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Hee Bermiok

If you are in search of a beautiful distance place amongst the serenity, you might get some of the popular destination. But have you been to Hee Bermiok in Sikkim? This is one of the peaceful locations situated at a distance of 120 kms from the town of Siliguri. This is also a great weekend destinations for the locals. This is group of small villages present in the West Sikkim which presently has become a known tourist destination for people. Despite of being a tourist spot, the place is still able to maintain the serenity and peace.

About the Location:

This beautiful village is situated towards to west of Sikkim surrounded with the Hee River on its Wesy, Ranjeet River on the East, Kalez River on North, The Sandong Reserve on the South thereby becoming a place with several place to check. Beyond so many things to see, you will be overwhelmed to find the amazing collection of the greenery. Moreover, this place is also house to more than 65 bird species. This place offers a great opportunity to enjoy the beauty of nature up-close.

Since the place less crowded than any other places in Sikkim therefore if you want to spend a leisurely weekend consider visiting Hee Bermiok in Sikkim today.

Attractions of Hee Bermiok:

There are some amazing destinations available in the area and two of the promising names are Kaluk and Rinchenpong. Both these places are situated on the Easternmost part of the region along with can be accessed from anywhere. From Bermiok, you can reach via one from the two roads which I either from the Legship or from Soreng. Both the roads eventually will meet at the Kaluk which is located at a distance of 3kms from the Rinchenpong.

If you go 6kms west from the Kaluk, it will take to the Central Martam. If you are willing to stay, this is a great place for you, as here you will find large numbers of home stay. This place has a number of tourists.

When you move 6kms further to the West, you will find a road which will take you to Hee. This is a roadside village which does not have much to offer but the amazing scenic beauty is something that attracts tourist to this place. However, once you take the diversion and go for a uphill ride, you will reach some of the known villages among the tourists like Chayatal and Patal. The place is known for Srijunga statue at the Gumba Dara and also the Chayatal Lake. Conside taking your camera, as not only the statue is mesmerizing to watch but also the amazing natural beauty.

Coming back to the main road and taking the main road towards the West will help you to find Dentam. This is another amazing location situated at a distance of 5 kms from another major village named Hee. This is a known commercial centre of this region. If you want to spend time here, you will find several homestay and ledges here. Near the Dentam, you will find the Gurasey Dara which is a mesmerizing hilltop is an amazing location to take some rest amidst the blooming Rhododendron.

From here, in another 27 kms will help you reach Pelling. You can wish to stay here or continue following the road in order to reach the popular Singshore Bridge located at a distance of 6kms. Upon crossing the hanging bridge along with driving another 6kms will help you to reach another famous destination Uttarey. It is in West Sikkim. You can also find the Nepal border on your drive of only 6 to 7 kms.

What to See:

Bermiok might not be a typical tourist destination with several places to see, but you would love to find the amazing village surrounded with mesmerizing views of mountains, simple way of life, simple walk through the village, welcoming people and the chirping birds.

Things to Do:

Besides enjoying the beauty of nature along with some amazing destinations to visit, you can also enjoy some of the amazing things which include mountain biking. Making use of the mountain biking, you can easily visit the distant villages or just take a walk to the villages. Besides, if you are someone who loves to seek the many adventures, you can opt for a trek of two and a half hours to Varsey. Other than this, they also celebrate the annual tourist festival which is a crucial tourist activity.

Best Time to Visit:

The village is great to visit at any time of the year. However if you are willing to check the Tourist festival, you might visit during the time of May. With the many homestay and lodging facilities, your visit to this place will always become a great choice. You can enjoy visiting this place.

So if you are willing to enjoy your visit to a serene location, consider visiting Bermiok today. The beautiful place with serenity surrounding it is the ultimate destination for people. Whether you are a nature lover or an adventure seeker, this place can be the ultimate destination for a reasonable stay in the serenity.

So just book your tickets today and enjoy your visit to the mesmerizing Bermiok in Sikkim.