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Ghatshila, Jharkhand

Ghatshila literally means "rocky landing of a river" (here Ghat means River wharf or quay and Shila means Rocky land), is a small city on the bank of the Subarnarekha River, which located within forests area in East Singhbhum district of the Jharkhand, India. Ghatshila is famous for its refreshing natural beauty and considered as a prominent tourist destination in Jharkhand. Especially for the people of West Bengal, Ghatshila renowned as a health resort and large numbers of Bengali tourists going there for the change of weather. Ghatshila is also famous for the great Bengali novelist Bibhutibhushan Bandopadhyay, one of his master-piece work is “Pather Panchali”. Now a day JTDC (Jharkhand Tourism Development Corporation) takes initiatives to promote state tourism all over the country and abroad.

It also serves as the block headquarters of Ghatsila Block which was established on 4th May 1962. From the establishment of the town, it has a cosmopolitan culture and several different communities and groups like Bihari, Bengali, Gujarati, Marwari, Punjabi and others reside here together with a secular harmony. According to the census report 2011, the city has a population of 40,624.

Subarnarekha River in Ghatshila

(Subarnarekha River in the city of Ghatshila)

In the middle era of Indian history, Ghatshila was ruled by Bengali communities. Later on, they were uprooted by Dhalbhum Dynasty and established their capital at Ghatshila. The oldest son of the ruling king takes the title of Yuvraj. Dhalbhum Raja Jagannath constructed the "Rankini Mandir" at Galudih, but it was shifted at Ghatshila after some years including all the associates. The Rajas of Dhalbhum were able to continue their control over this region till the colonial British rule.

Places to visit in Ghatshila

Small hills cover with evergreen forests, twisting river Subarnarekha flows beside, the lake, the small springs and waterfalls and forests surrounded all around, together it is the Ghatshila, which gives a refreshment for a tired body and feeling.

The aerial view of Ghatshila from nearby hill-top looks like an artist draws a canvas of beautiful landscape with his own imagine. Where, a mighty and meandering river Subarnarekha flows beside the city and separate two loving mountain ranges to kissing each other. If you are a nature-lover and want to spend some time on the lap of mother-nature along with the city environment, then Ghatshila is the best choice in the east India to feel you pleased and gives you refresh at all.

Apart from the Ghatshila town, some most popular tourist spots located in and around the city, which are also popular for sightseeing and some have historical importance.

Phuldungri Hill is a small hillock located about 2 km away from Ghatshila on the National High Way No 33. There is a spiral pathway through which one can drive up to the top of the hill. The hillock is heavily covered with lots of tall Sal trees and its pathway covered with red pebbles which attract lots of tourists. A magnificent aerial view of Ghatshila city from the top of Phuldungri Hills is unforgettable. It also serves as a sunset and sunrise view point. If you are an adventurer, then a short trekking through the dense sal forest gives you an out-of-the-world experience.

Rankini Kali Temple of Ghatsila was constructed to worship to Kalimata, which is known as "Rankini Mata". According to past stories Narabali was done in the temple of Ghatsila. Rankini Devi is very popular among the local people and they believe the power and influence of the deity Maa Rankini. You can also trip to Jadugora hills which located just opposite to this temple.

Burudih Dam placed just 6 km North from Ghatshila. It was built in the British rule. You can play here with the speed or paddle boats. Binda Mela is held every year in the month of October at Ghatshila on the bank of the lake for fifteen days. It is a very popular, particularly for the Santhals tribes.

Dharagiri Waterfall is located about 9 km North from Ghatshila. It falls 21 ft down from Dharagiri Hill. You will found here a prehistoric stone curving on the falls riverside and a Kali temple. This region is a forestry hilly type and perfect for picnicking.

Ratmohona is a popular tourist attraction close to Ghatshila on the bank of Subarnarekha. It is famous for witnessing the sunrise and sunset. On the way of this spot you have to cross Galudih barrage.

Pancha Pandav is a small hill situated about 5 km north-east to the Ghatshila. It is famous for the natural sculpture on a stone, which shaved as heads of five men due to the erosion of the stone. And people believed it as the natural creation of five brothers of Pandava, all those are the heroic characters of Hindu mythological epic the Mahabharata.

Some other popular tourist attractions in and around Ghatshila are the Naroa Forest, Bibhuti Memorial Bhavan, Hindustan Copper Limited, Purna Pani, Mosaboni Mines, Jadugora, Surda Pahar, Moubhandar, Tumandungri, The River Subarnarekha, Kerukocha, Baba Bhairob etc. Ghatshila is also famous as picnic spots to local visitors of Jharkhand.

