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Ranchi, The Capital City of Jharkhand

Ranchi is the capital city of Jharkhand. It is situated on the southern side of the Chotanagpur plateau. Ranchi City covers an area of 175.1 sq km and it has an average elevation of 651.1 (2,140 ft) meters above sea level. Ranchi and its adjoining regions were inhabited by the peaceful aboriginal village of Munda and Oraon tribes of Hindu communities. During the ancient age (end of the third century BC), this region was under the Magadh Empire and controlled by Mauryan Rulers. Later it was transferred to the control of the King Kharavela. After the decline of Mahameghavahana dynasty, many rulers took control over it but the king Samudragupta (335 AD to 380 AD) of Gupta Dynasty, was most significant among them.

Munda and Oraon communities of Ranchi gradually succumbed by the pressure of the Nagbansi family in the medieval period of Indian history. Nagbansi Rajas ruled Ranchi for a long time and they also succeeded to spread their control over a vast region adjoining to the city. When the Mughal ruler (Akbar, 1585) rose in power and captured Chotanagpur Valley include the Ranchi city then Nagbansi family fled from the city. After the Battle of Plassey in 1757, the British east India Company took control over eastern India. In 1765, Ranchi went under the Rule of British. After Indian Independence in 1947, Ranchi City was included in the state of Bihar and finally in 2000, Jharkhand was declared as a State with its capital Ranchi.

hundru falls, a suitable place for picnic

(The Hundru Falls, a suitable place for Picnicking, Ranchi, Jharkhand)

There have several beautiful waterfalls in Ranchi. And that is why, sometime the city is considered as the City of Waterfalls. Some major waterfalls to visit in Ranchi are Dassam Falls, Hundru Falls, Jonha Falls, Hirni Falls and Panchaghagh Falls. Geographically, Ranchi is a hilly region with dense tropical forests. Once, the city was termed as a hill station during the colonial rule in India. But now, the temperature of Ranchi is increasing and its forest regions are decreased due to its rapid population growth and quick urbanization. Due to these social changes, the city has lost its previous nature standard. Now, Ranchi receives a subtropical climate. Its temperature ranges varies from 38°C to 21°C during summer and from 24°C to 0°C in winter.

Tour spots in and around Ranchi

Gonda Hills & Rock Garden is situated about 4 km away from Ranchi on Kanke Road near to picturesque Kanke Dam. Rock Garden is carved out of the rocks and developed an artificial rock garden, waterfalls and several sculptures of granite, which is a resembles the design of Jaipur rock garden. There has a swing or Jhula made of iron bar, which has only two poles. It is a rare combination of mordern and ancient creativity. There has a big water reservoir at the top of Gonda Hill. Another big lake is situated at the foot of the hill, which is known as Kanke Dam. Indian largest Mental Hermitage is located on the foothills of the Gonda hill.

Hundru Falls is a beautiful falls located about 30 km away from Ranchi on Ranchi Purulia Road. This fall is made by the streams of Subarnarekha River which suddenly break down about 321 ft bellow. The regions around the pools which are created by the falls are famous for picnicking in winter.

Jonha Falls or Gautamdhara is situated about 38 km away from Ranchi. Gautamdhara Railway Station close to the falls receives regular passenger trains. You can also reach here by roadways with a bus which take around 1 hour. The fall can be admired by descending around 500 steps. There is a Tourists rest house which accommodates Lord Gautam Budha's temple. Sita falls also located here adjacent to this falls.

Dassam falls is located about 38 km away from Ranchi on Tata Road near Taimara. This fall is made by the streams of Kanchi River which suddenly break down about 144 ft bellow. You will be warned not to take bath in the lake made by the falls or at least be careful while bathing due to its fast stream.

Ranchi Hill maintains an average height of about 2141 ft above mean sea level. It is popular tourist destination in Ranchi from where you will able to make a bird eye view of Ranchi Hill, Tagore Hill, Ranchi Lake and town. The Shiva temple, known as Pahari Mandir, placed on top of the hill, is an extra attraction for tourists. During the month of Shravan it receives lots of travelers.

Birsa Jaiwik Udyaan is a small zoo located about 15 km away from Ranchi on Ramgarh Road near Ormanjhi.. You can easily make a trip to this zoo with a 15 minutes bus journey from Ranchi. The collection of mammalian faunas, trees and plants is the main attraction of the zoo.

Ranchi Lake was constructed in 1842 by the British colonial Government. It placed at the central of the town; a few minutes walk from GPO adjacent to Ranchi Telephone Exchange. You will be facilitated here by a boat riding trip with a minimum charges.

Nakshatra Van is placed in the heart of Ranchi near Raj Bhawan. It was constructed in the year 2003 by the Jharkhand State Government. It is divided into 27 various sections. There is a big circle in the center of it which is divided into arcs. The major tourists attractions of the park are the Musical Fountain, Medicinal Plants & Natural Beauty of Plants.

