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Gurudongmar Lake

A mesmerizing valley of flowers, snowy mountains with curvy roads, green valley with uncountable waterfalls, spectacular lakes located on the mountains, pristine water, and welcoming locals always ready to serve you the best of everything is what Gurudongmar Lake has to offer. Nothing can be better than spending time where nature all-together has a different divine definition.

Sikkim is a tiny location known for the picturesque view. Its 360-degree view of high Himalayan peaks makes it one of the spectacular locations among the tourists. A visit to this destination will help to have a glimpse of the international borders of China, Bhutan, and Nepal. With more than 40% of the entire area covered with dense forests and mountains on the backdrop, the location offers a surreal view of nature. It is more like living your dreams than in reality.

The Famous Gurudongmar Lake

Gurudongmar Lake is located in high altitudes within close proximity to the Tibet border in the North Sikkim. You can get a glimpse of Yaks, blue ships along with various other animals available at high altitudes. The pristine milky water of this lake is the prime source of the Tista, which is again a crucial river in North Bengal and Sikkim.

Gurudongmar Lake is from the highest lakes across the world located at a high altitude of 17000ft. This lake is on the northern side of Kanchenjunga range surrounded by the snow-covered mountains. This is a holy lake that freezes in the winters except on one point. Locals here believe that the place is blessed. From here, you can easily get a view of the Chinese Tibetan border.

This sacred river with blessed water has miraculous power is believed to grant kids to the couples who are incapable of having one. Surprisingly this myth is believed both by the local Buddhists and the Hindus.

The name “Gurudongmar Lave” is taken from Guru Padmasambhava who used to visit Tiber via this place. They say that the entire area is blessed by the Guru and this is why you can find the temple constructed just beside the lake. Army personnel, tourists and devotees come here to offer prayer and get his blessings.

How to Reach Gurudongmar Lake

Traveling to the northern Sikkim needs permission. The tourists are given the permission by means of any authorized tour operator. However, only the Indian tourists can visit this location. For the foreigners, the tour end to Chopta Valley which is located just a few kilometers before the Gurudongmar Lake.

At the extreme corner, this lake is situated. Its proximal place for accommodation is Lachen which is located at 68km. mostly the tour starts from Gangtok and reached to Lachen which is at a distance of 120kms approx 6 hours. You can stay overnight or for one more day in Lachen and then start the journey to the blissful Gurudongmar Lake. It is recommended to start the journey in the morning so that you can come down to Lachen within lunchtime because while the sun goes down the weather starts worsening.

Important Note For The Tourists or Bikers:
The road that leads to the Gurudongmar Lake is extremely spectacular but very hostile. It looks like the Tibetan plateau and you can find limited vegetation in this place. The unpaved path, landmines, and the Indian Army can be observed here.

Final Words

Gurudongmar Lake is one of the most famous locations in India because of its unusual placement. Having a situation at such a high altitude, the place looks surreal when viewed. Its marvelous panoramic view of the Himalayan ranges, blue sky, and other mountains covered in snow makes the place looks like a living dream.

If you want to have a glimpse of heaven, Gurudongmar Lake is an ideal destination.