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States and Union Territories of India

India is the largest democratic and second most populous country in the world, located in Southern part of Asia. According to the census report of 2011,  India has a population of 1,210,854,977 and it covers an area of 3,287,590 sq km which ranked seventh in the world. India is a federal republic with a democratic parliamentary system, governed under the Indian Constitution,  which divides the power between the central government and the states.

List of Indian States

Indian democracy consists with twenty-nine (29) administrative states and seven Union Territories. Basically these 29 states are controlled by the state government with the help of central Government. Some important data of these states are shown bellow.

State NameCapitalArea(km2)Major ReligionsLanguagesPopulation
Andhra Pradesh Hyderabad (de jure)
Amaravati (proposed)
160,205 Hindu Telegu 49,386,799
Arunachal Pradesh Itanagar 83,743 Hindu and Christian, Buddhist English 1,383,727
Assam Dispur 78,550 Hindu Assamese, Bodo and Bengali 31,205,576
Bihar Patna 99,200 Hindu Hindi, Magadhi, Maithili, Urdu 104,099,452
Chhattisgarh Raipur 135,194 Hindu Hindi and Chhattisgarhi 25,545,198
Goa Panaji 3,702 Hindu and Christian English, Konkani, Hindi and Marathi 1,458,545
Gujarat Gandhinagar 196,024 Hindu Gujarati 60,439,692
Haryana Chandigarh 44,212 Hindu Hindi and Haryanvi 25,351,462
Himachal Pradesh Shimla 55,673 Hindu Hindi, Punjabi, Pahari, Dogri and Kangri 6,864,602
Jammu and Kashmir Srinagar and Jammu 222,236 Muslim and Hindu Urdu, Kashmiri, Ladakhi and Dogri 12,541,302
Jharkhand Ranchi 74,677 Hindu, Sarna and Muslim Hindi, Bengali and Santhali 32,988,134
Karnataka Bangalore 191,791 Hindu, Muslim Kannada and Urdu 61,095,297
Kerala Thiruvananthapuram 38,863 Hindu, Islam and Christian Malayalam 33,406,061
Madhya Pradesh Bhopal 308,252 Hindu Hindi 72,626,809
Maharashtra Mumbai 307,713 Hindu and Muslim Marathi and Hindi 112,374,333
Manipur Imphal 22,347 Hindu Meitei / Manipuri and English 2,855,794
Meghalaya Shillong 22,720 Christian Khasi, Pnar, Garo, English and Hindi 2,966,889
Mizoram Aizawl 21,081 Christian Mizo and English 1,097,206
Nagaland Kohima 16,579 Christian English, Nagamese and Hindi 1,978,502
Orissa Bhubaneshwar 155,820 Hindu Oriya 41,974,218
Punjab Chandigarh 50,362 Sikhism and Hindu Punjabi and Hindi 27,743,338
Rajasthan Jaipur 342,269 Hindu, Muslim and Jain Hindi and Rajasthani 68,548,437
Sikkim Gangtok 7,096 Hindu Nepali, Hindi and Sikkimese 610,577
Tamil Nadu Chennai 130,058 Hindu Tamil 72,138,958
Telangana Hyderabad 114,840 Hindu and Muslim Telegu and Urdu 35,193,978
Tripura Agartala 10,492 Hindu Bengali and Kokborok 72,147,030
Uttar Pradesh Lucknow 243,286 Hindu and Muslim Hindi and Urdu 199,812,341
Uttarakhand Dehradun 53,566 Hindu Hindi 10,086,292
West Bengal Kolkata 88,752 Hindu and Muslim Bengali 91,276,115

List of Indian Union Territories

Every Union territories of India have its own administrative Headquarter but these are not similar to a state. As these Union Territories are directly controlled by the central Government. Some important data of these Territories are shown bellow.

UT NameCapitalArea(km2)Major ReligionsLanguagesPopulation
Andaman and Nicobar Islands Port Blair 8,249 Hindu English, Bengali, Hindi, Tamil and Telugu 380,581
Chandigarh Chandigarh 144 Hindu and Sikh English, Hindi and Punjabi 1,055,450
Dadar and Nagar Haveli Silvassa 491 Hindu Bhili, Bhilodi and Hindi 343,709
Daman and Diu Daman 122 Hindu Marathi, Gujarati and Hindi 243,247
Lakshadweep Kavaratti 32 Muslim Malayalam 64,473
NCT of Delhi Delhi 1,483 Hindu Hindi, Urdu, Panjabi and English 16,787,941
Pondicherry Pondicherry 492 Hindu Tamil 1,247,953