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Adventure in Sikkim

Sikkim is a small state on the foot hills of Mount Khangchendzonga (8534 m), the third highest mountain in the world. Its indescribable scenic beauty attracts visitors through the year. The snow clad mountain peaks, delicious valleys, rivers and vegetation, Sikkim offers its visitors a unique and most breathtaking experience. Climate and environment of Sikkim offers adventure for challenging tourists.

Sikkim with its extraordinary mountainous landscape offers scope for mountaineering, trekking, river rafting, yak safaris, mountain biking and gliding. Just enjoy yourself in theses breathtaking adventures - an experience to be respected throughout your life.

Trekking in Sikkim

Sikkim is the most ideal and fabulous for trekking. It is a paradise for visitors who love adventure in there outing. Government of Sikkim has opened five trekking peaks for climbing. Following trekking peaks can be permit is issued through a approved tour operator.

Name of the PeakLocationGrade
Frey’s peak Chaurigang ( 5,830 meters)     West Sikkim AD+
Lama Angden ( 5,868 meters) Lachen (North Sikkim)     AD
Mt. Tinchengkhang (5,603 meters) West Sikkim D
Mt. Joponu (6010 meters) West Sikkim D+
Brumkhangse Yumthang North Sikkim D

Important Treks

Bakhim Trek
Bakhim Trek are the most popular trek among the foreigners. Through out the trekking you can enjoy the kaleidoscopic panorama of the valley. You can watching more than 20 diverse variety of Rhododendrons to the valley. Here the trekkers enjoy their unique accommodations in form of tents or trekkers hut. You should carry your entire luggage with yourself including accommodation substitute during your trekking. It is also another adventurous for a trekker. You can observe a superb sunset from your tent.

Yuksam-Dzongri Trek 
Suitable Months to visit: March -May, September-November 
Sikkim offers an excellent trekking from Yuksam (3750 m) to Dzongri (5800 m). On the trekking along the Yuksam-Dzongre route you will be experienced with a impressive panorama of magnificent snow clad peaks. 
Main Route: Yuksum -> Bakhim -> Phidang -> Dzongri -> Tshoka -> Yuksum

Rhododendron Trek 
Suitable Months: March - May
A trek adorned with beautiful resplendent flowers of rhododendrons grown in their full bloom. This is more founded trek especially during the months of March - May due to its natural splendor. 
Main Route: Naya Bazar -> Hilley / Soreng -> Varsey -> Dentam - > Pemayangtse.

Khangchendzonga Trek 
Suitable Months: mid March - mid June and October - December.
It is a vigorous journey that gives a charming representation of Mt. Khangchendzonga. The lustrous and unexplored tract with its peaceful lakes, exotic flora and fauna and the horizon of the majestic Khangchendzonga will doubtlessly leaves its guests captivated. 
Main Route: Yuksum -> bakhim -> tsokha -> dzongri -> thanghing / bikbari - > zemathang / chaurigang -> goecha la / rathong glacier and back .

Coronation Trek 
Suitable Months: October - December
Main Route: rumtek -> sang -> yangang -> rabongla -> tashiding -> yuksum

Monastic Trek 
Suitable Months: March - May , October - December 
Main Route: pemayangtse -> sangacholing -> khecheopalri -> dubdi -> sinon - > tashiding - >ralang

Mountain Biking in Sikkim

Mountain biking is one of best adventure in Sikkim. The rugged and dramatic landscape of Sikkim offers sure and exciting biking trails to the adventure lovers. The beauty of the countryside, flora and fauna and lifestyle of the Sikkimise people is best experienced on a bike's seat as you meander through. Some biking routes of the state are as:

  • Gangtok –> Rumtek –> Sang –> Sirwani –> Temi –> Damthang –> Rabong –> Kewzing –> Tashiding –> Yoksum –> Geyzing – >Dentam –> Rinchenpong –> Soreng – >Sombaria -> Jorthang –> Namchi -> Rangpo.
  • Gangtok –> Phodong –> Rangrang –> Dikchu –> Makha – >Sirwani ->Temi
  • Gangtok –> Rumtek –> Sang –> Sirwani –> Temi –> Namchi –> Jorthang –> Melli
  • Gangtok –> Rumtek –> Sang –> Sirwani –> Temi –> Namchi –> Namthang -> Rangpo
  • Darjeeling -> Jorethang -> Geyzing (42 kms) -> Pelling (10 kms) -> Khechopalri Lake (24 kms) -> Yuksom (30 kms) -> Rabongla via Tashiding (58 kms) -> via Makha to Dikchu (44 kms) -> Mangan -> Lachung (51 kms) -> Yumthang and back to Lachung (24 kms) -> Chungthang (21 kms) -> Podong (56 kms) -> Gangtok (40 kms) -> Rumtek (24 kms) -> Siliguri (Drive)

River Rafting

River Rafting is a very good experienced in Sikkim. Mainly in Teesta and rangit, you can get permission to rafting. The teesta experience takes you rafting from makha down to sirwani and sirwani to rangpo. The rangit expedition is from sikip to nayabazar to melli.

Kayaking in Sikkim

If you are a bit experienced then this adventure is just for you. Take a kayak and challenge the currents of turbulent river. Enjoy a kayaking expedition in a group on Teesta river.

Yak Riding in Sikkim

You can enjoy a yak safari in the state which is sure to make you experience utter excitement. The vibrant colored yaks clad in woolen knitwear on the horns and forehead, the bells hung round the neck, are all set to take to you to mountains or a lake. Dzongiri and Tsomgo Lake trek are the most popular trek for yak safari. Behold the beauty of Sikkim during your yak safari.

Hang Gliding in Sikkim

Each and every human being has a dream to fly in sky, as a bird with. It may come in true in Sikkim. Come to the ultimate adventure, the adventure of flying free, without any hindrance, the excitement of freedom, and the freedom to fly. No one can resist the temptation of indulging in the celestial recreation.

N.B. – Access department of tourism for more information and permission of adventurous tour in Sikkim.