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Travel Safety Tips For The Holidays

India is a big country with different culture. So, it may differ with your daily lifestyle, to those where you want to travel. It's important to remember some things before you start your travel. Take a look before you leave for the train or flight.

Tour Planning & Service Booking

  1. Before you book a service, look at its cancellation and refund policy.
  2. Always make hotel reservations in advance. Hotels will take photocopies of your ID proof.
  3. Be careful while booking cheap non-refundable tickets or hotels.
  4. Wherever you are going to travel, if any natural disaster or political crisis takes place, then the travel may be cancelled. Keep such mental preparation.
  5. Do not fall short of decisiveness. Start planning at least four months before. So that, there has no any problem arises when the date of travel is approaching.
  6. There is a crowd of tourists at festivals time. So, those who prefer solitude do not plan to travel around this time.

In Destination

  1. Avoid booking taxis from the hotel. Your best bet is to ask around at the local shops or from passing drivers or nearby taxi stand if available.
  2. Try to shop local things while shopping.
  3. Take a local guide. So that, you will not have fall in 'Communication Gap' with the local people.
  4. If you fill that the local hotel owner or guide has a rude behaviour towards you, try to understand the matter in another way.
  5. Do not keep the demand for something that is not available in remote areas.

Remote Area Travel

  1. Always take off your shoes before entering a sacred space. Sometimes fountain, hillock, ponds or trees believe as holy and sacred space, mainly in the tribal region. Be respectful to their beliefs.
  2. If your destination is not city-centric, be respectful to the culture of the people in the remote areas.
  3. If you go to an indigenous community area, respect their customs, lifestyle, and practices.
  4. Do not get involved in any kind of arguments.
  5. Be sure about using perfume on your body before entering the ancient temple.

In Forests

  1. Do not wear bright colours. In it, wildlife can see you from a distance. As a result, they will run away further.
  2. Maintain the solitude of the jungle.
  3. If you do not see the wild animals in the jungle, do not make any comments loudly. Remember, they are not obliged to show you.
  4. There are no fixed rules. But experience has shown that wildlife comes out from the deep jungle cover at the dawn or afternoon of summer and afternoon of winter. At that time they came to the salt pits to drink water. And in the winter they are also seen in the sunshine. So if you go to the jungle, you can keep it in mind while booking a Safari.

Others Important Tips

  1. Do not make plastic pollution. Put dirt in certain places.
  2. Don’t eat or drink anything any one gives you while travelling, it may not be safe.