How to reach Ghatshila?

Travel by Railways
Ghatshila railway station is on the Howrah-Mumbai railway line, and 32 trains run from Howrah to Ghatshila every days. All the express and passenger trains stop here. Three major cities of India namely Mumbai, Kolkata (Howrah) and Delhi are regularly connected with several express trains to this station like Bombay Express (from Mumbai); Steel Exp, Samleshwari Exp (from Kolkata) and Neelachal, Purushottam Exp & Utkal Exp (from Delhi). You can also reach Ghatshila by lots of regular passenger trains from Jamshedpur and Kharagpur of West Bengal. Tatanagar is a well-known city in Jharkhand, located 36 km away. There have 19 trains every days from Ghatshila to Tata.

Travel by Roadways
Major cities from where tourists mainly come to visit Ghatshila are Kolkata (268 km), Ranchi (156 km), Jamshedpur (47 km), Kharagpur, Bhubaneswar, etc. if you are a tourist from Kolkata then first you have to take a journey through NH-6 to Baharagora to Jamshedpur and then finally to Ghatshila. Regular buses are connected between Kharagpur to Jamshedpur and Bhubaneswar & Kolkata to Jamshedpur & Ranchi also pass via Ghatshila.

Travel by Airways
If you plan to visit Ghatshila by airways then the airport of Ranchi (IXR) will be suitable for you and it is located about 156 km away from the city. After reaching Ranchi airport you have to journey by roadways or railways. It takes around 3 hours to reach Ghatshila from Ranchi airport. But, there have no regular flights from other major cities of India. So, check the availabilities before make a tour plan. Netaji Subhas Chandra Airport (CCU) or Dumdum airport, Kolkata, West Bengal is another nearby airport to Ghatshila, situated around 194 km away from Ghatshila. It is an international airport and have regular flights from all over India and abroad.

Hotels in Ghatshila

Devi Rani Devi Lodge
Chakulia, East Singhbhum
Ghatshila, Jharkhand
(Near Railway Station)
Mobile: +(91) 9234778539, 9472712544
Room charge arround indian rupee500 to indian rupee1,000.
N0. of Floors: 2
No. of Rooms: 7
Hotel Meridian
River Side Road
Ghatshila, Jharkhand
Room charge arround indian rupee1000 to indian rupee2,000
N0. of Floors: 3
No. of Rooms: 25
Adhikari Lodge
College Road, East Singhbhum
Ghatshila, Jharkhand
N0. of Floors: 2
No. of Rooms: 15
River View Guest House
River Side Road, East Singhbhum, Ghatshila
Jharkhand, Pin- 832303
Phone: +91 6585 226603
Room charge arround indian rupee400 to indian rupee1,500.
Hotel Bibhuti Vihar Ghatshila (of JTDC)
NH 33, Ghatshila, Jamshedpur, Jharkhand, Pin- 832303, India
Phone: +91 6585 226506
Mobile: +91 9939319187
Room charge arround indian rupee800 to indian rupee2,200
AC rooms also available
Ananditta Lodge
Phone: +91 6585 225624
Room charge arround indian rupee400 to indian rupee500
Suhasita Resort
Near Kashida, Ghatshila
Jharkhand, Pin- 832303
Phone: +91 6585-227323
Room charge arround indian rupee400 to indian rupee500
Hotel Aakashdeep
Station Road, Ghatshila
Jharkhand, Pin- 832303
Phone: +91 6585-226603
Hotel Subarnarekha
Phone: +91 6585 226 603
+91 33-22264661 (Kolkata office)

General Information

Country India
State Jharkhand
District East Singbhum
STD Code 06585
ISD Code +91
PIN 832303
Languages Hindi, Bengali and Santhali
Climate Minimum Temp: 8°C (January in winter)
Maximum Temp: 36°C (June in summer)
Best time to visit October to March
Nearest Railway Station Ghatshila Railway Station
Near By Airport Birsa Munda Airport, Ranchi
Attractions Maa Rankini Temple, Phuldungri, Ratmohona, Panch Pandav, Bibhuti Smarak Bhavan (The house of Bengali writer Bhibhuti Bhushan Bandopadhyay), Burudih Lake, Burudih Dam, Binda Mela, Jhanti Jharna, Dharagiri Falls, Hundru Falls, Narwa Forest, Mosaboni Mines, Surda Pahar, Disom Jaher Garh (Surda Crossing), Tumandungri,Hindustan Copper Limited, Moubhandar HCL/ICC Township. The River Subarnarekha, Purna Pani, Kerukocha, Galudih (around 8km from Ghatsila), etc