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Khecheopalri Lake

When the wind flows and the prayer flags waves along with the bell rings in a calming tone one after another, you should always know that it’s bliss of Khecheopalri Lake. This is the sacred pilgrimage which is considered great for both Hindu and Buddhist. If you have a wish to fulfill, as said by the locales that this sacred place will fulfill each and every wishes that you pray. It is also said that one has pray wholeheartedly and then sprinkle the holy water on them to fulfill the wishes. Moreover, when you have a look at the lake, you will not find even a single leaf floating on the lake.

Even when the lake is located amidst the dense forest, no leaves can be seen. It is said that the birds remove the leaves fall here Moreover, it is said that legends till surround this lake. The spectacular Khecheopalri Lake has now become a place for trekkers and photographers. You can find numerous trekker outlets along with other lodging facilities. The scenic backdrop along with amazing ambiance makes it a place for travelers.

With the many attractive locations located nearby, this location has become one of the major tourist spots. If you are new to this place and do not have idea about the nearby destinations, here is a brief guide on some of the jaw-dropping attractions that you can never think of missing.

Pemayangtse Monastery:

Being located towards the peak of the western Sikkim, this monastery taking a tiny place has become a popular destination for the tourists. Pemayangtse also mean the “Perfect Sublime Lotus” which is a known tourist attraction. Numerous people visits here from the corners of the world. Located at a distance of 2Kms from Peiling, this is one of the most visited destinations for the people. The monastery has an amazing holistic meditative ambiance as it is located amidst the woods.

If you are seeking for a solitary location to relax by listening the rhythms of nature, the mastery is an ideal location. The rich architecture and being build 300 years ago; it has some of the unique things to reveal.

Khangchendzonga Waterfalls:

This is another popular tourist spot offers great view of the chilled water. It’s great to watch the water falling from the top and the chilled water when touch your skin, will make your feel the coldness. The rich vegetation and waterfall amidst the green hill looks marvelous from distance. This waterfall is actually the streams which take its form from melting glaciers of the Mt. Kanchenjunga. You need to climb higher to reach its base along with also shows the slow formation of granite rocks underneath.

If you an adventure seekers, you can also opt for the ropeway. This will give the adrenalin rush which crossing the stream.

Darap Subba Village:

Another tiny adobe amidst these lofty mountains is the Darap Subba Village. This is a place for those who want time within nature. It’s another amazing village known for serenity near Peiling mostly occupied by Limboo community. The soothing ambiance, paddy fields, ranch lands gives a peaceful feeling in a tranquil land.

If you love short treks in Peiling along with have a glimpse of plantations of cardamom, millet and corn, this is place for you. Here you can again get a view of Bhutias, Gurungs, hettris, Tais and Tamanga. Spiritual and peaceful place of Darap Subba makes it a place to enjoy the panoramic view of the breathtaking Himalayan ranges.

Rabdentse Ruins:

This is an archeological site which shows the story of Sikkim. Until the 1814 A.D., this was the very second capital. But after Nepalese Invasion, the monastery and the place were being destroyed and only ruins were left. If you love history and want to know more about it, this is a must visit place. You will also become perplexed whether to view the amazing Kanchenjunga ranges or dig the history behind the ruins.

Spending time in this beautiful place will help you to peep in the past. Just visit here and find history amidst the tranquility.

Sewaro Rock Garden:

This natural heritage is developed by tourism department of Sikkim has now become of the prime tourist spot of Sikkim. It has those winding paths that help in exploring lush greenery of the surrounding place. The rich landscape with properly groomed trees and flowery fields makes a perfect photograph. The lush greenery entangled with the gushing waterfalls and the mountains birds makes it a photographers’ destination.

Even when the garden is maintained by the tourism department, its natural view is enough to take your stress away. The peace will take away the monotony from your life and inject the joy and freshness inside you.

Sangachoeling Monastery:

The beautiful monastery is a must visit place for the travelers. This is said as one of the oldest monasteries in Sikkim. Moreover, the amazing backdrop with the snow-capped mountains, the monastery simply offers a picturesque view. Even if you want to enter the monastery, you have the freedom as the monastery allows to witness the beautiful ancient sculptures, statues and the other clay structures. Other than this, if you are more attracted towards knowing the history of this place, Sangachoeling Monastery is definitely a place for you.

Even when it is a religious place, never forget to take your camera as the background will mesmerize you with its magnificent view.

If you are an adventure seeker or nature lover or photographer, this is a place for everyone. Upon reaching this location, you can find the mesmerizing view of the lush greenery embracing the hills, snow capped peaks, ancient monasteries with the valuable architecture that dates back to 300 years and several trekking spots that makes the places a must in your bucket list.

So don’t wait for the best time as mountains are always embraced with the magnificent splendor. Just book your tickets to the place and enjoy the tranquility.