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Enchey Monastery, Gangtok

When you are planning to visit a fantastic serene place, Enchey Monastery is one of the amazing places with a multitude of a beautiful destination located nearby. Enchey Monastery also means “The Solitary temple” is a sacred spot for Buddhist located in mesmerizing Gangtok. The amazing natural beauty surrounds the entire place. You will find large-sized pine trees, the mesmerizing Kanchenjunga along with the flowery meadows. Everything as a whole makes the placed serene and blessed.

This beautiful monastery is located at a distance of 3km from the northeast of the Gangtok region. As per the locals the monastery is almost 200 years old. As per the history, Lama Druptob Karpo the popular tantric who had flying powers came down flying to this place and constructed a hermitage. It, later on, was being renovated in the Chinese Pagoda design.

In the present days, this monastery is house to 90 monks. They pay respect to Lord Buddha, Guru Padmasambhava, and Loki Sharia. Interiors of this monastery consist of the gigantic hall made with a metal roof which innumerable image of the deities, tantric and goddesses. The porch consists of the wheel of law in perfect sync along with with the monk enchantments. Besides, this place is also known for the Chaam dance which takes place on 18th and 19th days of the 12 lunar months based on the Tibetan calendar.

If you take an interest in knowing more regarding the monks’ culture or the history in a peaceful environment, this is certainly the destination for you. The monastery is certainly one of the must-visit locations in Gangtok, and therefore you need to know in details about it.

Enchey Monastery is not only a place for the people who love watching the Buddhist cultures or monks, but it is also a place for the people who want to enjoy nature. You will be finding the mesmerizing nature in this part and hence do not forget to take your camera with you.

Enchey Monastery Architecture:

This monastery was made back in 1840 by eighth Chogyal post the tiny hamlet of Gangtok became a pilgrim place. This monastery was constructed in 1909 like the Chinese Pagoda during the reign of the Sikyong Tulku. Its foundation was made at the very point where the Lama Druptub Karbo has the hermitage. This monastery comprises of shinning golden cupola along with is house to several images of Gods and other religious objects.

Lord Buddha, Loki Sharia and the Guru Padmasambhava are worshipped as the major deities. The huge prayer hall consist of the walls are completely covered with murals of the religious king and such paintings. The almirah present consist of some manuscripts of scriptures. There are four pillars in the regal monastery that are carved and supporting it.

This monastery was built under the order of Nyingma is also house to 90 monks. If you are someone who loves watching the beautiful things of the monastery, this certainly a great place as you can find the windows painted and ornately carved. You can find the amazing of masks that are being used in different ritual dance held here each and every year,

Just like the name, this place also enjoys a serene atmosphere and therefore becomes a place that is worth visiting. You will find many colorful flags flattering which create a peaceful ambiance around the monastery.

Festivals of Enchey Monastery:

There are several festivals that are celebrated in this place which comprises of the Detor Cham. This is a lovely and colorful Cham dance festival which takes place every year as per the Tibetan calendar. Singhe Chaam is the other festival which is being celebrated in this monastery once in three years. Other than this, Pang Lhabsol is also a festival where you can find the blood-brotherhood swearing within the Bhutias and Lepchas keeping Khangchendzonga being a witness.

When the Cham dance takes place which is actually the masked dances, you will find the dancers are wearing the ornate dresses for performing the dances which represent Tibetan deity of Mahakala who is also a protector along with with this the mythical snow lions. Both these shows the third eye on the foreheads, which is the resemblance of the inner reflection. This dance festival happens prior to the New Tibetan Year day and the Losoong.

When to visit Enchey Monastery?

Undoubtedly the place is great to visit at any time of the year, but if you are willing to become a part of the known Detor Cham festival, you need to visit during September and October. This is the time when the celebration takes place. In this time of the year, you will be able to enjoy watching the popular Monks Cham Dance. Moreover, as this is located on a high altitude, this becomes a challenge to reach in the winters and also when heavy rainfall takes place.

Bottom Line: Since it is a tiny part of Gangtok, you can visit the Enchey Monastery in your visit to Gangtok, or maybe you can just choose to visit it. The mesmerizing backdrop of the monastery along with the monastery itself is something worth watching. Therefore just book your tickets today and enjoy being in fantastic surroundings.