagdalpur is a small city but very popular city in Chhattisgarh. It is well connected by road with the rest of the part of the state. Raipur, the capital city of Chhattisgarh is 300 kilometer away from Jagaddal. Chitrakoot waterfalls are 48 km away from Jagaddal and very frequent vehicle are available there. You can also manage a private car to reach at Chitrakoot.

By Air :
There have two airports near by Chitrakoot falls. One in Raipur, the capital city of the state and the other one in Visakhapatnam.

By Rail :
Jagdalpur is well linked to Visakhapatnam and very frequent trains are available in between them. Visakhapatnam is well connected with all major cities in India by rail route. After you reached at Jagaddal, you should follow the above road journey.