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When you are planning to go for a trip, India has several choices available. Sikkim is definitely one of the most visited places in India with several amazing locations. From the many, Uttarey is one of the spectacular destinations. This beautiful destination is a tiny location present in close proximity to the Nepal border present in the West Sikkim.

This stunning destination is located at a distance of 30km from another known destination Peilling. This is a known tourist spot among the people because of the serenity of the place along with the range of attractions surrounding the place. The best place is to get the top view of the Kanchenjunga from the zenith of the Uttarey hills.

Being located at a high altitude of 6600ft, this place offers you to have a look at the natural splendor and serenity of nature. You can get a clear view of the Himalayans from here and is less crowded, you can spend an amazing trip with your closed people. Even when this place is a great place to visit any time of the year, but in winter the mountains are covered with snowmaking the mountains look heavenly.

Attractions of Uttarey

So if you are visiting here for the first time, you surely would require knowledge of the places to see in Uttarey. Let us check the things to see in this place:

The Kagyu Monastery:
This is one of the known tourist places which is worshipped as a place of love by the locals and tourists as well. Hence, this is such a decent place to go for a tour. Amidst the thick timberlands, the cloister seems to be a perfect setting. This artwork made in the divider is one of their most crucial things held by the local community.

This place is located at a distance of 10 minutes from the Titanic stop which is situated over the slope. This was constructed back in making it one of the known monasteries in Sikkim. This monastery has been reconstructed but still you can get a glimpse of the building made in 1711.

Tenzing Hillary Memorial Park:
This is a recreation center that was started in the year 2015. The reason is to add something fascinating to Uttarey. The street is not fit for anything but irrespective of everything this place will provide you with a complete hypnotizing view of the entire region.

You can acquire a panoramic view of the majestic Kanchenjunga from here if you get up on some early morning. You can also get a view of the two climbers in this place.

The Titanic Farm:
There is a celebrated ship constructed close to the main Uttarey market. Even when the building is shut but still you can take wonderful pictures in this place.

Trout Farm:
This farm is located at a distance of only 2kms from the Uttarey town. You will find many lakes located in this place where trout fishes are grown in thousands. If you are fond of trout, undoubtedly this is a great place for you.

Besides, the territory is extremely peaceful and tranquil and can make you think that it is a place to invest time and energy. Don’t forget to take your camera with you.

Mainbass Waterfall:
This is another amazing cascade located very closed to Uttarey. You can visit it anytime since it is located at a walking distance. There is an amazing waterfall located at 7kms from the main Uttarey town. You require moving from the westbound street where you will find the trout farm available.

From here all you need to do is to move another 5 km from the forest and it will straight take you to the Mainebass falls.

When to Visit Uttarey:

You can visit this place which is located in the Western Sikkim. The best time to reach is in summer when the overall temperature is pleasurable. Winters will not be a great choice as the temperature might drop to zero and might not be very pleased to you. October to November is the decent time when you can visit Uttarey.

Uttarey in Summer:
The amazing climate of West Sikkim is from February to October. You will be finding summers very pleasing as the temperature fluctuates between 13 to 26 degrees. You can find a number of mountaineers and trekkers during this point of time in the years.

From the month of July to September, it receives rain and hence it is not a great time of the years. Mostly the land is affected due to landslides making it dangerous to travel.

Uttarey in Winters:
Winters are again extremely cold and in some places nearby you can find snowfall in the winters. Higher altitude might seem beautiful but it is very hard to stay if you are coming from urban life.

If you love watching snowfall then December to February can be a great time to visit. Trekking is a complete No-no during this time of the year.

Uttarey is undoubtedly a fantastic yon with unbelievable scenic beauty. Amidst the beauty of nature lie the beautiful homes where you can stay in your trip to Uttarey. You will not get tired of watching the spectacular nature. Remember to take your camera with you as you will run out of reels because of the place is blessed with the spectacular beauty of nature.

So without wasting any further, just book your tickets today and enjoy the nature.