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If you are in search of a place that is an epitome of diversity, religion, culture, benevolence along with depicts of Sikkim’s magnificence, you can plan your tour to the small town in Namchi. Undoubtedly this place has been blessed with several monasteries along with the traditional temples, forests and lush greeneries. Moreover you can unveil the secrets of the majestic Himalayas in your tour to Namchi.

Namchi means "Sky High" which is because this place is located at a height of 5,500 ft. The historical facts say that Sikkim was once under the reign of Chogyals. As per the Legends, Sikkimese princess named Pende Ongmoo once deceived the Sikkimese Chogyal. When the locals got to know about these, they killed the princess and this is where they killed her.

Sikkim’s most important element is spirituality and therefore you can take a visit to the temple. You can find the old Buddhist monasteries along with attend the festivals that has spiritual importance. However make sure to light butter lamp as it stands for love, peace and prosperity.

There are several places in Namchi that can show you the beauty of this place. With several points to explore, Namchi becomes a great choice for people to enjoy the picturesque Sikkim.

So let us have a look at the many attractions you can check in your visit to Namchi.

Samdruptse Hill:

Samdruptse Hill or the wish fulfilling hill is located at a distance of 5km from the town. It is located at an elevation of 2134 m. The hill has been embellished with a huge statue of Guru Rinpoche who is said to shower blessings to the entire city since the last 1200 years.

This is a huge 45m status that can be seen from the entire city. The status can been covered with gold that shines when the sunrays fall on it. You can get a complete view of Mt Kanchenjunga from here which looks truly amazing. The forest along with the blue sky offers a great backdrop to the statue including Mt Kanchenjunga.

It is said by the locals that it is a dormant hill which has been stopped from erupting due to devotion and reverence of the local monks. The fantastic engineering of the statue which took 7 years is certainly a great choice.

Tendong Hill:

The valleys and hills from the Tendong hills keep captivating even the out of towners and the locals. This is situated just above the Damthang, making it a place surrounded with greens of the Mother Nature. This is definitely a great place for the people who love to spend time amidst the green landscape.

You can find the amazing sight of Namchi which attracts several travelers to this place. Several adventures are being done here like trekking and rafting. In your route to the Tendong hill, you can eye sight of several species of birds. There are almost 90 different species of birds along with a huge number of mammals like the Red Pandas, Himalayan Bears and Leopards who take shelter in the forest.

This is an ideal place for the animal lovers, nature lovers along with the adventure seekers.

Doling Gompa:

This is a tiny hillock filled with greenery welcomes the visitors with the colorful flags. This is one of those monasteries which follow the ancient sects which is the Nyingmapa sect. since it is set at an elevated level, this offers a stunning view of the thick forest and the mighty mountains.

On your way to this monastery, you will be able to observe the tireless people who are colorfully attired working on the green fields. Their main irrigation is cardamom and hence is something worth watching. This is a popular spot for the tourists as the inner walls of this building consist of the foot prints of the Dorje Lingpa. You will also find the carvings of Vajrapani, Manjushri carved here.

Ngadak Monastery:

This is a monastery know for the spirituality and charm. This place is situated at very short distance from Namchi’s main town. The structure was constructed during Chogyal Gyurmed Namgyal.

Today when you go there, you will be finding the masteries are being supported with iron railings along with a new Gumpa. The reason for the construction of New Gumpa is because of the destruction of the old one in the 17th century due to an earthquake. Being one of the ancient monasteries in this place it is considered as the best one to mediate amidst the nature.

Solophok Chardham:

As mentioned before that Namchi is one of the religious places in Sikkim. This is the new Pilgrimage cum Cultural Centre of the place which is developed on the zenith of Solophok Hill located in the South section of Sikkim. You can find the 26 and a half meter gigantic statue of Lord Shiva from miles sitting in his postures.

Besides, you will also find the twelve Jyotirlingas and the four Dhams popular as the Dwarka, Badrinath, Rameshwaram and Jagannath. The magnificent chardham in this place sitting among Sikkim’s serenity is one of the most popular destinations for tourists. You will be finding several devotees in this place.

Serdup Choling Monastery:

This is another amazing Buddhist place for worshipping. When you are visiting to Namchi, don’t forget to have a look at this monastery. With Mount Kanchenjunga in the backdrop, this place differentiates it as being constructed back in 1867 with combined effort of late Dudjom Dorjee and late Wangchuk Ringpoche.

These are some of the known monasteries or place that you should visit in your trip to Namchi. No doubt, the tranquility and the scenic beauty is something that makes this place worth visiting, but then again this is also a place for the adventure seekers. So without any further thought, just book your tickets to Namchi today and enjoy your holiday.