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Garh Panchkot Eco-Tourism

After an entire week of spending time in our office and draining our brains, we all crave for solace. We look for a place where the air is breathable and a place that won’t remind us of work. Well, there are many places in West Bengal that will never remind of the hectic monotonous life but will surely help you to rejuvenate. One of the known places where you can go on your weekend and which is Garh Panchkot.

This is a known destination in West Bengal which is located at a distance of 249 km from Kolkata. Therefore, you can easily reach the destination with 4 hours and 52 minutes which makes it pretty easy for you to reach.

Garh Panchkot is one of those amazing locations that offer peace and solace to your soul with the ambiance. The refreshing scenic beauty of the place is certainly a great thing for the people who want to enjoy their time. The magnificent looks of the hills and forest present here ensures making a fantastic weekend destination for the travelers. As soon as you reach the destination, the stunning sights that you find here will ensure making a fantastic journey. The entire tiredness will go once you get a look at this place.

An Introduction of Garh Panchkot:

Garh Panchkot means the unforgettable land emerged from the garh which means King’s fort. The king of Kashipur once constructed a temple on this hill. This hill has a height of almost 2100 feet and is made on the area of almost 18 sq km. This hill has been surrounded with the tropical trees along with lush greenery during the monsoon which makes the place look absolutely mesmerizing. During the monsoon the water flows to the famous Damodar River.

You can simply take a walk of the forest which consist of Tamal, Sal, Palas, Sonajhuri and a lot more which will rejuvenate your senses. The amazing aroma of the leaves and flowers here will make you fall in love with the place. The Kashipur Rajbari is also situated in the location at a distance of 50km from this place is worth a look. You will find several other things that will keep you engaged on your visit.

The weather of Garh Panchkot:

This place mostly has the tropical weather that makes both winter and summer feel a lot different in this place. If you are thinking to visit this place, all you need is to avoid visiting the place during April, May and also June as the temperature is on the higher side/ This might hamper the urge for going out in the open air because of the sweat.

This is the reason why winter is one of the most pleasant times of the year when you can enjoy your trip to this place. The flora and fauna here is the life of the place along with the lush greenery adds to the magnificence of the place.

There is no doubt that monsoon is also a great time of the year and has its own charm but then again the tourist influx here is again very slow during this time. Since winters are pretty cold and offer a great weather to take a look, most of the tourists can be seen during this time of the year.

Don’t miss checking the remains of the Temple at the Garhpanchkot:

This place is a part of the 1500 years old history. The famous Singh Depo dynasty who used to have their kingdom here has some remains and which is the ruins of the temple. This is present on the south of the Panchet foothills. You can find the ruins of the terracotta temples are scattered around Garhpanchkot.

These temples are constructed in various architectural style which are Jor-Bangla, Pirha and Pancharatna. The ruins of the Panchratna temples are mostly celebrated in this place. The scattered ruins, lush greenery, towering Panchet hill, woods, perennial springs, and the lake make the place an amazing destination for you.

The attractions of Garh Panchkot:

This is one of those very few place located within a close proximity for the people of West Bengal that can easily brush away your stress and provide you a sense of relief. The ambiance and the beauty of the place makes this happen. This is a place for the travelers who just want to lie on the green grasses and gaze the stars on a clear sky. This is something that we wanted since the childhood days.

Apart from this, you can have a look at few of these places which is the major attraction of this place.

Panchet Dam:
This is endmost dams of Damodar valleys four dams. This was constructed just above the confluence along with Barakar. The most fascinating part of this dam is that its southern bank is on the Purulia district while the northern bank on the Dhanbad district. This was first inaugurated in the year 1959. This dam is 148 ft tall and has a length of almost 22,235 feet.

Because if the poor communication system, it is not populated like the Maithon Dam. You can take a walk at the road adjacent to this dam and enjoy the cool breeze. You can also go for a boat ride on the Panchet dam.

Jai Chand Hill:
This is again a known tourist spot in Purulia. This hill has an elevation of only 509ft along with is only 3 kms away from Raghunathpur which is in the Purulia district. This is mostly known to be popular among the tourists who take interest on rock climbing.

This is a scenic and quiet place known for the scenic beauty. Its neighborhood Ramchandrapur Irrigation Project is also something worth visiting. From Baranti, you can acquire a great view of the reservoir and is a known picnic spot.

To conclude Garhpanchkot is one those very few destinations that offer a fantastic spot for the travelers who are looking for a weekend destination. This destination has hills and lush greenery that will keep you exploring the deepest of the location.

If you take interest on history, this place can be a great choice for you as the 1500 year old remain can actually fascinate the bug inside you.