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Giridih Travel Guide

Giridih is a district of Indian state Jharkhand, situated in the Chhotanagpur plateaus, with an average elevation of 289 metres (948 feet), but the height point in Giridih is about 1,365 metres (4,477 feet) above sea level, the Parasnath Hills (Shree Sammeta Shikharji), it is also known as the height peak in Jharkhand. Previously Giridih was a part of Hazaribagh. Administrative headquarters of this district is also known as Giridih, which is a very old and beautiful hamlet in the lap of plateaus.

Giridih is one of the most backwards districts in India, but rich with natural environment and minerals. Most of the part of this district is cover with uniformly distributed forests, bamboo and Sal trees are very common among them. Some other trees like - simul, Mahua, palash, kusum, kend, Asian pear and bhelwa are also common vegetation here. Not only trees, Giridih is also rich with some common and rare fauna like leopard, jackals, bears, foxes, sambhar, pigs, hog deer, spotted deer and hares. Barakar and Usri rivers are two main water resource in the district. Giridih is also well known for its natural reserve of coal, mica and some other minerals and which boost the district to be industrialised.

Tourists Attractions

Giridih is famous for its scenic beauty and natural environment, which pool the visitors from all over. It also recognised as a health resorts. Giridih has several tourist spots.

Sri Sammeta Shikharji or Parasnath Hills is most popular tourist destination in Jharkjand. It is one of the oldest Jain temple and sacred places for Jain religion in the world, as per Jain belief, it is the place where twenty Tirthankars including Parasnath (twenty-third Tirthankara of Jain), achieved Moksha or nirvana. Parasnath is also known as the "Marang Buru" or hill deity, second highest god after "Singh Bonga" or sun deity to the Santal community and an annual festival organised at the full moon day of Baisakh (April or May).

Usri Falls is a famous tourist destination nearby Giridih. Three water stream jump with a height of 40 feet on the way of Usri rivers, about 13 km away from Giridih and the area belongs into the Parasnath Wildlife Sanctuary.

Jharkhandi Dham is a Shiva temple, located 55 km driving distances from Giridih town. It is one of the most important pilgrimage destination in Jharkhand, and the state name also derived from name of the Jharkhandi Dham. An annual festival takes place in the month of Shrabana.

Khandoli is about 8 km north of Giridih. It is a famous picnic spot at the hills. The amusement parks along with a toy train is a crowd puller.

Khandoli Dam is located 10 km away from Giridih town. It is a water reservoir or dam. Its scenic beauty attracts tourists all over. A watch tower and nearby hillock offers a panaromic view of the nature. It is a paradise for bird-watching, especially at winter, when many migrated birds stay here. Now a days it is developing as an aquatic attraction for tourists. It also offers some other adventurous activities like, boating, rock-climbing, parasailing and kayaking to all adventure lovers.

Harihar Dham is popular for the temple devoted to Lord Shiva and the Shvlinga of this temple possess as the largest Shivlinga in India, about 65 feet height. An annual festival takes place on Shravana poornima (full-moon) every year. It is about 60 km distance from Giridih town.

Baidadih is a small village, but famous for its large well, water of this well are used for the Ayurveda due to its important minerals. Annual festival, Laxmi Puja at Baidadih is very popular among tourists.

Some other tourist destination in and around Giridih district are Madhuvan, Dalgando, Langta Baba Samadhi Sthal, Dukhiya Mahadev Temple in Udnabad, Surya Temple Mirzaganj and Shree Kabir Gyan Mandir.


Giridih has experienced with dry weather, but winter in between October and March, is very good and comfortable. Other hands, summer in between April and June, has experienced a hot and uncomfortable weather due to heavy humidity. Some time temperature may rises up to 47°C in May. July to mid-October, it is monsoon in Giridih. There has no any particular peak session for tourism, but the month of October is good for all respect and best time to visit at Giridih.

How to Reach Giridih?

By Rail: Madhupur Junction, about 38 km from Giridih is on the Howrah-Delhi main line and Parasnath railway station, about 48 km from Giridih is on the Howrah-Delhi grand chord line are two rail stations, where some express train arrived. There has a broad gauge railway line in between Madhupur and Giridih, a passenger train runs five times every day in between those two stations and it may be a journey about one hour.

By Road: The Grand Trunk Road (NH 2 or Kolkata-Delhi highway) passes through Giridih, where NH 100 also connected with NH 2 at Giridih. Some state highways also passes through Giridih. So, Giridih is well connected with all other parts of Jharkhand as well as the Country by road. A bus stand for regular private and public bus services is situated on the middle of the Giridih town. There are regular bus services from the city to other parts in the district. From Giridih you may get a bus service for Munger, Dhanbad (65 km), Bhagalpur, Koderma,Dumri (45 km), Bokaro, Hazaribagh, Deoghar, Asansol, Durgapur, Kolkata, Howrah, Patna, Ranchi and Jamshedpur also.

Private cars and taxi facilities are available in the city. Other transport is trekkers, autos, rickshaws and mini buses.

By Air: Giridih has a small airstrip known as Boro aerodrome, and some irregular and VIP flights may arrived here on demand. But Giridih is well connected with some major domestic and international airport of Eastern India by road.

  1. Birsa Munda Airport, Ranchi, Jharkhand 155 kilometres - it is a domestic airport.
  2. Gaya Airport, Bihar 169 kilometres
  3. Lok Nayak Jayaprakash Airport, Patna, Bihar 223 kilometres
  4. Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose International Airport, Kolkata, West Bengal 309 kilometres

Hotel Information

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Hotel Kaveri, Telephone +91 6532 228384, Rooms Rs. 200-300.
Hotel Manas Sarovar, Telephone +91 6532 228152, Rooms Rs. 300-600.
Hotel Swagat, Telephone +91 6532 226 207, Rooms Rs 200-500.
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