Tagore Hill also known as Morabadi Hill is located at Morabadi, about 4 km north of Ranchi city. Jyotirindranath Tagore, brother of Nobel Laureate Bengali poet Gurudev Rabindranath Tagore had visited here in 1908 and built a house named Shantidham on the top of the hill after buying this hill from a landowner Harihar Singh. Later on, Rabindranath Tagore visited this place and had lived here for some days, when he had written several poems. As the hill is associated with a history pertaining to Tagore family, it is known as Tagore Hill. It maintains an average height of 301 ft from the mean sea level. There have also a Ramkrishna Mission Ashram at the foot of the hill.

Jagannathpur Temple is situated about 9 km away apart from Ranchi city hub. It was constructed in 1691 respect to Lord Vishnu. Thakur Ani Nath Shahdeo, of Barkagarh Jagannathpur built the temple. Its Rath yatra festival held light part on Ashar Month draws a big crowd comprising of tribal and non-tribal.

Sun Temple located about 38 km away from Ranchi on Tata Road near Bundu stands. The temple looks like a chariot decorated with 18 wheels and seven horses. It was constructed by Shri Ram Maroo, the managing director of Ranchi Express respect to the Lord Sun. during the festival of Chhat Puja thousands of devotees gather here.

Panch Ghagh Falls is located on Chakradhar Pur Road about 6 km from Khunti. This fall consists of five streams formed in a row due to the breaking up of the Banai River which falls from a good height.

Amreshwar Dham is a temple complex in Khunti about 39 km away from Ranchi. The se temples are abode Lord Ganpati, Ram-Sita, Hanuman and Shiva.

Some other important tour spots in and around Ranchi are Hirni Falls, Deer Park, Dhurwa Dam, Sidhu Kanhu Park, Zakir Hussain Park, Rukka Dam, Ratu Fort, Jharkhand War Memorial, Muta Crocodile breeding centre, McCluskigunj, Gossner Evangelical Lutheran Church and Tribal Research Institute.

How to reach Ranchi?

Travel by Railways
Ranchi Railway Station is well connected to other major cities of India like New Delhi, Chennai, Kolkata, Mumbai, Bhubaneswar, Bangalore, Vishakhapatnam, Hyderabad, Guwahati, Patna, Amritsar, Nagpur, Pune, Cuttack, Puri, Rourkela, Ajmer, Dhanbad, Jammu, etc. some other important railway stations of the city are Hatia Station, Tatishilwai and Namkom Station. Hatia station is also connected with metro and major cities of India.

Travel by Airways
There is a domestic airport in Ranchi, name Birsa Munda Airport. It receives several direct flights from Patna, Delhi, Mumbai, Bangaluru and Calcutta. Several airlines operators namely, Kingfisher Airlines, Air India, Go Air, and Jet Airways serve regular flights to this airport. You also be facilitated here with the international flights during the annual Haj pilgrimage to Saudi Arabia. This service was started to reduce the burden on Kolkata Airport.

Travel by Roadways
Ranchi is well connected to other major points of the state through the NH-33, NH-23 and several state highways. Being the capital city it receives regular direct bus services from its adjoining state cities like Patna, Gaya, Kolkata, Varanasi, Patna, etc. Jharkhand State Road Transport Corporation ply regular bus services from and to Jamshedpur, Siwan, Begùsarai, Rourkela, Dumka, Khagaul and Haj¡pur.

Hotels in Ranchi

Accord Hotel
Patel Chowk, Station Rd, Ranchi
Phone: 0651-2460025
Aryá Hotel
Lalpur, H.B. Road, Ranchi-834001
Phone: 0651-2563000
Capitol Hill Hotel
Mahatma Gandhi Marg, Rachi
Phone: 0651-2331331
Chanakya Bnr Hotel
Near Ranchi Railway Station
Phone: 0651-2461489
Crystal Residency Hotel
Kadrù Diversion Road, Rachi-834001
Phone: 0651-2481614
Emerald Hotel
Hinôo Bridge, Ranchi-834001
Phone: 0651-2500001
Green Acres Hotel
Airport Road, Ranchi-834002
Phone: 0651-6458588
Hotel Le Lac
Line Tank Road, Ranchi-834001
Phone: 0651-2219511
Mahi Residency
Sùjata Cinema, Ranchi-834001
Phone: 0651-6450361
Park Inn Hotel
Hatia Station Road, Ranchi-834002
Phone: 0651-2253221
Park Hotel
Kadru, Big Bazar, Ranchi-834002
Phone: 0651-2331459
Akash Deep Hotel
Kailash Babu Street, Ranchi-834001
Phone: 0651-2209551
Akashawani Hotel
Ratu Road, Ranchi-834001
Phone: 0651-2280451
City Palace Hotel
Lalpur, Circular Rd, Ranchi-834001
Phone: 0651-6456123
Centre Point Hotel
Mahèndra Arcade, Ranchi-834001
Phone: 0651-2332281
New Rajasthan Hotel
Lalpur Chowk, Ranchi-834001
Phone: 0651-2561984

General info of Ranchi

Country India
State Jharkhand
District Ranchi District
STD Code 0651
ISD Code +91
Populatoin 1,126,740 (census 2011)
Dialects Hindi, Kurmali, Oraon, Nagpuri and Mundari.
Climate Winter Minimum - 0°C and Summer Maximum - 38°C
Best season to visit November to April (in Winter)
Targeted Railway Station Ranchi Railway Junction
Airport Birsa Munda Airport