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Zero Point

Zero point is the known location in Sikkim situated at a height of 15,300ft. Being at such a height above the sea level, the Zero point has become a point where nature is at its best. Whether you call it as Yumesamdong or the Zero point, the spectacular view is beyond words. At a distance of 23kms from Yumthang which will take more 1.5 hours and 3.5 from Lachung lies the Zero Point. This is where the roads will end and no further will the vehicle be able to go. This is the Zero point. In the year 1855, the Himalayan Journal mentioned that Yumthang and Lachung are the most beautiful points from where you can get a picturesque view of the entire Sikkim. This is the place which is compared to Switzerland. Even when the land is covered with snow, its valley is again used as the grazing field for the nomadic shepherds.

The place is located close to the China border and is popular as “Zero Point Zone”. The location is blessed with breathtaking landscapes; range of flowers along with the beautifully placed mountain ranges never fails to mesmerize the travelers. Undoubtedly Zero point is enough to make a wonderful trip but if you want something more from this place, there are various other places on the list that you can travel.

Let us have a short tour of the other nearby attractions:

Nearby Attractions

Buddhist Monastery Lachen:
This monastery is situated at 28 km from the Tsunthang office. Now, this subdivision office is again a place to see as it was built back in 1858 A.D. Primarily, this was a tiny hut which later on was constructed by the Lama Kitchen Dorje Drak – who was Jamyang Choki Rinzing’s students. You definitely need to visit this place when you are going for a tour to the Zero point and the best time is from March to June.

Lachung Monastery:
The Lachung Monastery is located in northeast India. This was constructed back in the year 1880. Lachung means “Small Mountain” where you can get a view of the confluence of Lachung and Lachen River along with the Teesta tributaries. It is a tiny village surround with the mesmerizing beauty of nature. However, even when visitors travel to this place throughout the year, the best time is September.

Hot Spring:
Sikkim treasures several hot springs that are known for the therapeutic value. These are known to have high Sulphur content in it and as a result, have tremendous medical value. With the average temperature of water about 50°C, this hot spring tends to offer great result. From the many known hot springs, Yumthang Hot Spring located in the North Sikkim is a renowned one among the tourists.

View of Katao in Sikkim:
Katao is another known location in the North Sikkim which is almost at a distance of 144km from Gangtok. You can definitely choose to visit this beautiful place located at 15000 ft but since it is far away from the mid of Sikkim, you can stay at Lachung and enjoy the 360-degree view of this place. Moreover, you can also get a panoramic view of the magnificent snow-capped Himalayan ranges. While the place is always available for the visit, but to acquire the best view from March to May is a great time.

Gurudongmar Lake:
This is a place known among travelers and bikers as well. The place is known after the name of Guru Padmasambhava who is said to have visited this place back in the 8th Century. Both Hindu and Buddhist believe this as a sacred lake. The entire place looks spectacular because of the surrounding beauty. To acquire of best of nature’s splendor, make sure you visit the place around November to June.

Seven Sister Waterfalls:
On your way to Northern Sikkim, travelers can get a view of the amazing waterfall. This is truly spectacular when viewed from distant and is known as the Seven Sister Waterfall. The name is such as because the waterfalls include seven stages. Combining with the scenic backdrop, the beauty of this waterfall is beyond words.

With all these beautiful places near the Zero point in Sikkim, you can actually enjoy a memorable tour. Starting from the waterfalls to the panoramic view of the ranges to the hot spring and to the breathtaking view of the surrounding ranges, a tour to Zero points in Sikkim can actually make a mesmerizing and memorable tour.

How to Reach Zero Point

Only Sikkim Tourism authorized tour operators cabs with a valid permit can reach Zero. This destination comes as an add-on destination with Gangtok- Lachung - Yumthang tour package. So, you cannot reach Zero without booked a tour package for this route. It is our suggestion, for not booking Zero with this package from Tour Operator, but ask your driver when you are at Lachung, he will arrange your trip to Zero with an extra indian rupee2000.00 to indian rupee2500.00 cost per vehicle. You can ask us for a package tour in this route.