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Gorumara National Park

gorumara national park
Gorumara National Park

Gorumara National Park is situated on the bank of rivers Murti and Raidak in Jalpaiguri district, West Bengal. It is a medium-sized forest, covering an area of 80 sq km in the foothills of the great Himalaya in the Dooars region. Riverine grasslands and moist deciduous forests are main vegetation of the park. Sal (Shorea robusta) is the most common and valuable tree in this park, which is commonly known as Siliguri Sal; Teak, simul, siris, khair forests are also available. Gorumara National Park is important and famous for its natural population of One-Horned Rhinoceros. In 2009, the park was declared as the best protected area in India by the Ministry of Environment and Forests. Gorumara forest was declared as Gorumara Wildlife Sanctuary on 1949 and in the year of 1994, it was declared as Gorumara National Park.

Besides the one horned rhinoceros, there have various types of mammal, reptiles, birds and insects includes Indian Rhinoceros, One-horned rhinoceros, Gaur, Asian Elephant, Sloth bear, Chital, Bengal Tigers, Indian Wild Dogs, Indian Wolf, Pygmy Hog, Giant Squirrels, Hispid Hare and Sambar Deer, Barking deer, Hog deer and Wild boar, Scarlet Minivet, Sunbird, Asian Paradise Flycatcher, Spangled Drongo, Great Indian Hornbill, Woodpeckers, Pheasants, Peafowls, Brahminy Duck, Indian Python, and King Cobra. Basically in winter the park is attractive for migrant birds.

elephant safari at gorumara national park
Elephant Safari at Gorumara National Park

The park falls in the Indomalaya ecozone. You can find out two type of forests verity in Gorumara National Park, Terai-Duar savanna and grasslands and Lower Gangetic Plains moist deciduous forests. Main flora of the Gorumara National Park are Sal, Rain Tree (Shirish), Silk Cotton (Shimul) tree, various kind of Bamboo groves, Terai grassland vegetation and tropical riverine reeds. You can also find out several kinds of orchids and ferns.

Note- Gorumara National Park remains closed on the rainy season between 16th June and 15th September.

Tourist Activities

Area 80 Sq Km
Location Malbazar subdivision of Jalpaiguri District, West Bengal
Nearby City Jalpaiguri, Siliguri, Malbazar
Distance 75 km from Siliguri, 52 km from Jalpaiguri and 8 Km from Lataguri
Best season November to April
Park Closed From 16th June to 15th September
Languages Bengali, Hindi & English
Railway Station New Jalpaiguri & New Mal Jn.
Airport Bagdogra Airport
Currency Indian Rupee(indian rupee)
Time Zone UTC+5:30

Jungle Safari is the most famous and attractive activities in Gorumara National Park. Two types of safari are available to enter inside the Gorumara Forests – Elephant Safari and Jeep Safari, which guarantees the sighting of wildlife like, Elephants, Rhinos, Indian Bison (Gaur), Peacock, Deer etc. You should carry powerful binoculars, with night vision facilities when you come to Gorumara National Park. Several watches towers are there to give you a memorable excitement of forests and wildlife. And the Jungle Safari leads you to any of the watch towers

  • Jatraprasad Watch Tower: Named after a legendary elephant
  • Rhino Observation Point: Watch tower in front of the Gorumara forest bungalow
  • Chandrachur Watch Tower: Near the Murti forest bungalow (Old Khunia Watch Tower)
  • Chukchuki Bird-watching Point: It is good for bird watching
  • Medla Watch Tower

Jeep Safari in Gorumara National Park is available in four shifts of a day and a maximum number of 40 tourists are permitted to enter the forest for each watch tower.

March to September
Time of PermitTime of Safari
05.30 am – 06.30 am 06.00 am – 07.30 am
06.30 am – 07.30 am 08.30 am – 10.00 am
01.00 pm – 02.00 pm 02.00 pm – 03.30 pm
02.00 pm – 03.00 pm 04.30 pm – 06.00 pm
October to February
Time of PermitTime of Safari
06.00 am – 07.00 am 06.30 am – 08.00 am
07.00 am – 08.00 am 09.00 am – 10.30 am
12.00 pm – 01.00 pm 01.00 pm – 02.30 pm
01.00 pm – 02.00 pm 03.30 pm – 05.00 pm


By Road: National Highway No.31 between Siliguri and Guwahati passes over Lataguri, Chalsa and Nagrakata near the park. North Bengal State Transport Corporation Buses, Bhutan Govt. Buses, Mini Buses and Private Buses are available from Siliguri to Alipurduar via Madarihat. All Buses runs over Lataguri, Chalsa and Nagrakata town. Journey time from Siliguri to Lataguri is about 1.5 hour.

By Rail : Nearest railway station is Chalsa Jalpaiguri district, West. It is 18 Km. away. But all train is not arrived here. New Jalpaiguri and Siliguri Railway Station are main railway station in this area. You can change train from New Jalpaiguri or can follow the road journey from New Jalpaiguri to the park or Siliguri to the park.

By Air : Nearest airport is Bagdogra. It is a domestic airport under Indian Army. All major air services are available from all over India. Distance between Bagdogra and Siliguri is 13 km. You can find out various vehicles to come in Siliguri, and then follow the above road route.


In winter, temperature comes below to 6°C where in summer its goes more than 40°C. But the average temperature ranges from 10° C to 21° C from November to February, 24°C to 27°C from March to April and 27°C to 37°C from May to October. Gorumara National park belongs in heavy rainfall zone. Where May to October known as rainy season. Average annual rainfall is 382 cm.


Gorumara Forest Bungalow is an old wooden pastoral cottage which has a watchtower overlooking the salt reservoir. Accommodations are also available in River Wood Forest Retreats, a 4-star resort overlooking the Gorumara national park and Gorumara Elephant Camp at Dhupjhora.

Numbers of cheap hotels, as well as star rated luxurious accommodations with all modern amenities, are also available on all sides of the Gorumara National Park. The nearby small town Lataguri, Murti and Dhupjhora are best places to stay at private Resorts and Lodges in the Gorumara National Park.

Government tourist accommodation and Forest Bungalows in and around the Gorumara forests are:

  • Kalipur Eco village: 4 cottages on the eastern side of the forest.
  • The Rhino Camp: Located at Ramsai of Kalipur has 4 cottages
  • Hornbill Nest: Situated at Lataguri has 4 cottages
  • Elephant Camp: Located at Dhupjhora, on the bank of Murti Rive has 7 cottages including the famous Gachbari (the tree house).
  • Murti Cottages: Located at Murti has 4 cottages.
  • Panjhora eco resort: Located in Chapramari forest has 4 cottages.

For booking of the private and government tourist accommodations at Gorumara National Park or any tour package in Dooars, please contact with us.