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Earlier known as Dhanbaid means “dhan” paddy and “baid” paddy land- the present Dhanbad is popular for being the Coal Capital of India. Multiple industries like Tata Steel, IISCO, ECL, BCCL etc depend on the coal mines in this area. Besides coal, Dhanbad is also blessed with multiple natural resources aiding industries.

Location- Covering the total area of 792 sq mi, Jharkhand’s second most populated city is located at 23.8°N 86.45°E. Dhanbad is bounded by Giridih on the west; Dumka on the east, Bokaro on the North and Purulia on the south.

Best time to visit- Dry climate prevails throughout the year. But the planned city remains pleasant during the winter. The best time to visit Dhanbad is from November to February. This is the ideal time for vacationers to explore Dhanbad.

Dhanbad Attractions

Apart from a notable coal reserve and other valuable minerals, Dhanbad entices tourists eager to explore the incredible sightseeing destinations ranging from waterfalls to lakes and from historical sites to recreational parks. Besides the modern city decked up with plush shopping malls, hotels and restaurants, interested tourists can explore the traditional and tribal culture of Dhanbad. Tasting the quintessential Manbhum/Chhotanagpur delicacies is strongly recommended for vacationers looking forward to experience the finest and traditional cuisines in Dhanbad.

Topchanchi Lake-
Previously, the man–made lake created in 1915 while excavating the slopes of Parasnath Hills was the main source of water in Jharia region. Today, Topchanchi is one of the finest picnic spots where may tourists also gather in winter along with the locals coming here for spending a wonderful time in the lap of nature. By the side of the lake, many movies have been shot. The distance of the lake from Dhanbad is 37 km that can be traveled by train or by private mode of vehicles heading NH-2.

Birsha Munda Park-
Tourists vacationing with family can enjoy this place. Kids love the rides and glamorous park. The parents can also spend the whole day in the enticing nature. The park is adorned with beautiful trees and flower beds which are ideal for strolling around in the leisurely afternoons. The park is located at a distance of 8 km from the Railway Station. Both private and public mode of vehicles runs to the park. From Monday to Saturday- the park remains open from 9.00 pm -7.00 pm. On Sundays, an hour extends.

Maithon lake-
Located at a distance of 48 Km from the main Dhanbad City, the Maithon Lake by the Maithon Dam entices nature lovers. Facilities of fishing and boating are available here. This is the anglers’ paradise. They can come and sit by the deck to fish or they can also row a boat in the middle of the water and practice angling in the midst of the serene nature. People enjoy the nearby deer park and bird sanctuary as well. Alongside, they can also explore the gigantic Maithon dam, managed by DVC.

Tourists can avail buses and taxis to reach the place from the Dhanbad city.

Bhatinda Falls-
The mesmerizing Bhatinda Fall allures visitors. Located near Munidih, the place is around 14 K m from the Dhanbad railway junction. The magnanimous fall captures attention of nature lovers and rejuvenates the tired souls. Winter is the ideal place to visit the fall. Thousands of local and foreigners come to this fall to enjoy the serene nature and the thundering noise of the fall.

The Charak Khurd Hot Springs -
Best known for its medical contribution to curing skin problems, the hot spring is one of the significant attractions in Dhanbad. Located at a distance of 10 km from the main city, the travelers never forget to take a dip in these waters to enjoy the medicinal value of the natural hot spring.

Historical Sites-
Located within the Nirsa-Chirkuda block in Dhanbad, Gopalpur enshrines the ancient relics of the pillars built during the time of Emperor Asoka. According to history, the pillar was built by the emperor. Those who find special interest to explore archeological places of interest shouldn’t miss Gopalpur, situated at a distance of 31.7 Km from Dhanbad.

Yet another significant place of historical interest in Dhanbad, Panra stands out of the crowd for being the place where the Pandavas rested for some time. The ancient temple of Pandeshwar Mahadev attracts devotees from across the local villages during the month of Shravan and Shivratri. Alongside, Panra village houses different historical stuff to attract visitors.

Religious Places of Interest-
Kalyaneshwari Temple-
Situated on the left bank of the Maithon Lake, this 19th-century temple is dedicated to the main deity Mata Kalyaneshwari. This is one of the important religious destinations for people in their Dhanbad Tour. Buses, cabs and private cars are available from Dhanbad to reach this temple which is around 47 Km from the city of Dhanbad.

Bhuiphor Mandir-
This tribal temple is situated on the NH-32, around 6 Km from Dhanbad Railway Station. The local tribal people and from the nearby places gather here to offer their deity on special occasions.

Lillori Sthan Temple-
The Lillori Sthan temple, located about 18.5 Km is built by the banks of the Katri River. Goddess Kali is the main deity worshipped here. On the eve of Kali Puja, the place is decorated with lights and flowers and thousands of pilgrims arrive here to pay homage to the Goddess.

Shiva Temple of Jhinjhipahari-
Located at the Baghmara Block, this ancient temple of Lord Shiva can be reached within 25 minutes from Dhanbad. The temple was found during excavating the place for minerals. On Shivaratri, a grand fair is held at the temple premise.

How to Reach Dhanbad?

By Rail: Trains stop by the Dhanbad Railway Station.

By Road: Buses, cabs, private mode of conveyances are available to reach the place and to travel inter-city.

By Air: The nearest airport is Dhanbad Airport and Birsha Munda Airport.