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Bodh Gaya, Mahabodhi Temple Complex

Bodh Gaya is a small religious complex located about 112 km away from Patna City in Gaya district, Bihar, India. This site is considered one of the four most sacred places by Buddhist as the founder of Buddhism, lord Goutama Buddha is said to have obtained Enlightenment here under a tree. This tree is called as Bodhi Tree and a temple was constructed by the king Ashoka near this tree about 250 years after of his Enlightenment. This temple is called as Mahabodhi Temple and now it is the main attraction of this complex. There have also an attractive diamond throne in the temple which is known as the Vajrasana. Mahabodhi Temple was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2002.

great buddha statue in bodh gaya

(80 feet height Great Buddha Statue in Bodh Gaya, Bihar)

With the decline of Buddhism in India, Mahabodhi Temple was forgotten and gradually it buried under the layers of soil and later in 19th century, it was restored by Sir Alexander Cunningham. Many Buddhist devotees across the world like Bhutan China, Japan, Myanmar, Nepal, Sikkim, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Thailand, Tibet and Vietnam came to visit this sacred place and some of them donated large amount of donation to create several monasteries in the Mahabodhi Temple complex. Some major of these are statue of Buddha in the Chinese temple, Japan's Nippon temple, Myanmar or Burmese temple, the Thai temple with its expended 25 meter height Buddha statue, etc.

How to reach Bodh Gaya?

Travel by Roadways
Bodhgaya is located just 11 km away from Gaya town on NH-83. Being a major tourist destination in the state of Bihar, Bodh Gaya is especially well connected to Patna by roadways with several private car and buses. Bihar State Tourism Development Organization provides several buses to this plase from Patna and the site also operate some direct bus services from Varanasi, Kathmandu (Nepal), etc. you can easily reach to Bodhgaya via Patna from Indian major cities like Delhi, Kolkata , Mumbai, Pune , Bangalore, Lucknow and Hyderabad.

Travel By train
Bodhgaya is very well connected through railway services by a well maintain railway network of eastern India zone. Gaya railway station is the nearest major station to Bodh Gaya situated about 16 km away at Gaya. It takes around two hours train journey from Patna, 8 hours from Kolkata and 16 hours from Delhi to reach Gaya station. After reaching to this station you will get several buses, three wheels auto rickshaws or you can also hire a taxi to Bodh Gaya.

Travel by Airways
Gaya International Airport is the nearest airport placed just 8 km away from Bodhgaya. It operates several local and international flights like the flight from Bangkok once a week, flights from Thailand daily, from Kolkata on Fridays, from Delhi nad Mumbai. Another closest airport to the city located at Patna about 112 km away.

Tour Spots in Bodh Gaya

Mahabodhi Temple is main attraction in Bodh Gaya Complex where Lord Buddha attained enlightenment. The temple building is an example of Dravidian Architecture constructed by the emperor Ashoka during 6th or 7th century. The temple maintains a height of about 172 ft consisting of nine storeys of pyramidal towers. It has a Stupa shaped dome at the top and it has four towers at each of the four corners. You will found a massive 7 ft high statue of Lord Buddha seated with meditation gesture.

Animeshlocan Chaiyata: The temple opposite the Bodhi Tree called as Animeshlochan Chaitya. Bodhgaya is famous for its sacred Mahabodhi Temple where Prince Siddhartha performed Enlightenment and from here he became Lord Buddha. After his enlightenment, Buddha spent seven days at seven different places around the precincts of the temple. All these seven places are now converted into temples and one of this is Animeshlocan Chaiyata.

Bodhi tree: Lord Buddha attained enlightenment under a Pipal tree. This tree is known as Bothi Tree. However, the original tree has died another tree planted there in around 3rd century B.C by the daughter of Emperor Asoka. The present Bodhi tree is more than 123 years old and was planted as a sapling brought from Anuradhapura, Sri Lanka and it is surrounded with quadrangular stone railings of two types.

Thai Monastery famous for its unique appearance and its beautiful surroundings. It was constructed by the donation of Thai devotees. It is decorated with sloping and curved roof with golden tiles. Great Buddha Statue of 82 ft high is placed in this temple garden. For know more details contacts to bellow mentioned address. Phone: 0631-2200470, Fax: 0631-2200470, Website:

Great Buddha Statue is recently installed (18 November 1989) at the Thai Temple garden. It is about 82 ft high in meditation pose seated on a lotus in open air. It took seven years to complete the statue with the work of about 120001 masons. The statue is made of red granite and sandstone blocks.

Japanese temple was constructed by the Japanese Government and devotees to preaching Buddhism in India in 1972. It is located about 14 km away from the town of Bodh Gaya. The temple is consists of wood and resembles a typical Japanese style where you find several exquisite Japanese paintings and special events related to the life of Buddha.

Archaelogical Museum was constructed in 1956 to store of ancient sculptures from first century BC to 11th century AD. There have two galleries in the museum which contains cross bars, railing pillars and coping stones which were once inside the Mahabodhi temple premises. This Museum is located near the ITDC, Ashok hotel.

Mahakala or Dungeswari cave is decorated with the fine rock cutting, statues and paintings which depict the life of Buddha. Once the cave was used by Buddhist monks to meditate and rest for travelers. It is situated about 12 km away from the main town of Bodhgaya.

Some other tourist attractions in Bodh Gaya Complex are Tergar Monastery, Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche, Vajrasana, Phowa Center, Choeje Ayang Rinpoche, Gendhen Phelgyeling Monastery, Karma Dhargye Chokhorling Monastery, Bodhgaya Multimedia Museum, Barabar caves, Taiwanese Temple, etc.

Hotels in Bodh Gaya

Kundan Bazar Guest House
Bhagalpur Village
Phone: 0631-2200049
Royal Residency
Domuhan Rd, Bodhgaya
Phone: 0631-2200124
Siddhartha Bihar (Govt.)
Vihar Tourist Complex
Phone: 0631-2200445
Welcome Guest House
Near Mahabodhi Temple
Phone: 0631-2200377
Hotel Sujata (Govt.)
Buddha Marg, Bodhgaya
Phone: 0631- 2200481
Sakya Monastery Guesthouse
Near Bhutan Monastery
 Phone: 0631-2200770
Hotel Lotus Nikko
Phone: 0631-2200700
Hotel Niranjan
Phone: 0631-2200475
Hotel Prince
Phone: 0631-2200380
Hotel Kantika
Phone: 0631-2200544

General info of Bodh Gaya

Country India
State Bihar
District Gaya District
STD Code 0631
ISD Code +91
Dialects Hindi, Magadhi, Angika, Bhojpuri, Maithili and English.
Climate Winter Minimum - 8°C and Summer Maximum - 36°C
Best season to visit October to April
Targeted Railway Station Gaya Railway Station
Airport Bodh Gaya International Airport
Restrictions at Bodh Gaya Take off your shoes before entering main temple. Preserve the peace and tranquility. Do not climb onto statues, monuments and other sacred objects.
Bihar State Tourist Development Corporation Contact Number Phone: (+91) 612-225411