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Warangal District and City, Telangana

Warangal district, previously called as Orugallu, is located about 145 kms away from Hyderabad, the capital city of Telangana. Historically, Orugallu was served as a capital town of Chalukya Dynasty during Indian ancient age from 1083 AD to 1323 AD. Now, it is one of the most visited tourist destinations in the state of Telangana. The main destination city of the district is the Warangal city which serves as an administrative district headquarters of the district.

Warangal district cover an area of 12846 km in Telangana Region and it build up with three big cities namely Warangal, Hanamkonda and Kazipet. The people of the district mainly survive with the profession of agriculture. Warangal city administrator recently has developed a better IT Industry which provides lots of job opportunities for residential.

Jain Temple, Warangal, Dedicated to Mahavira

(Jain Temple, Warangal City, Dedicated to Mahavira)

Climate of Warangal

The Climate of Warangal District or city is hot & wet in summer and dry & pleasant temperature in winter. Usually, three major seasons are observed in this district namely summer, winter and monsoon.

Summer Season: Normally, the summer season of Warangal continues from March to end-June. During this season temperature ranges varies between 30°C and 42°C. Average temperature during this season is about 32°C.

Winter Season: Normally, the winter season of Warangal continues from End-October to mid-February. During this season temperature ranges varies between 14°C and 28°C. Average temperature during this season is about 20°C.

Monsoon Season: Normally, the monsoon season continues from June to end-September. In this season, weather of Warangal remains hot and humid. The average annual rainfall of the district is about 105 cm.

Festivals, Languages and religions in Warangal

Some regional festivals of Warangal Districts (Festival of Telengana Region) like, Bathukamma and Bonalu are celebrated with a great importance by the inhabitants of the district. Some other important festivals of the district or city are Dasara (Hindu festival during October or November), Deepavali (Hindu festival during October or November), Sankranti (Hindu festival during winter season), Id-ul-Fitr during Ramzan Month (especially in Mandi), celebration of Muslim communities at the Dargah of Kazipet Town, Christian festival Fatima Feast in February and the fair of Sammakka-Sarakka Jatra.

According to the census report of 2011 India, approximately 3522643 people reside in Warangal District. Among them about 759595 are resident of Waragal City zone. The people of the district mainly use Telugu language as their main spoken dialect. Other used spoken languages of the district are Urdu and English. Today, English language plays a vital role in the field of Software Industry in Waranga. Maximum residencies of Warangal district belongs to Hindu Religion and they make a percent of about 85.6 (%) of total population. Other important religions of the district are Islam (11.1% of population), Christianity (3.2% of population) and rest are Sikhs, Buddhists and Jain with a less percent.

How to Reach Warangal City?

Travel by Roadways
National Highway No. 202 has connected Warangal City to the Hyderabad and the state Chhattisgarh. There have several state highways which have created a well communication between Warangal to other major cities of Telangana. You will be facilitated with the regular Bus services by Telangana state Government.

Travel by Railways
Railway network of Warangal city is very well connected on the route of Hyderabad-New Delhi-Vijayáwada-Chennai-Kolkáta. The city is directly connected to several major cities of India like, Chennai, Kolkata, Delhi, etc. you can also reach here via Hyderabad city junction. The major railway stations of the district are Kazipet Junction (about 17 km from Warangal) and the Warangal Railway Station. Warangal Railway Station Enquiry Contact Number: 0870-2577393...

Travel by Air
If you planned to go Warangal by airways then Hyderabad Airport (Rajiv Gandhi International Airport) would be suitable for you. It takes around 3 hours (distance about 145 km) to reach Warangal city from the airport with a four wheeler car. There have also a domestic airport in Mamnoor (Warrangal-506002) on the Khammam Road.

Major Tour Spots in Warangal district

ng Rudra Deva in 1164 AD. It is a Hindu temple located just 6 km away Warangal Railway Station and 10 km from Kazipet Junction.

Eturnagaram Lake was created by Kakatiya Kindom during 1213 AD. After Indian independent in 1957 a Wildlife Sanctuary was constructed adjacent to the lake with an area of 860 km². And the spot is located about 51 km away from Warangal city.

Warangal Fort, also known as Kakatiya Fort, is located just two km away from Warangal Railway Station. This fort was created by the Chalukay Dynasty during 13th century.

Ramappa Temple was constructed during the ranges of Chalukya Dynasty which was designed by the artist Ramappa. It is a Hindu (lord Shiva) temple located about 71 km away from warangal city. You will found also a beautiful lake close to the Ramappa Temple.

Jain Temple is one of the oldest temples in India which was dedicated to Lord Mahavira. You will found several unique pictures of Tirthankaras throughout the temple.

Siddeshwara Temple is a Hindu (Lord Shiva) temple placed in Hanamkonda town. The temple was constructed by a Yogi named Shri Siddharameshwa during third century. Thousand of Hindu devotees gathered here during the festival of Maha Shivaratri.

Laknavaram is a beautiful lake located about 80 Km away from Warangal city and just 7 km away from Govindaraopet town on the National Highway No 202.

Bhadrakali Temple is a famous Hindu temple located just 12 km away from Warangal Railway Station on the Bhadrakali Lake.

Pakhal Lake was constructed by Chalukya dynasty during 13th century which covers an area of about 31 Km². You will found also a Wild Life Sanctuary adjacent to the lake.

Some other popular destination spots of the district are Rayaparthy Shiva Temple close to Warangal city, Kakatiya Musical Garden, Kakatiya rock garden, Padmakshi Temple of Hanumakonda City and Govindarajula Gutta, a Hindu religious site close to Warangal in a hilly region.

Hotels, Restaurants and Accomodations in Warangal

Harsha Fast Food Centre
MG Road Warangal City
Tele-Phone: 0870-2425906
Ratna Hotel
Pochamma Maidan, Warangal City
Tele-Phone: 0870-2500645
Tara Restaurant
MG Road Warangal City
Tele-Phone: 0870-2500940/0870-2423556
Brundavan Dhaba
Beemaram, Hanamakonda City
Tele-Phone: 0870-2564503
Hotel Ashoka Restaurant
Main Road Hanamakonda
Tele-Phone: 0870-2577955/0870-2578491
Thirumala Bar & Restaurant
Old Bus Depot, NGO's Colony Road, Hanamakonda
Tele-Phone: 0870-2550693
Kalinga Dhaba
Near REC Kazipet, Warangal District Tele-Phone: 0870-2430879
Punnami AP Tourism Hotel
Opposite REC Kazipet, Warangal District
Tele-Phone: 0870-2432312

General Information Warangal District

Country India
State Telangana
Region Telengana
Area 12,846 sq km (approx)
Population 3,522,643 (census 2011)
Time Zone IST (UTC+5:30)
District Warangal District
STD Code 0870
Country code 0091 or +91
Best time to visit November to February.
Attractions at Warangal Major tourist spots in the Warangal District are Thousand Pillar Temple, Eturnagaram Lake, Warangal Fort, Ramappa Temple, Jain Temple, Siddeshwara Temple, Laknavaram Lake, Bhadrakali Temple, Pakhal Lake, Rayaparthy Shiva Temple, Kakatiya Musical Garden, Kakatiya rock garden, Padmakshi Temple and Govindarajula Gutta.
Clothing Cotton
Fooding Most popular foods of Warangal city are Mirchi Vajji, Avakaaya pickle, Idli, dosa, puri, etc.
Language Telugu, Urdu and English
climate Summer - average temperature 32°C
Winter - average temperature 21°C